Friday, 28 August 2009

MONEY! Woo hoo!

Money day has arrived, but sadly I suspect the list as long as my arm (almost) will deplete my stocks considerably in a very short amount of time.

Eldest Lad has also decided he needs a haircut and I have to try and describe the style that he is after to the hairdresser man...I don't really know what the style is for the young people these days. I have been told the phrase "emo" is the one to use, sounds a bit strange to me.

I will report back shortly as to the inordinate amount of money spent and the state of my lads hair.... wish me luck... I'm going in!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Monday? Uh-oh Where Did Sunday Go?

Oh dearie me, I have lost part of the weekend! I got a text from a friend on saturday afternoon, suggesting a little drinky out that evening, I said yes . The rest as they say is history.

I think my problem was the not eating a proper dinner part of the evening although possibly the three pints of Fosters had something to do with it. I ended up dancing about with my friend (and my recollection of this is hazy... which always disturbs me) and conning Other Half into giving my pal a lift home. Apparantley I went with them and then came home and ate food, I am taking this on trust as the next thing I remember is leaning over the side of my bed and being not very well. Someone (me I was told) had thoughtfully found me a bucket which was a good thing.

Yesterday I awoke with a sinking feeling, found the bucket (ugh) got up cleaned up and went back to my bed wishing the world would just keep still for a minute. My head proceded to keep me awake by thoughtfully thumping away whilst my stomach threatened a repeat performance of the previous evening. I ended up stumbling down the stairs and making littleuns some brekkie (that wasn't favourite I can tell you!) and then sitting curled in a foetal position on the sofa, drifting in and out of hazy consciousness. I even took medication and that just didn't cut it either.

When Other Half arose I retired back to my bed for an hour hoping against hope my head and stomach would cheer up as we had a BBQ to attend yesterday afternoon, and we had to take food.

I managed to make some chicken kebabs and have a semblance of a happy face when we went out, I think the fresh air helped a little to be honest. However I am finding that this morning I am still a tad fragile and energy levels are zero....oh I am too old for all this sort of thing, silly woman didn't have a drinking plan and half a packet of noodles was not sufficient dinner to go out on!

Right now another cuppa to try and kick start my motivation, loads to do as yesterday was such a washout

Friday, 21 August 2009

Friday Of A No Money Week

It's not payday this week... only a week to go, but strangely still things to buy this week! I have a small boy asking if it's sweety day and you'd be amazed at how much a sweety day for four can add up to, I have said "no".

I am being chauffeur again today, Eldest Girly has a friend coming over to visit, my only worry is the petrol, not only have I never done the petrol thing before (Which petrol? How does this thing work? What buttons do I press?) I'm not convinced I have enough pennies for petroleum.... mmm could be an interesting drive.

I performed a feat of great daring yesterday, I parked on the drive! When I say drive let me explain that this is actually the remains of our front garden, complete with parts of old wall and remnants of lawn oh and no dropped kerb! Also there is a drop off one side and if I back in too fast I might enter my kitchen via the front window. I was building this event up in my head and thought I had better just bite the bullet yesterday; now waiting for our road to be clear is also a problem, but I took my chance. It took three or four backwards and forwardsing (getting in the way of various irate drivers) but I did it! Then I shook for about ten minutes (stressed!) then I phoned Other Half to let him know of my bravery and to pre-warn him not to moan about the positioning of the car.... and then I had a cuppa!

Off for cuppa number two and then time for some tidying before madams guest arrives, have a good friday all

Monday, 17 August 2009

Look Out!

I have been doing something today, and what I have been doing is this...... I have been passing my driving test!!!

I have been so stressed over the past three or four weeks it's been unreal, last night I didn't get to bed until about half one, even then sleep eluded me for quite some time. I am expecting a better time tonight (I have bought a bottle of Baileys to help with that too).

I had my test at 13:08 (why??) and Dave the driving instructor came and picked me up at twelve. I deliberately hadn't told the kids as I didn't want disappointment if I failed. My parents came and babysat for me and I went out feeling like a huge cloud of stress was hanging over me. Dave was smiling at my obvious discomfort, and then I think he took pity on me and chatted away trying to relax me. I made a complete hash of my manoeuvres and I think he despaired . When it was time we went to the test centre and he made me have another look under the bonnet and tell him were various very important things are located.

