Sunday, 10 May 2009

Three, Two, One... GO!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....yep there it is...Wednesday, still the same order as usual I see, so sadly wednesday will be a work day. Gloom, doom, depression, yuk! I know there are still days of freedom left to me, but I am starting to dwell already as is my wont.

Tomorrow is another driving lesson day and the euphoria at passing the theory test is fading, and slowly but surely being replaced with the more familiar nerves and anxiety. I shall try and bear in mind that last time was a good lesson and build on it from there. My friend who looks after Baby Girl is going to give me a pedicure when my lesson has finished (it's ok she's trained and everything) This is so I can have fabulous glamorous toenails when I go back to work. No-one but me will know, but as a Wise Woman of my acquaintance pointed out, the knowing will make me feel good (although she was actually recommending snazzy undies as I recall).

I also have to go and purchase a lunchbox for Little Miss tomorrow (awww her own lunchbox, sniffle snuffle...mummy now hiding in a corner and weeping ever so slightly). I have decided a
Peppa Pig one from Matalan will be perfect so we shall wander on up there tomorrow morning. Little girl will of course be delighted, I shall see it as another symbol of me having to relinquish my baby to the world, good lord you can see where my boys get their Drama Queen tendencies from can't you?

The boys are both suffering from sunday night-itis, Youngest quite cheerfully shouted at me from his room "I am sick, I think I still have this sore throat" (shouting mind you) I informed him that he was not ill and if he was then he should definitely be asleep, he didn't persist for too long, let's just see what the morning brings. Eldest was having a little trouble keeping his story straight, in a short ten minute period he went from not feeling well, to hungry, to not well and back to hungry again. When he was telling me he was ill, I was telling him he should have a lie down then (not the right answer) and when he was hungry I was telling him he shouldn't eat if he was ill (also not the right answer) he decided on the hungry story and had a slice of toast. this was swiftly followed by the not feeling well and he doesn't even have PE tomorrow (his words not mine). I am awaiting tomorrows performance of the boy who is ill and can't possibly go to school.

Now what have I accomplished today? Well, a roast dinner of course, lamb with all the usual. No pud today much to the disgust of my family (yeah even those very ill boys). Loads and loads of washing and drying, so much so that the dining table is starting to disappear under the piles of clean clothes (ooh yeah got to sort that out tomorrow too). Other Half has constructed the bunny hutch for Big girls birthday pressy and this inspired me to sort out the garden a bit more. I decided we needed more grass and sent Other Half out to get grass seed, now I have sown some seeds and hopefully the blackbirds will leave enough to cheer up our sad patch of lawn.

That's all I can think of for it must be time to get off this thing and have a cup of hot choccy...I think maybe I am avoiding bedtime in the way I did as a child. The sooner you go to bed, the sooner it's the next day and the nearer you are to the thing you don't want to happen, used to be school though .

Aaah, maybe it's genetic!


  1. Am very impressed you managed to cook a Sunday lunch! Even if there was no pud!! Don't fret about work - once you've started you'll love it - it may even be a break for you!! x

  2. I so can understand Sunday night-itis! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. so glad you passed the theory part, the rest will come as easy.