Saturday, 15 August 2009

Ugh! Humph And Other Well Known Child Friendly Expressions Of Grump

Youngest boy decided I did not need a lie in today, twice (as I did manage to ignore him at the ten to seven alarm call). At eight twenty (I know, it's not bad really) he came and "whispered" to me "MUMMY, there's a spider in the living room". Oh joy, as those of you who know me may realise, I am not best equipped when it comes to dealing with our eight legged friends.

"Ang on" replies I as I decide I'd best at least have a look for the poor lad, after all I wouldn't be happy at being stuck in a room alone with one (ooh that's right I was going to place myself in the same room with one). You could tell I wasn't properly awake by the squinty eye look I was sporting, I even briefly wondered if I had my specs on but then I found them (on my face strangely) I bravely entered the arena... I mean, living room. Where is it then and how big is it? My lad then pointed high up to the ceiling near the window, and what was there? Some gargantuan beast? Nope, it twas the smallest spindliest even-I-can-cope-with-that spidey I have ever seen. "That's tiny and I can't reach it!" "But I don't like them" replies the boy "he's not bothering you! He's way over there." My boy then sat back down at the computer (yes he's five and he comes downstairs and turns the thing on and plays on it all by himself, thank goodness for parental controls) and carried on quite happy. Thanks for that then son.

So, I am up and about, and about to start cup of tea number two, at least I'm being productive. Other Half is back to work next week (boo and yet, yay!) so I have to make sure all washing is up to date for monday. This week has been surprisingly housework free as we just haven't been home, but washing waits for no man/woman (delete whichever is applicable, or sounds best) and the dust has been settling itself in nicely undisturbed (and just as I was getting on top of it all) so time to start again. Also I am back to ordinary eating today, I have had enough "goodies" to sink a battleship (no, honestly that much) I feel thoroughly unwell and my jeans don't like me anymore. It's time for some vegetables to appear in my diet as from today, the kids are in for a nasty shock, I suspect they were quite enjoying the eat all you want buffet style of eating we have adopted this week. Sorry kids fish fingers and jacket potatoes for dinner, maybe with some extra beans or any other fibre full veg I can find... oh and no pud.

Right, I am vaguely more with it, just time for that cuppa and then start the proper GETTING THINGS SORTED portion of the weekend .

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  1. Hope your week is off to a great start (smile).