I sat waiting in centre and finally a lady came and called my name... OMG this was really happening. She asked me what I preferred to be called.. I opted for Karen (what with it being my name and all) and then off we went. First thing I did wrong was forgot how to open the bonnet (aaaargh, he'd just shown me that!) I got my question right but then she launched into a bayparking manoeuvre, managed to muck that up and that's the one I wanted too. I just felt like I had made loads of silly mistakes all the way through (don't even mention my reversing round a corner....abysmal) and when we finally pulled up back at the test centre she did her little notes bit, then she asked if I wanted to have my instructor hear the outcome. At this point I was convinced that meant a fail as I presumed she would be telling poor old Dave how awful I was! So when he came and stood by the car and the words "Well Karen I am pleased to tell you..." Eh? Pleased? " have passed" I then turned and in a very high pitched voice said "Oh!" and then I spent about thirty seconds thinking she did say passed didn't she?

This is the weirdest feeling, this morning I was a learner and now they expect me to do it on my own. I made Other Half go and buy me P plates, I feel the need for some sort of indication of my inexperience. The insurance is sorted and tonight I made my first solo trip... up the road to Morrisons and back, woo hoo, all of five minutes up the road. Oh but I did make a slight detour for a cup of tea to my friends house on the way home, it's all very strange and I am sure it's going to take me a while to become accustomed to it all.

Right, I may have bought some alcohol whilst I was out and I feel now is a good time to indulge

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Ugh! Humph And Other Well Known Child Friendly Expressions Of Grump

Youngest boy decided I did not need a lie in today, twice (as I did manage to ignore him at the ten to seven alarm call). At eight twenty (I know, it's not bad really) he came and "whispered" to me "MUMMY, there's a spider in the living room". Oh joy, as those of you who know me may realise, I am not best equipped when it comes to dealing with our eight legged friends.

"Ang on" replies I as I decide I'd best at least have a look for the poor lad, after all I wouldn't be happy at being stuck in a room alone with one (ooh that's right I was going to place myself in the same room with one). You could tell I wasn't properly awake by the squinty eye look I was sporting, I even briefly wondered if I had my specs on but then I found them (on my face strangely) I bravely entered the arena... I mean, living room. Where is it then and how big is it? My lad then pointed high up to the ceiling near the window, and what was there? Some gargantuan beast? Nope, it twas the smallest spindliest even-I-can-cope-with-that spidey I have ever seen. "That's tiny and I can't reach it!" "But I don't like them" replies the boy "he's not bothering you! He's way over there." My boy then sat back down at the computer (yes he's five and he comes downstairs and turns the thing on and plays on it all by himself, thank goodness for parental controls) and carried on quite happy. Thanks for that then son.

So, I am up and about, and about to start cup of tea number two, at least I'm being productive. Other Half is back to work next week (boo and yet, yay!) so I have to make sure all washing is up to date for monday. This week has been surprisingly housework free as we just haven't been home, but washing waits for no man/woman (delete whichever is applicable, or sounds best) and the dust has been settling itself in nicely undisturbed (and just as I was getting on top of it all) so time to start again. Also I am back to ordinary eating today, I have had enough "goodies" to sink a battleship (no, honestly that much) I feel thoroughly unwell and my jeans don't like me anymore. It's time for some vegetables to appear in my diet as from today, the kids are in for a nasty shock, I suspect they were quite enjoying the eat all you want buffet style of eating we have adopted this week. Sorry kids fish fingers and jacket potatoes for dinner, maybe with some extra beans or any other fibre full veg I can find... oh and no pud.

Right, I am vaguely more with it, just time for that cuppa and then start the proper GETTING THINGS SORTED portion of the weekend .

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ooh... Here I Am..

Haven't managed to get on here much the last couple of days (could be longer, I've lost track!) It is Other Halfs week off though and we have been DOING THINGS, this is in lieu of actually being able to afford a holiday, so picnics and day trips it is.

Monday was a driving lesson day, and shopping day so we didn't do anything exciting then, Other Half did manage a trip with many and various objects to the local tip (hoorah.... at last) so that was something.

