Friday, 29 May 2009

Yay, Feeling Better...Boo, Half Term Nearly Over...

I've managed to get some housework done today, I backed away from the computer and I actually emptied bins, emptied washing baskets, emptied... no run out of "emptieds". Anyway, the living room floor has been cleaned, all the clothes that were lurking in baskets have been put drawers ...cor I've been really good today .

R went to her friends for a sleepover today, so we are one child down. C's almost chickenpox seems to be fading already with only two blistery spots in sight , M has been a little minx today, enjoying herself chasing about after me and using her new word "Why?" a lot. K disappeared early on in the day to see some of his friends... do you know, it's been quite a peaceful day, almost tranquil .

Sadly as my little helper wasn't about, I had to entertain littlies whilst hanging out washing. This requires the eyes in the back of your head routine, C kept creeping over the grass (Nooo, the grass seed, get off the grass seed) M kept sidling round the back of the bunny hutch (M... no not there, round here, no not round the back...) and then they came to um, help me. C talked the hind legs off several small donkeys, and M kept wanting to hand me clothes pegs, dismantled clothes pegs.

I sadly made the mistake of switching off when C was asking me things, then I realised I was agreeing to stuff and had to snap out of it quick!

I am just grateful I feel more human, and that all the kids appear to be healthy (ish... young man is still slightly spotty). Off to the pictures tomorrow, a birthday treat for Madam R, so think of me when I am watching Hannah Montanna on the big(ish) screen, I will be buying chocolate and sedating myself for the duration

Here are some random pics of the little darlings

Oh and of course this is Splodge!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Icing On The Cake

Despite the fact that it's big girls birthday, there will be no cake . Madam is feeling a bit better, she's even managing a slice of toast as I type (fingers crossed we won't see it again later).

I awoke to a giddy head and a headache(yay) and when I came downstairs, I was greeted by a small boy with a face-full of spots. Hoorah, the chickenpox has landed!

Despite everything they are all a bit more cheerfull today, young man is especially lively, I think that's quite common once the spots actually appear. I hope he survives the day though, my irritation levels are high. Biggest lad bought himself a
Slinky yesterday, I now realise how much I dislike the noise of a slinky descending the stairs. It is very, very irritating . It is also a lot louder than you would imagine, and we have wooden stairs, ugh I am not in a good mummy mood.

I need to find a handy pillow to lay my head on, sadly it isn't likely to happen until tonight, and then I will do the usual of waking up and feeling lively around 10pm....

Off to not strangulate small, middling and big children. I may shout a lot, but I shan't kill them .

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

An Award

Many thanks to Maternal Tales and Amy of and 1 more means four for this lovely award. It is to show gratitude and I have to pass it on to ten blogs that I am appreciate and am grateful for. I appreciate all the blogs I follow so this will be a hard one especially as a lot of you already seem to have this award! I am going to try hard not to duplicate but please bear with me.
Ok in no particular order I'd like to pass this on to

and just to add things I am grateful for....mmm, let me see....

I am grateful for any quiet time I get (when I blog lol). I am grateful to have four healthy (usually) kids and I am grateful that I have the ability to have some measure of control over my life when others do not.

Just off to tell you all about the award now... hope I don't forget anyone!

A Long, Long Day Of Not A Lot

Poor biggest girl is still unwell, it seems the sickness bug is hanging on for her. There has been a lot of lounging about looking pale and interesting combined with bucket emptying.

I have had a headache (which has been sort of there for a few days now... I suspect sinusitis lurking) and just couldn't get a move on at all. I had to deal with big girls new pet,Splodge the bunny (don't think I've mentioned her yet, very cute bundle of fluff) and so I got to change her hay and water and give her bunny food (bunny food looks a lot like bunny droppings, most odd). I also managed to get a bunny hug in there .

Eldest lad has been off out for a lot of today, this was a good thing as I couldn't have handled lots of boy bickering, and if he'd stayed home I'm sure the lads would have screamed at each other for a larger portion of the day. Little Miss has been very snotty today but otherwise lively and bit too cheerful for my tender disposition. There was a moment when I was trying desperately to keep my eye's open and had a small but bouncy two year old boinging on my tummy "No! No! Don't sleep! Read!" followed by a heavy cardboard book shoved in my face (ouch). Mummy's just a bit tired honey "No tired! Read!" So read I did, sort of, Elmer I think it was.

Now three are in bed and big lad is bored (hah maybe he'll go to bed then) I am waiting for Desperate Housewives (the programme not a local gathering you understand ) and then time for me to crash.

Oh that reminds me, the dog decided I didn't need much kip last night and growled bravely about half one this morning. Then she barked bravely, I was worried that Splodge might be having a visit from a fox or something, so I came downstairs to investigate. Brave and loyal hound ran and hid behind the sofa when I checked out the back garden!

Humph I think I need a new guard mutt .

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Quick Catch Up

First things first a big thank you to Maternal Tales for The Lemonade Award she bestowed upon me. I was going to take her sage advice and pass it on quickly lest I forget what I'm up too. Sadly as you shall see events have overtaken and I'll do it tomorrow, honest I will, I'm just a bit knackered at the mo!

