Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Day Before

I go back to work... a two year break has simply flown by! Especially as I wasn't convinced I would ever be going back.

It's been busy, busy, busy here of course. I have been doing my usual good job of leaving everything til the last minute. I couldn't even get up this morning, I must have pressed the off button on the alarm. I've got no recollection of it though... not a good sign for the morning, unless of course I go in the other direction and don't sleep at all. I left myself with no time to get baby girls lunchbox this morning, however I did get it done, and got very hot and bothered in the process. I also discovered I cannot walk a mile in six minutes, but I managed to beat the Tesco man to my house anyway, good job it's a two hour time slot.

Yesterday eldest boy did his best dying duck impression and do you know what? I caved, he got monday off. He was very good though, even did sound effects from the bathroom "I've thrown up!" he shouted. I'd had enough and figured if he was going to have a day off this week it was better to be monday than wednesday. He did stay in bed all morning, I suspect he knew he'd be the target of low flying missiles if he dared show his ashen features downstairs .

My friend gave me a lovely pedicure, something I've never had before, and although I usually hate people touching my feet it was strangely relaxing. There is also the added bonus of having snazzy coloured toenails now, so my feet look half decent in a pair of summer shoes.

Today, after the eight minute mile (nah not really more like twenty minutes) I was ever so slightly knackered. I still had small mountains of washing to get through and wanted to organise my work clothes, so as I say it's been a busy day and my new and shiny washing line has been well used. It also seems as though Little Miss is coming down with something... of course she is!!! However I don't yet know whether it's a case of the sniffles or whether chicken pox has finally caught us. She's a bit hot and her nose is runny, there are no spots (or at least there weren't when she went to bed) so we shall just see what the morning brings. I do know that the morning will bring a very panicky, running around like a decapitated fowl, like mummy. I have taken measures to lessen the panicky mad mummy thing and lunches are made and clothes have been sorted, so we will see if I can actually get out the bed .

I am off to panic quietly in front of the telly box now, I may need a cup of tea...OMG what am I going to do tommorow? I'm fairly sure they don't allow ten cups of tea a day oooh and I better sort myself out a cup... and tea bags... oh bug***... I mean dear... I thought I was sorted .


  1. good luck tomorrow...hope Little Miss is ok...maybe your parents can help out? Of all the days...such is the stress of life, isn't it? Don't panic, it'll all work out somehow.

  2. I love pedicures!!! They last forever.

    Sounds like a wonderful Monday!!

  3. Been thinking of you today and wondering how you've got on - hope it wasn't too traumatic and that Little Miss isn't too ill x

  4. Thank you everyone, I have survived although little miss is a bit poorly :(