Tuesday was trip to
Beaulieu day, and I hate to admit it, but I had a good time! We looked around the very old cars display (which included an old london bus and I'm afraid I found that very exciting). Then we went to look at a falconry display, this kind of made the day for me as I love watching birds of prey. The gentleman presenting the display was very knowledgable too and told us lots of interesting facts about how falconry has impacted on the english language, and other historical points. Did you know "making a pass" at someone comes from falconry? It relates to when a bird will pass by it's prey before it actually catches it. Oh and a falcon will make a "mantle" over it's prey once it's caught it.. this means it sits with its wings covering the prey in order to be able to eat it unobserved, the shape of the wings has given us the word mantlepiece. There was lots of other snippets but my sieve like brain has forgotten them at this minute .

We didn't manage to get into the
Top Gear display cos it was just way too busy! However we did have a little trip on the monorail (eeeek!) where I discovered my children are not only fearless, but wicked! The biggies took great delight in bouncing around the little compartment making it rock even more alarmingly, forcing me to hiss"Stop it!" at them (I'm not too keen on heights it seems) and the youngsters were both trying to lean out of the windows and give their poor mother a hear attack.

Today we went on a picnic with some friends to a place called
Moors Valley, there is a lovely play trail there with lots of wooden climbing structures for the kids. There is also something called a tree top trail (we discovered this is very hard to say out loud) which is a wooden walkway about twenty feet up, which wends its way through the woods. Littlest Miss M once again frightened the life out of me as she ran along this (quite frankly way to skinny) walkway, oblivious to the drop either side (me? Not so oblivious). The weather was good, not too hot thank goodness, and we had a walk and then a feed and then a play in the adventure playground area.

I am shattered... Other Half is shattered.. the kids are asking what's next.

I think it may be a another farm type experience tomorrow, there is one nearby where they allow the kids to have a go at milking, and there is a nice cake shop too, mmm sold!

Update On Facebook
Just to let you know that Facebook did shut down the fraudulent account so I'm pleased about that, have to watch it in future though, as I'm sure it won't be the last time we encounter this sort of thing, aren't kids luverly?

Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Trouble With Social Networking

Ok I am really angry, proper feeling like going round and shouting at someone, angry.

My eldest son has just joined facebook, not too bothered about that (apart from having even less time on here!) but what I am angry about is that some delightful child has put up a fake profile using my boys name. Now the content isn't much of a surprise, the usual derogatory remarks about being gay and including some highly imaginative sexual preferences on my sons behalf. This child has also made a number of friends with my sons real friends and is making strange comments and declarations on his behalf to them. However what has really annoyed me is that the little swine has put our actual address on the profile information!

I have reported it to facebook and requested some sort of feedback on the issue, also pointing out that the content of the page is very unsuitable and letting them know that I am not best pleased with having my real address splashed all over the internet. I sneakily added this person as a friend and they accepted. I was able to send them a message letting them know they should probably stop this now and that I had reported them. Strangely once they had sussed I was my lads mum they took me off their friends list.... odd eh?

Right, feel a bit better now that's off my chest! Luckily my boy isn't the sort of lad who takes much notice of this sort of thing and isn't bothered by it... I however am... no not going to rant anymore, I've done what I can and hopefully this profile will be removed.

It's been a very busy day, the cleaning bug has hit me, proper cleaning too! I actually got out the mop and bucket, polish and window cleaner today. Not only did I get them out; I used them! My living room now looks much less like a rubbish heap and more like a .. well a living room.. and this is very unusual. I may even invite people into the house now, it's much more salubrious . Maybe the extra light let in by the newly cleaned windows is perking me up.

Of course the weekend is looming and Other Half has next week off so I'll let you know how long the tidyness lasts, you'll be able to tell when they start leaving a mess around the place when a small explosion is reported in the hampshire area (me losing my rag in case you didn't guess).

There are plans afoot to go on outings next week, sadly the manchester trip can't be done due to lack of petroleum money (guess how many miles to the gallon our little chariot does.. go on.. I'll tell you... 18 miles to the gallon!!!) We will be going on some picnics though and possibly
Beaulieu (not my preference), I am hoping for some sort of zoo trip but we shall see how far the pennies stretch... Isle of Wight might be nice for a day too.

Right, it's time for bed now, but first a cup of hot choccy and as that game is playing up on facebook maybe I'll watch some telly .

Or go and check whether that games working again ...

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

We're Wide Awake!