We currently have child number three down with the sickness bug, I am hoping against hope that child number four escapes it completely, oh and also hoping the same for adults one and two .

Yesterday Other Half took the three biggest kids to the park, I was making a sunday dinner yesterday to make up for not having one the day before (you know... sunday). Because of the delicate timing involved in roast potatoes and yorkshire puds I rang Other Half to see how much longer they would be. "We're on our way back, I think C (youngest lad) has been sick" Oh dear, Other Half does not do sick, and what did he mean thinks he was sick?

I anxiously awaited their return, however I was a tad surprised at the reaction of Other Half when he pulled up. He had an expression I can only describe as outraged, on his face. Confused I asked what the matter was "There's puke all over the car and it's all in the crevices and it's going to stink..." how's C I asked? Not good, poor little lad was as white as a sheet. I managed to manoeuvre him upstairs and into the loo before more vomitting occurred. I got him changed and into his bed, with the all important sick bucket beside him. I then went downstairs to the raving lunatic who was ranting and doing nothing productive. "I will clean it" I hissed at him. "We'd better get some disinfectant" he raved... I have disinfectant, I will clean it! "It's in all the crevices...!" Shut up about the bloody crevices, it's not the childs fault, if you carry on like that he'll think he's done something wrong!!! I then went on to some very indiscreet muttering about "who's the bloody adult?" and "it's not even that bad, what's all the f... fuss about?!"

Other Half finally started to calm down and disappeared whilst I cleaned the **horrendous** (what's all the blinkin' fuss about??!) mess in the back of the car. He reappeared and declared C was Ok and he'd just been to make sure he was alright, oh good, should have done that first really shouldn't we? I think I managed to inflict maximum guilt onto him as he behaved impeccably for the rest of the day. I do think he has "issues" with sickness and germs, he just completely over reacts and has to run and wash his hands, he won't even touch some things (sick bucket for example) I cruelly expressed the opinion that if he was going to get it, he was going to get it, cos it was already in the air (now watch me go and get it for being evil!)

Today young C is much better; sadly now eldest girl has thrown up (lots) this evening. I do hope she's better for her birthday poor girl (thursday).I am also desperate not to have a sick baby girl as their aiming capabilities are about zero and no bucket will save me then. Ah well at least it is half term and I don't have the added worry of time off work !

On a different note, the driving lesson went well, although Dave the driving instructor did take me on a nasty fast A road , but I managed it. Just felt sick for the next twenty minutes, but I did manage it.

Off to have a hot choccy and ignore this headache...I am not, not, not going to be ill (please, pretty please?)

Sunday, 24 May 2009

I Love Youuuu....

I may be a little cheerful, actually I am quite a lot cheerful, lets hope I'm still cheerful tomorrow when I have a driving lesson . Here comes a slightly tipsy blog, woo hoo.

I went to see a Robbie Williams tribute act Lee Pashley, and what a good show the young man put on! I was dancing from start to finish and got thoroughly hot and bothered (he's fairly fit actually ). My companions for the evening where also impressed and we ate (dinner included) drunk and definitely got merry. Now I have buzzy ears and I'm a bit sleepy .

It's been another one of those good days you hear about, the family fun day was lovely, it was mostly free too. The kids played games and won sweeties, the biggest two were so determined to win a coconut that they went back once we'd left (they bloomin' won one each as well ). The weather was fabulous and the kids could run about independently and do what ever they liked, it was a good day.

Now I am off to my bed whilst I still have the cheerful thing going on, tomorrow I may be bad tempered and tired .

Back To Normal

I have lost the quiet and subdued boy, he has now been replaced by the loud and vaguely (actually, very) irritating lad. So, big lad is obviously feeling better!

We made a trip to the emergency dr yesterday (appointment for 5:50 saw dr at 7 o clock!) and the boy has tonsillitus! At last we have medication and he seems to be a lot brighter, yay.

It is a gorgeous sunny day here and we are off to a family fun day at the church at the end of our road. There will be cakes and BBQ and a bouncy castle, so of course the children are over-excited already! I am really looking forward to my night out this evening now, I can relax now biggest boy is back up to full (almost) capacity. And of course an afternoon with hyperactive youngsters is bound to make me appreciate adult (drunken) company even more!

I am going to try and get all washing, drying, cooking done before I go anywhere today, in the hopes of a quiet and relaxing day tomorrow. We shall see .

Ok, off to start the preparations and maybe another cup of tea have a great bank holiday weekend all!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Someone Trying To Tell Me Something.....?

It's been another fairly long and arduos three days. Last week (week number one back at work) it was Little Miss not well, this week eldest lad has been struck by some dreaded lurgy. And the boy definitely isn't crying wolf this time, he was throwing up in a bucket and everything! I like to throw in the little details so you can share my experience to the full.

