Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Made It!

I am here, I made it through my first day at work, yay!

I almost didn't make it into work as Little Miss seems to be on the verge of chicken pox (no really this time). She was all snotty and snuffly this morning, hot as a hot thing and there was a strange kind of pin prickly thing going on. No blisters but still looked decidedly dodgy. I proceeded with the morning as though I was going anyway, when I got to nursery (22 cases so far lol) the nursery manager said "leave her here, we'll see how she goes".

So I left my poor sick child although it has to be said she did run straight off and start playing, and ran for the bus. When I got to the office I warned them of my fear and was met with a lukewarm response, don't think they want me to have leave straight away. I was fully equipped for my day, mug, tea bags and pint of milk. I got to sit with someone I worked with before, and all I had to do was listen in... easy peasy. It was strangely sad how quickly things came flooding back. I also suspect that even with a two year break I may be one of the more experienced staff at least I had proper training. I'm not going to admit too swiftly that I think I know what's going on... they'll abandon me pretty sharpish if they think I have any confidence.

It was very nice to wander around and see all the people still sitting at their desks, the grins and looks of disbelief kind of amused me but it did mean I caught up on all the gossip and felt right at home.

Fast forward to going home to nursery and was met by cheerful bigger kids, Baby Girl was also cheerful but still snotty and awfully bumpy! The nursery manager said she really wouldn't be surprised if she sprouted spots any minute now. However she also said that as the whole of nursery has had them, as long as Littlest Girl is happy in herself they will have her in....phew!

Ooh nearly forgot, I was awoken this morning by my alarm at 6:45, five minutes later I reached to press the snooze button, only to realise that it was the phone ringing. Awake now I picked it up and heard the noise of someone moving about, obviously unaware that they had called me. I shouted "Hello!! Hello!" but nothing, then I realised that there was music in the background, and being completely serious here it was the Dr Who theme tune . I put the phone down and thought, "how odd" when I did 1471 I didn't recognise the number at all.... Ten minutes later it rang again, same noise and still Dr Who in the background, do you think
David Tennant was giving me my alarm call?

So here I am at the end of the dreaded day, and of course the antici...............pation (hee hee sorry couldn't resist, and if you're not
Rocky Horror fans you won't appreciate it sorry) was so much worse than the actual event.

I am ready to go back tomorrow, which is saying something, fingers crossed little lady isn't too poorly .


  1. Glad you had a cheerful day!

    I left a little award over on my blog for you. Hope you like that sort of thing:)

  2. Congrats on getting through the day! Quite an achievement when you must have been so worried about your little girl.

    I have to say, both of mine had chickenpox when they were quite tiny (2.5 and 6 months respectively) and although it looked AWFUL (I mean, really, disgustingly, those-are-not-my-kids awful) neither was particularly ill with it. We avoided those who hadn't had it but otherwise carried on as norm, armed with Calpol in case of a fever. Hope your daughter is the same...sounds ominously like it is brewing. Good luck!

  3. Little pressie for you over at mine xxx

  4. I love Rocky Horror!

    If she has chicken pox, best get it over with. Better than getting shingles as an adult!

  5. I think it was definitely David Tennant ringing, what was the number on 1471?