Monday, 24 August 2009

Monday? Uh-oh Where Did Sunday Go?

Oh dearie me, I have lost part of the weekend! I got a text from a friend on saturday afternoon, suggesting a little drinky out that evening, I said yes . The rest as they say is history.

I think my problem was the not eating a proper dinner part of the evening although possibly the three pints of Fosters had something to do with it. I ended up dancing about with my friend (and my recollection of this is hazy... which always disturbs me) and conning Other Half into giving my pal a lift home. Apparantley I went with them and then came home and ate food, I am taking this on trust as the next thing I remember is leaning over the side of my bed and being not very well. Someone (me I was told) had thoughtfully found me a bucket which was a good thing.

Yesterday I awoke with a sinking feeling, found the bucket (ugh) got up cleaned up and went back to my bed wishing the world would just keep still for a minute. My head proceded to keep me awake by thoughtfully thumping away whilst my stomach threatened a repeat performance of the previous evening. I ended up stumbling down the stairs and making littleuns some brekkie (that wasn't favourite I can tell you!) and then sitting curled in a foetal position on the sofa, drifting in and out of hazy consciousness. I even took medication and that just didn't cut it either.

When Other Half arose I retired back to my bed for an hour hoping against hope my head and stomach would cheer up as we had a BBQ to attend yesterday afternoon, and we had to take food.

I managed to make some chicken kebabs and have a semblance of a happy face when we went out, I think the fresh air helped a little to be honest. However I am finding that this morning I am still a tad fragile and energy levels are zero....oh I am too old for all this sort of thing, silly woman didn't have a drinking plan and half a packet of noodles was not sufficient dinner to go out on!

Right now another cuppa to try and kick start my motivation, loads to do as yesterday was such a washout


  1. Oh I so hate hangovers or just flat out having fun and getting carried away. Vitamin B-12 is a beautiful thing when you want to crawl back in bed. The real B-12 too, not that crap in a can! LOL


  2. Hi there, just thought I`d pop by.
    Great blog by the way. Brilliant read.
    Take care. I`m off to bounce on my ball. :D