This meant I had to spend three days at the office worrying about the state of my lad back at home. I know he is now a teenager but it grated on me to have to leave him, thank god for mobile phones is all I can say. He is still suffering now even though a trip to the doctors brought the reaction "he's got a cold" yeah cos I would really be disturbed by a cold! I think he actually has an ear infection, and of course I am also aware that the doctors tend to refrain from giving anything for an ear infection.

So, is someone trying to tell me that going to work just isn't for me? (I might be!)

Work itself has lived up to my high expectations (sarcasm rules ), and I have been abandoned swiftly and surely by the powers that be. I have just managed to get myself sorted with our human resources (they know I'm back at least), I contacted payroll (also know I'm back but not sure they're going to pay me) and I've had my first go back on the phones answering queries. I then discovered I hadn't been given full access to everything I need to answer queries , also I was expected to remember what I'm doing after a two year absence! I insisted on a companion to sit with me and listen in, in order to not give completely c**p advice to the public! My line manager then said "Ooh of course we won't just abandon you!" Oh of course you just were about to madam!

I am happy that I at least managed to help a couple of people who both incidently, wished me a very good day, that's the bit I don't mind.

Now it's half term, so a week off! Woohoo! I will return afterwards having forgotten everything won't I?

I think son number one may have shared his germs with me, as I have a persistent headache at the mo , oh and I have a night out with the girls tomorrow....hope I'm feeling better by then, I've paid for the ticket now!

Have a good weekend all, I am off to make up for my lack of tea intake these past three days... ahh maybe I'm suffering from withdrawal and I'm not ill at all!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Oh My... Hugh Jackmans Phone Number!

Warning, warning, this is a test, this is not an actual star studded revelation!

I was reading another blog the other day (as you do) when it was mentioned that if you added certain key elements to your title you might attract more traffic. Being a newbie to this site I thought I might test the theory out.

What better way to attract attention than a mention of lovely Mr Jackman (phwoar) apparantly his new film is even more eye catching and he is resplendent in it... really must attempt to get to the pictures at least once this year! It's not like I don't fancy a film, but how do you co-ordinate a cinema visit with four kids ranging from 13 to 2? And as I am still a non-driver it isn't that easy to transport everyone to the pics, they are all a good distance from me and the bus fare alone would require financing of some description. Of course then you actually have to pay to watch the film, I daren't even think about how much that costs these days!

Sigh...I remember vividly the excitement of going to the pictures with my mum, and those were the days when there was a cinema at the Hammersmith Appollo (then the Odeon). A huge dark place with lights to guide you up the aisles and a lady would come round at intermission with ice lollies and ice creams. We took our own sweets and cakes (liked to be prepared) and there was always a cartoon before the main film...oh lord I'm old aren't I?

Right off to do some washing (woohoo) and not fall into a pit of nostalgia for the day.

Monday, 18 May 2009


Hope I get into the swing of this soon. Still tired!

It's been a good day today, blimey when was the last time I thought that? I had a visitor this morning and Little Miss and I got to natter and play (I nattered, she played... just thought I should make that clear). My kitchen was a tip from sunday dinner, but I ignored it, couldn't be rude and ignore my guests could I?

Had a friving lesson today, oops make that driving lesson (see how tired I am?) and I was, as usual, anxious and stressed. I got in the car and poor old Dave the driving instructor wasn't well. Now, don't know if the distraction of talking about his sore throat and loss of voice made me more relaxed, but when we pulled up outside my friends at the end of the lesson he said "You been practising?" "No!" I said a tad surprised and trying to figure out whether he meant I was better or worse. He meant I was better , and now he says we'll do a mock test (purely driving, not manoeuvres) next lesson. I was quite chuffed I have to say. However I have just remembered that my next lesson is the morning after a night out with my pals. Do I cancel my lesson in anticipation of a slight delicate head the next day, or do I say nope it'll be fine lessons not til one o clock? I can't quite decide.

The kids were all vaguely civilised today, I have made tomorrows lunches, all dishes currently in the dishwasher... washing, yay. Ah and of course one small blot on the landscape (well on my face to be more accurate) Mount Vesuvius is erupting on my chin at the mo, well no it's not erupting. It's just sitting there and now faintly glowing, I have attacked it and of course wish I hadn't (oooch it hurts!) I can only hope by wedneday it is down to a manageable level.

Going to sleep now, the tired is overtaking swiftly.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

An Award And A Tag....

I received this lovely award from Modern Mom and after discovering how to get the pic over here I am going to pass it on, the rules are
  1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
  2. Pass the award to 10 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Here are my winners and as I'm new to this all the people I follow are new to me, lol

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and I was also tagged by Maternal Tales and I think I know what I have to do so here goes. I am to say five things that I hate

  1. not getting enough sleep, I never get enough sleep so I know I hate it!
  2. rudeness, no need as far as I am concerned
  3. thoughlessness
  4. missing my favourite programmes (ah the joys of sky plus)
  5. packaging on kids toys (if I can't undo it how are the kids going to?)

As I've already passed on the award thingy I am just going to throw this tag open and if you feel like declaring your pet hates I would love to know what they are!

Right hope all my links work :S gonna press the publish button now!

