Friday, 21 August 2009

Friday Of A No Money Week

It's not payday this week... only a week to go, but strangely still things to buy this week! I have a small boy asking if it's sweety day and you'd be amazed at how much a sweety day for four can add up to, I have said "no".

I am being chauffeur again today, Eldest Girly has a friend coming over to visit, my only worry is the petrol, not only have I never done the petrol thing before (Which petrol? How does this thing work? What buttons do I press?) I'm not convinced I have enough pennies for petroleum.... mmm could be an interesting drive.

I performed a feat of great daring yesterday, I parked on the drive! When I say drive let me explain that this is actually the remains of our front garden, complete with parts of old wall and remnants of lawn oh and no dropped kerb! Also there is a drop off one side and if I back in too fast I might enter my kitchen via the front window. I was building this event up in my head and thought I had better just bite the bullet yesterday; now waiting for our road to be clear is also a problem, but I took my chance. It took three or four backwards and forwardsing (getting in the way of various irate drivers) but I did it! Then I shook for about ten minutes (stressed!) then I phoned Other Half to let him know of my bravery and to pre-warn him not to moan about the positioning of the car.... and then I had a cuppa!

Off for cuppa number two and then time for some tidying before madams guest arrives, have a good friday all


  1. Roll on payday!! We are living on pennies till next week comes! x

  2. i am broke and i got paid last week lol! bloody statitory maternity pay grrrr x

  3. I can tell you're going to be a pro driver in no time!