Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day Two

I am shattered! Not a huge surprise and at least there's only one day left. I am not up to full blogging power this evening but somehow to go a day without an update just seems plain wrong.

Work was the easy part today (also not a huge surprise) the run around with kids before and after was a little taxing. Baby girl is so close to spotty it's untrue. She has nasty raised bumps on her abdomen and legs oh and think I spotted a blister in the nappy area (of course, how hot and uncomfortable will that be!) She is still cheerful(ish) not floppy or tired, shame, and I think she'll last the day tomorrow. Then we can have four days of bleugh (not a real word but I think you get my point).

Youngest boy is suspiciously sad and grumpy, I am hoping he developes spots during half term (only a week away) then my absence from work will be minimal. Thank goodness the older two have already had the lurgy.

I would just like to say Hi to my new visitors, lovely to see new faces (well names you know what I mean) I will be back to proper blogging tomorrow, bloomin' inconvenient this having to go and earn money thing.


  1. I have distant memories of having chicken pox, but around that same time I tangled with a patch of poison ivy so it's a bit blurry. I do remember a lot of time spent sitting in baking soda baths. Hope your littles don't suffer much!

  2. when my kids got chicken pox, their pediatrician gave them something called zovirax and it halted the outbreak. But it has to be taken at the outset, when you spot the first few pimples.

  3. Hope you make it to the weekend before you drop. I know what its like.

    PS bath child in oatmeal (or porridge) to stop inflamation and scratching.

    I used this with my eldest whilst out in the States. Pretty good. x

  4. Yes porridge (inside some old tights) - seriously - in the bath as well as baking ease the itching. And then piriton medicine and Eurax and calomine lotion for the itching!!! It all works a little bit...I thought Renée had had it bad and then Edie got it much worse - all in her nappy/underarm area and on her eyelids. Poor thing - it was horrible. But it lasts a couple of weeks from beginning to end (although you know all of this because of your two eldest) why am I saying all this? Empathy I think...

    Hope you get a chance to relax this weekend x