Only Three Days

I really didn't three days at work would wipe me out so much. I hope I get better at this! I have some more washing to get done for monday (now there's a revelation) and of course today is roast dinner day...not that I've got anything to roast (oops).

Little Miss seems to be over the *chickenpox* if indeed thats what it was, all spots are fading and not one of them seemed to blister. Maybe it was just a mild case, we'll soon know if youngest boy develops spots won't we?

Yesterday we had to do something I found most disturbing, and as a pet owner it's not something I thought I would do. We had to rehome our last cat, Chaung was it seems terrorising the neighbourhood. I didn't know this until about a month ago when a neighbour knocked on the door looking very worried and said "Karen, I don't quite know how to say this..." not the best start to a conversation. She went on to tell me how Chaung had been systematically stalking and terrorising her cat, she had even had to take hers to the vets a few times due to fairly nasty injuries. I as horrified of course and assured her yes he was "done" and I'd ring the vets to see if they could suggest anything. I rang the vets and they suggested something called
Feliway as they thought he might be suffering from anxiety and this is upposed to help. I duly ran out and bought this thing, it takes about four weeks to have an effect so I gave it that. Then I get a call from a friend of mine who lives at the back of us, this is when I find out that all the cats in the adjoining gardens have been attacked by my boy and some of them have required vet hospital treatment! Turns out he's been doing this for years, and the reason my friend was telling me now was because Chaung had badly bitten a cat that lived near her and she'd found out about it. I then went and knocked on doors and yes, it seems that all I spoke to had cats who would no longer venture out.I decided to take Chaung to the vets, hoping a physical examination might reveal some treatable problem. When I took him he was an angel (of course) and she looked him over, declared what a handsome boy he was and when I told her my problem said "Oh I've heard of him!" oh dear notoriety at the vets. The vet checked him all over and said she didn't think there was anything wrong with him, she couldn't see any obvious signs of hormonal problems as he didn't have any particular tom cat traits, and she asked some questions and then said apart from fairly rare neurological problems she couldn't think of anything that would be wrong with him. She and I came to the same conclusion that he was just being a cat and thought it was all his territory.

The end result of all this angst is I decided to rehome him. Not my favourite especially as this means no cat in the house, however he has bitten little Miss when in a mood (oh and she was standing on him), so his aggression is not limited to neighbours gardens.

I phoned a burmese cat rescue at the beginning of the week and they said they would take him in. So yesterday I phoned them to find out if it was still ok, the lady said she'd had a call yesterday morning and a lady who lived near us was after a cat. I asked if she'd explained his problems and she said yes, so I called this prospective owner. She sounded ever so excited and said she lived in a house that backed onto loads of fields and near a golf course, we discussed the fact that he was so territorial but to be honest if he's got a big territory without other cats he might not fight so much. There is one child in the house but he's ten and so hopefully able to read the signs of cat annoyance before they turn to scratching or biting. The woman and her son came to see Chaung yesterday, you could see they thought he was gorgeous, they stroked and loved him and of course he lapped it up... it was a done deal as soon as they saw him.

So I am now catless, not a state I am used to, I feel slightly happier with the situation of rehoming as we didn't have to take him somewhere to await a proper home, hopefully he will settle and love his new surroundings. I've been promised updates so we should get to hear how he's doing.

Today I am going to do all the usual, and not trawl the internet for a kitty looking for a home.

Friday, 15 May 2009

I Lied!

I am not up to full blogging capacity today! Still shattered and thanking G I F.

Little Miss has the most confusing case of chicken pox I've ever seen, the little blisters have almost gone and the rashy spots on her tummy and legs have gone right down. This was not how I remember the others getting it. We shall see how youngest boy fares over the next couple of weeks and see if anything develops with him.

Today at work was the most boring so far. We were trying to get me onto the office system, the IT blokes had set it up, I had icons on the screen and everything...however, trying to get into anything proved fruitless, all day. Nothing changes. I'd like to say I was surprised, but then I would be telling an untruth .

I am off to watch the rest of
Fifth Element now, I can watch that film over and over without getting tired of it, good old Brucie .

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day Two

I am shattered! Not a huge surprise and at least there's only one day left. I am not up to full blogging power this evening but somehow to go a day without an update just seems plain wrong.

Work was the easy part today (also not a huge surprise) the run around with kids before and after was a little taxing. Baby girl is so close to spotty it's untrue. She has nasty raised bumps on her abdomen and legs oh and think I spotted a blister in the nappy area (of course, how hot and uncomfortable will that be!) She is still cheerful(ish) not floppy or tired, shame, and I think she'll last the day tomorrow. Then we can have four days of bleugh (not a real word but I think you get my point).

Youngest boy is suspiciously sad and grumpy, I am hoping he developes spots during half term (only a week away) then my absence from work will be minimal. Thank goodness the older two have already had the lurgy.

I would just like to say Hi to my new visitors, lovely to see new faces (well names you know what I mean) I will be back to proper blogging tomorrow, bloomin' inconvenient this having to go and earn money thing.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Made It!

I am here, I made it through my first day at work, yay!

