Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dear Lord, Please Give Me the Strength...

to not scream at littlest girly.

I shall explain... deep breaths think calm non-explosive thoughts, now I'll begin. It is raining this morning, in fact it is pouring, there is possibly an old man snoring somewhere. I decided that we would still be walking to school (much to the disgust of my newly found taxi customers) as parking near school on a rainy day is nigh on impossible, coupled with the road works all the way up to the car park I figured it wasn't my best option. Now Biggest Girly the organised went to fetch her waterproof trouser, jacket etc, I managed to dig out Youngest lads wellies and a raincoat. Myself? Well there was "raincoat" but not a lot else to protect against the elements (elephants... sorry blame my mother she brought me up to speak utter nonsense for a large portion of the time ). Little Miss M (the Moany, as I shall now christen her) had the most effective shielding from the wet in the form of a huge raincover over her most substantial and comfy buggy.

Did she appreciate the huge and effective cover? Or did she scream blue murder the whole way there saying "I need it open, I need it open"? And did she scream and cry for the whole journey there (ten minute walk, unable to see through rain soaked glasses and feet getting wetter and squidgier by the minute) and then scream and cry for the whole journey back! (This was a rhetorical question by the way, hence lack of question mark.)

Now, I have heard of the chinese water torture but I hadn't realised it consisted of getting soaking wet and uncomfortable, having stinging eyes from the rain and on top of all that have a two and a half year old scream unreasonably at you for a straight twenty minutes.

Effective though .

Time for tea methinks, ah and now there is quiet as
Show Me Show Me has perked the little monster... I mean madam, up

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