Morning, I'm up and about, woo hoo. Of course I was also up and about at half one last night... these school hols are playing havoc with my body clock. The trouble seems to be that I am surrounded by my little darlings all day, and then all evening and eldest lad being thirteen seems to mean he has no bedtime. Despite being told in very clear terms to GO TO BED!!! My point being, I then tend to sit up for an hour or two (nooo, not obsessively chasing a higher Bejeweled score, whatever gave you that impression?) unwinding. Oh and last night/this morning there was a very loud bangy crashy noise outside, which I decided not to investigate (well the dog was looking nervous and I didn't want to upset her ) but also I didn't go straight to bed afterwards. It was only one bangy crashy noise so in the cold light of day I am suspecting the kids scooters of slipping over.

Ben and Jerry have asserted themselves and now rule the house (didn't take long did it?) The dog is keeping out of their way apart from a quick wash of their back ends when she thinks they won't notice, of course they do notice and still look most indignant.

Eldest girly had a little friend visit yesterday, this is the newer friend, so it was a houseful. We decided to make some jamdrop biscuits and the girls helped. I find it's always a good idea to get them cooking cos then they have something tasty as a reward afterwards...keeps 'em happy for half an hour or so anyway. No pics of biccys cos we ate them all swiftly, mmmmm warm biscuits with jam, very tasty too.

Sigh, best get off here and try and get on with some housework, no not going on facebook.. nope not even tempted... no I have THINGS TO DO. We bought a couple of sets of wicker drawers off ebay and Other Half collected them yesterday, so I have the task of sorting out all his clothes behind the sofa into said drawers. Don't ask me why he can't have clothes upstairs but he can't apparantley, so this is the best and hopefully tidiest solution.

Here I go, going now, off to do something useful ....

Cuppa tea first eh?

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Here We Are...

sunday evening again! I have been a bit busy, fussing small grey furry kittens . We have named them Ben and Jerry (that was Madam R's idea) and they are gorgeous. I got an e-mail on thursday from one of the mums from school asking if we were still looking for kittens and basically saying she could get me one if I was. I replied that yes I might be in the market for a kitty (Hah! More like yes please get me kitty now!) and someone called me friday saying she had two kittens and did I want them both? Oh all right then if I must. Now these are feral kittens and the mum is a farm cat, apparantley there are many many kittens being born all the time and the farm just keep clearing them out (did ask if they were neutering the mums but she said they can't catch them). These boys are too young to be away from mum in my opinion (about four weeks old, possibly five) but as they had already been removed from mum (on the thursday I think) I said I would have them. I have experience with looking after underage kittens and know the things to look out for, know I'm taking a chance but what was the likelihood of me going and looking at these kittens and not coming home with them? Nil.

So, friday night we came home with two little grey bundles of fur, saturday morning I was slightly concerned about one of them being constipated and ran off to the vet (so the free kittens have already cost me £30 at the vets!) At least the vet could give them a once over and check the sex for me (she reckons two boys too) she wasn't concerned and since then they have provided evidence of not being bunged up .

It is rather nice to have a couple of felines in the house again, I suspect they are going to be a right pair of trouble makers, they have already asserted themselves with the dog. Small bundle of fluff doubled in size and made very respectable hissing spitting noises... dog looked confused and wagged her tail, then hid in the hall for the evening. They have stopped hissing at her and she is annoying them by trying to wash their rear ends, cats are looking most offended and running off with their little up periscope tails.

Right, off the kitten subject now (no honest...) we are in week two of hols and so far not too bad. As it was money day friday I at least managed to take the kids out to do a little fun shopping. We found a sweet stall at the market with a good array of sweeties and bought about seven tubs of various different sugar laden goodies, we still have some left so the kids haven't actually taken off due to sugar overload. I made some luverly fairy cakes the other day (sorry no pics they didn't last very long) we decorated them with nutella.... good lord that was yum! I may have to make some more shortly. Touching wood and crossing all available digits the children appear to be healthy at the mo and we have already got some friends organised to visit over the next week. See how forward thinking I am. I have a driving lesson tomorrow and my mum and dad will be babysitting, so that kills two birds with one stone (no, not advocating stoning the oldies) as the kids then have some fun visitors and I get away for a while (hour and a half tomorrow...eeeek).

I am not going to go on and on about how stressed I might be cos strangely I'm not too bad at the minute. Tomorrow of course will be a different kettle of fishes .