I almost didn't make it into work as Little Miss seems to be on the verge of chicken pox (no really this time). She was all snotty and snuffly this morning, hot as a hot thing and there was a strange kind of pin prickly thing going on. No blisters but still looked decidedly dodgy. I proceeded with the morning as though I was going anyway, when I got to nursery (22 cases so far lol) the nursery manager said "leave her here, we'll see how she goes".

So I left my poor sick child although it has to be said she did run straight off and start playing, and ran for the bus. When I got to the office I warned them of my fear and was met with a lukewarm response, don't think they want me to have leave straight away. I was fully equipped for my day, mug, tea bags and pint of milk. I got to sit with someone I worked with before, and all I had to do was listen in... easy peasy. It was strangely sad how quickly things came flooding back. I also suspect that even with a two year break I may be one of the more experienced staff at least I had proper training. I'm not going to admit too swiftly that I think I know what's going on... they'll abandon me pretty sharpish if they think I have any confidence.

It was very nice to wander around and see all the people still sitting at their desks, the grins and looks of disbelief kind of amused me but it did mean I caught up on all the gossip and felt right at home.

Fast forward to going home to nursery and was met by cheerful bigger kids, Baby Girl was also cheerful but still snotty and awfully bumpy! The nursery manager said she really wouldn't be surprised if she sprouted spots any minute now. However she also said that as the whole of nursery has had them, as long as Littlest Girl is happy in herself they will have her in....phew!

Ooh nearly forgot, I was awoken this morning by my alarm at 6:45, five minutes later I reached to press the snooze button, only to realise that it was the phone ringing. Awake now I picked it up and heard the noise of someone moving about, obviously unaware that they had called me. I shouted "Hello!! Hello!" but nothing, then I realised that there was music in the background, and being completely serious here it was the Dr Who theme tune . I put the phone down and thought, "how odd" when I did 1471 I didn't recognise the number at all.... Ten minutes later it rang again, same noise and still Dr Who in the background, do you think
David Tennant was giving me my alarm call?

So here I am at the end of the dreaded day, and of course the antici...............pation (hee hee sorry couldn't resist, and if you're not
Rocky Horror fans you won't appreciate it sorry) was so much worse than the actual event.

I am ready to go back tomorrow, which is saying something, fingers crossed little lady isn't too poorly .

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Day Before

I go back to work... a two year break has simply flown by! Especially as I wasn't convinced I would ever be going back.

It's been busy, busy, busy here of course. I have been doing my usual good job of leaving everything til the last minute. I couldn't even get up this morning, I must have pressed the off button on the alarm. I've got no recollection of it though... not a good sign for the morning, unless of course I go in the other direction and don't sleep at all. I left myself with no time to get baby girls lunchbox this morning, however I did get it done, and got very hot and bothered in the process. I also discovered I cannot walk a mile in six minutes, but I managed to beat the Tesco man to my house anyway, good job it's a two hour time slot.

Yesterday eldest boy did his best dying duck impression and do you know what? I caved, he got monday off. He was very good though, even did sound effects from the bathroom "I've thrown up!" he shouted. I'd had enough and figured if he was going to have a day off this week it was better to be monday than wednesday. He did stay in bed all morning, I suspect he knew he'd be the target of low flying missiles if he dared show his ashen features downstairs .

My friend gave me a lovely pedicure, something I've never had before, and although I usually hate people touching my feet it was strangely relaxing. There is also the added bonus of having snazzy coloured toenails now, so my feet look half decent in a pair of summer shoes.

Today, after the eight minute mile (nah not really more like twenty minutes) I was ever so slightly knackered. I still had small mountains of washing to get through and wanted to organise my work clothes, so as I say it's been a busy day and my new and shiny washing line has been well used. It also seems as though Little Miss is coming down with something... of course she is!!! However I don't yet know whether it's a case of the sniffles or whether chicken pox has finally caught us. She's a bit hot and her nose is runny, there are no spots (or at least there weren't when she went to bed) so we shall just see what the morning brings. I do know that the morning will bring a very panicky, running around like a decapitated fowl, like mummy. I have taken measures to lessen the panicky mad mummy thing and lunches are made and clothes have been sorted, so we will see if I can actually get out the bed .

I am off to panic quietly in front of the telly box now, I may need a cup of tea...OMG what am I going to do tommorow? I'm fairly sure they don't allow ten cups of tea a day oooh and I better sort myself out a cup... and tea bags... oh bug***... I mean dear... I thought I was sorted .

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Three, Two, One... GO!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....yep there it is...Wednesday, still the same order as usual I see, so sadly wednesday will be a work day. Gloom, doom, depression, yuk! I know there are still days of freedom left to me, but I am starting to dwell already as is my wont.

Tomorrow is another driving lesson day and the euphoria at passing the theory test is fading, and slowly but surely being replaced with the more familiar nerves and anxiety. I shall try and bear in mind that last time was a good lesson and build on it from there. My friend who looks after Baby Girl is going to give me a pedicure when my lesson has finished (it's ok she's trained and everything) This is so I can have fabulous glamorous toenails when I go back to work. No-one but me will know, but as a Wise Woman of my acquaintance pointed out, the knowing will make me feel good (although she was actually recommending snazzy undies as I recall).

