Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Oh My... Hugh Jackmans Phone Number!

Warning, warning, this is a test, this is not an actual star studded revelation!

I was reading another blog the other day (as you do) when it was mentioned that if you added certain key elements to your title you might attract more traffic. Being a newbie to this site I thought I might test the theory out.

What better way to attract attention than a mention of lovely Mr Jackman (phwoar) apparantly his new film is even more eye catching and he is resplendent in it... really must attempt to get to the pictures at least once this year! It's not like I don't fancy a film, but how do you co-ordinate a cinema visit with four kids ranging from 13 to 2? And as I am still a non-driver it isn't that easy to transport everyone to the pics, they are all a good distance from me and the bus fare alone would require financing of some description. Of course then you actually have to pay to watch the film, I daren't even think about how much that costs these days!

Sigh...I remember vividly the excitement of going to the pictures with my mum, and those were the days when there was a cinema at the Hammersmith Appollo (then the Odeon). A huge dark place with lights to guide you up the aisles and a lady would come round at intermission with ice lollies and ice creams. We took our own sweets and cakes (liked to be prepared) and there was always a cartoon before the main film...oh lord I'm old aren't I?

Right off to do some washing (woohoo) and not fall into a pit of nostalgia for the day.


  1. Any chance you can take little one whilst the others are at school or nursery?? I've taken my two and they love it. Admittedly you have to choose something that they like, but I have to say, I really rather enjoyed Madagascar 2 (even on second viewing)...and Bee Movie and Ratatouille!!

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  3. Ha ha! Not my blog by any chance!!! Didn't work for me and obviously not having the magic effect for you either - we need to discuss tactics!! But, let me just say......Hugh Jackman!!!!!! (oh let me just fan myself a little.....)