I also have to go and purchase a lunchbox for Little Miss tomorrow (awww her own lunchbox, sniffle snuffle...mummy now hiding in a corner and weeping ever so slightly). I have decided a
Peppa Pig one from Matalan will be perfect so we shall wander on up there tomorrow morning. Little girl will of course be delighted, I shall see it as another symbol of me having to relinquish my baby to the world, good lord you can see where my boys get their Drama Queen tendencies from can't you?

The boys are both suffering from sunday night-itis, Youngest quite cheerfully shouted at me from his room "I am sick, I think I still have this sore throat" (shouting mind you) I informed him that he was not ill and if he was then he should definitely be asleep, he didn't persist for too long, let's just see what the morning brings. Eldest was having a little trouble keeping his story straight, in a short ten minute period he went from not feeling well, to hungry, to not well and back to hungry again. When he was telling me he was ill, I was telling him he should have a lie down then (not the right answer) and when he was hungry I was telling him he shouldn't eat if he was ill (also not the right answer) he decided on the hungry story and had a slice of toast. this was swiftly followed by the not feeling well and he doesn't even have PE tomorrow (his words not mine). I am awaiting tomorrows performance of the boy who is ill and can't possibly go to school.

Now what have I accomplished today? Well, a roast dinner of course, lamb with all the usual. No pud today much to the disgust of my family (yeah even those very ill boys). Loads and loads of washing and drying, so much so that the dining table is starting to disappear under the piles of clean clothes (ooh yeah got to sort that out tomorrow too). Other Half has constructed the bunny hutch for Big girls birthday pressy and this inspired me to sort out the garden a bit more. I decided we needed more grass and sent Other Half out to get grass seed, now I have sown some seeds and hopefully the blackbirds will leave enough to cheer up our sad patch of lawn.

That's all I can think of for it must be time to get off this thing and have a cup of hot choccy...I think maybe I am avoiding bedtime in the way I did as a child. The sooner you go to bed, the sooner it's the next day and the nearer you are to the thing you don't want to happen, used to be school though .

Aaah, maybe it's genetic!

Of Course!

The obligatory "look at my best impression of a volcano" spot is rearing it's ugly head. I should think by return to work day (wednesday) it'll be a fully fledged pustule! Ah the joys of stress and my hormonal skin.

It's been a jolly quick weekend, after my outing on friday night, I also had a lunch to attend yesterday (social butterfly that I am) with friends from work, not even there yet and going out to lunch . It was nice to get together with old friends and it also gave me an opportunity to eye up people I don't yet know. They all encouragingly said "coming back? Wednesday!" and then pulled a you poor mad fool look at me. I keep telling myself "it's only sixteen hours, it's only sixteen hours". The lunch was good, but a bit late for me, half two is in fact an early dinner time in my book. It gave me a chance to catch up on office gossip (lots of it) and not have children clinging to my leg for an afternoon. It made a change having grown ups to talk to.

Last night though I then had to go home and cook dinner, I wasn't hungry, but sadly they were...inconsiderate lot! Steak and chips were on mums menu, I have spoilt them all and now only home made, blanched in salty water, twice fried chips will do with a slab of rib eye steak thrown on the char griddle it's like the bloomin' Harvester in my kitchen (no salad bar mind you). They all enjoyed it except Little Miss who prefers a tin of sausies and beans (good girl much easier... can opener... microwave... done).

We watched a dvd last night which I enjoyed, not sure it was Other Halfs cup of tea.... mind you don't think he has a thing for
Hayden Christensen so it probably didn't hold quite the same appeal . It was called Jumper and was right up my street, sci-fi fantasy style film with a bit of action thrown in, the camera work did set off my motion sickness a bit at times, but I coped.

Today of course the washing and drying that I hadn't managed is creeping up to get me, uniforms to wash, uniforms to dry and of course it is roast dinner today, despite all the childrens entreaties for Pizza, Curry and "can we have steak and chips again?" a roast dinner it will be!

Best get on with the domesticated stuff, it'll only be there later if I don't .

Friday, 8 May 2009

Two Pints Of Lager...

and the remnants of a curry... ooh and can I find any choccy in the cupboards? I'm a bit, um, merry.. that's the word.

I went out with my friend tonight (she's a non-drinker ) and I wasn't necessarily going to have any alcohol, but we were out, there was a band and there was Fosters, oh well. Two pints later and two hours out having a natter was most pleasant, although I appear to have lost all co-ordination in my typing fingers (that would just be my fingers then) and this is taking an awfully long time to type .

It was nice to go out and about without the kids and we managed a little moan about respective Other Halves (well what else do you do on a girls night out?) Now I am shattered and yet feel the need to search out goodies from a cupboard, so I shall be off to hunter gather chocolate .

Have a good weekend all, I am trying not to type too much drivvel (good lord is that a word?) so will be off now nite nite.... hic!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Practise Run

Today was a trial run for Little Miss at nursery. It was only for half an hour or so, the plan was to take her round there and leave her for a short while. I did tell her she was going to play there this morning, so she knew what was going on. Youngest Boy was a bit perturbed that he wasn't going to nursery, but I explained that he would be going at some point next week, so that cheered him up. After dropping the two biggies at school I wandered round with the nursery manager (she drops littleuns off at my boys class in the morning) Baby Girl was quite excited at the prospect of somewhere new to play. When we got there the nursery staff where looking at me with sympathy, I suspect I had the frightened rabbit look going on. After a quick dither as to whether or not I should announce to little girl I was off, I did tell her I was going and I'd be back in a bit. Go and play for a bit I said "Yeh play" she said and wandered off. I headed towards the door, the apron strings stretching tighter and tighter (!) pushing my little empty pink buggy (sniff!!!) and headed off up the road for half an hour.

Actually the worst bit was pushing the little empty buggy, felt like important bits of my anatomy (as opposed to unimportant bits) had been cut off, very odd sensation... last baby getting bigger and (more) independent. On my return Little Miss was in the garden area of the nursery, not, I noted looking longingly around for Mummy and not looking in the slightest bit phased either. Humph I am dispensable it seems. I went back in to fetch her and she did deign to say "Mummy!" but she didn't run into my arms and she wasn't in any rush to go home either!

I am pleased that this is the way it is really, I much prefer an independent confident young Miss to be shoved into the world of childcare and not a sad and clingy girl, my heart would have been well and truly broken then.

She has another session tomorrow, for an hour and a half next time, so I might actually get as far as home and a cuppa tea tomorrow eh?

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

And Breathe...Phew!

I have been a tad stressed lately, what with the going back to work thing and the sending baby girl to nursery thing that accompanies that. Oh and I had my driving theory test today, eeeeek, I hadn't mentioned it cos I just couldn't! However,
I Passed!!!

Thank the lord for that, I felt so sick this morning I just knew I couldn't go through that again. I spent the morning stressing and practising on the disc, my brother laughed at me yesterday when I revealed I'd passed the last fourteen times on the practise disc. You just can't be too careful in my opinion .

I got to the test centre and a very nice man behind a desk looked at my licence (both parts... oh god had to find both parts!) and pointed me in the direction of his colleague, a jolly little man further along the corridor. The jolly little man directed me to a booth (ooh there's posh) and asked if I minded that (there were lots of cubicles but I quite liked the booth) so off I went. I had to press the screen, not click a mouse (let me click a mouse I know what I'm doing with a mouse ). I went through the 50 questions, and had to flag seven of them (ooh no, not sure must check again) one question I just had no idea about the answer so it was multiple guess time for that one. When I'd done all 50 questions I went back and did them again (just to be sure).

Then onto the hazard perception videos, for those of you who haven't encountered these it's basically a series of fourteen film clips, and you have to click the mouse when you see a potential hazard and then again when it becomes an actual hazard. Now I suffer from a sensitivity to motion, and am prone to feeling sick whilst watching things moving about on the screen (Waterworld... never did see the whole thing!) So this bit of the test was not my favourite, however as I was coming to the end of it I just kept thinking "Oh god I'm nearly finished....I will know the result soon!"

I was sooo relieved when the nice man (man number one) handed me a slip of paper and said "Here's your pass certificate" Oh! I passed, I passed!

Phew now all I have to do is the practical.... aaaargh... I'm not ready for that yet . Sleep now, stress later... much later .

Monday, 4 May 2009

Losing Track

The days are all kind of merging... I do know we are getting closer and closer to the day... the day of me returning to work.

It's been a busy weekend, there has been the visiting relatives portion of the weekend, there has been the DIY, portion of the weekend and there has been the gardening portion of the weekend. Oh and of course there was the stuffing our faces portion of the weekend on saturday, oh yeah and on sunday ooh and a little bit today .

Saturday we did a mercy dash to my mums house. Their front and back doors were giving them problems, they couldn't lock either without a tussle, so the services of Other Half were needed. It was nice cos whilst Other Half did his handyman stuff, the kids ran their nan and grandad ragged and I got a cup (or two) of tea .

Sunday we went and purchased a new-fangled
brabantia clothes line I have high hopes for this one. High hopes as regards keeping it arachnid free and actually drying clothes on it, not leaving them as some sort of strange garden ornamentation (because of the arachnid residents), my neighbours must have thought I liked the sun bleached look for clothes. Once an item was left out overnight my ability to go and take it off the line was gone, I just knew there would be an eight legged friend lurking on the peg... ugh makes me shiver just thinking about it.

We also purchased a lawn mower, having killed off the last one. This new fella has wheels and is much more suited to the potholed terrain that is our "lawn". We have a digging dog and small boys with a current worm fascination... it looks like trench warfare out there. My new super duper wheeled mower is taking it all in it's stride and actually cutting grass as opposed to clubbing it into submission... do you know the only way I could get the incredibly inappropriately named "flymo" to cut the grass was to lift it up and plonk it directly onto a clump of vegetation. Not very energy efficient, good for the arm muscles I suppose, still prefer this new one .

After my new favourite pud on saturday, I decided on a simple strawberries and cream for sunday, also most yum I have to admit. Oh and the sunday roast wasn't bad either even if I do say so myself (which of course I do).

Today was another driving lesson day, it was the first since the slightly disastrous one two weeks ago, so of course the stress levels were up to maximum, nausea and snappiness all around (well just me but I let everyone know!) It amazes me just how physical my reactions are, even though I know it is all in my head I cannot calm myself down. Thankfully I managed to concentrate (and not be sick) and at the end of the lesson Dave the driving instructor turned to me and said "great, that was fine.. just a couple of times you forgot to check your mirrors" Hoorah, it was good! I was still shaking when I got home, but bloomin' elated I had managed a good lesson, maybe it is possible for me to drive.

Back to school tomorrow so a normal day, phew, this family time doesn't arf interfere with my blogging you know!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

You Must Try This!

Just had dinner... and a new favourite pud! You got to try it!

Very simple...

Yum Yums zap in the microwave for one and a half minutes (or until warmed through) then add vanilla ice cream, we used Haagen-Daz.

Wow! Sooo nice, feel a bit ill now though , nevermind it's saturday .

She's Back!!!

Phew, my brood is complete, my biggest girl is home! I do feel better having everybody back under the same roof, even if the bickering commenced almost immediately.

I had a very full social calendar yesterday, in the morning Little Miss and I were invited to my friends sons 2nd birthday party, luckily as it was a little way away we got a lift there. We were going to the
Model Village in southsea, now my friend is a much more social mummy than I and there were approximately 20 kids (!) plus mums and the occasional dad. I used to take eldest boy to this place when he was about eighteen months old and to be honest it hasn't changed much. The kids loved it, Little Miss was bending down to peer in all the little windows, she was fascinated by the miniature pots and pans and the tiny cakes and fruit. There was of course a railway complete with Thomas and Percy et al, my girl stood near the entrance of the tunnels shouting "Tommy!" whenever any of them appeared (she's not up on the names yet). My only worry was the little streams and bridges, I wasn't certain the littleuns would distinguish between path and water, they did though so no soggy feet (couple of soggy bottoms but for entirely different reasons).

My pal had organised a picnic of epic proportions, in fact she had called the night before to consult on what she was bringing, I looked at the spread and smiled saying to her "so you felt the need to check on how much to bring" there were two tables bursting with goodies! I was also reminded of how disorganised a mum I am when all of a sudden many and various picnic blankets appeared from nowhere, all of the mums seemed to own them, and not just tatty old tartan rugs (go on you know the ones I mean) these were super duper fleecy, plastic backed affairs. Oh the shame of not having one to produce out of my bag , I'm lucky if I'm carrying a spare nappy and a juice cup.

The kids sat and ate their grapes and sandwiches but of course cake was much more interesting, another phenomenon I encountered was Baby signing, I overheard a mum saying "do you know the sign for cake K***?" Beg pardon thinks I? Apparently it's very big round their way, I'm afraid I was slightly amused and thought "I wonder how many children you have?" because I suspect by baby number two they might not find it quite so interesting... who has the time? Maybe I'm just old fashioned and should be more open minded .

We returned home about one o clock and big girl was due back at two thirty, so time for a quick cuppa (dying for a cuppa at this point, no tea all morning!!!) and a tidy up (don't know what's up with all this tidying) then we set off to retrieve eldest girl. Little Miss thought it would be fun to walk the whole way, I thought it would be very, very slow, we were both right. A compromise was reached when we were nearly there and it was 29 minutes past two, she was placed in the buggy with a promise that mummy would run, yep you read right, run! So mummy ran (all of two hundred yards, not exactly the london marathon) and we got to the coach just as the kids were disembarking. They all looked shattered and bedraggled , my girl saw me before I saw her and another mum said "she's there Karen!" Ooh yeah there's my girl waving frantically, yay.

Us parents had to collect from the school hall and not the coach so we all followed the kids back to the school, then luggage and child were partnered up and we could have 'em back. It was a bit early for collecting Chay from school so me and my girls went back to another mums house and had a cuppa, this mum has a little girl four months younger than littleun and it was lovely to watch them. My girl was playing with a toy and her little friend was not pleased, she gave a look that could curdle milk,Little Miss being the sensitive soul she is completely ignored the disapproval and continued to hog the aforementioned toy all the while we were there. They did make friends though and ended up playing together, just before we had to leave of course, so getting back in the pushchair wasn't favourite.

My big girl had bought pressies for everybody (she is such a thoughtful child) and so when we got home the boys descended locust like to see what they had. There was no moaning and groaning (suprisingly) so I think the girl had made good choices (of course she had, she's her mothers daughter).

It was so nice to have her home and even the argument over whether her brother was in her way or not, didn't phase me, just good to be back to normal.

They all seem to be emerging from their rooms (at last, she must be knackered!) so best get on with breakfast duty. Wonder if I'll be smiling indulgently at them today...shouldn't think it'll be for long if I am .