Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Stress v Swine Flu

I know which I'd prefer it to be, but whatever it is I'm feeling a bit grot today. It started monday night and I have been steadfastly ignoring it since then, it's not listening though and keeps insisting on pushing it's way forward. So be it illness or stress induced symptoms, I'd like it to go away now please.

My throat is dry (not sore) my head is fuzzy (not aching) and my temper... well my temper is fantastic! Just ask the poor kids!

Patience is not a virtue I am in possesion of today and snappiness is an art form I have mastered well, all in all I am a joy to live with it at the mo.

True to form for me when I get stressed I do that old crabby (cancerian) retreat thing, I noticed that I was avoiding here the other day, my concentration is just shot to pieces.

So, please excuse my absence and lack of commenting when I have passed though, my head's just not working properly! Oh and the cause of my stress will be resolved fairly shortly one way or another (can't say exactly when) and it revolves around the obtaining of a certain piece of paper... to do with automobiles... you know what I mean don't you? I can't even talk about it at the mo and there is still a way to go!!!! AAAAARGH, I don't do pressure .

Going now, fancy a cup of hot choccy and a silly film
The Love Guru is on soon, not sure I'll like it but suspect it won't take a lot of working out so it'll do nicely.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Weird One

sunday and no school run tomorrow (Woo hoo!) Other Halfs uniform is done and dusted (washed and dried in case there is any confusion) daughter number one is at her pals house for a sleepover (yes that pal, the one I was so concerned about ) and son number one has gone to the pictures to see the latest Harry Potter.

I had a strange evening on friday, we went to see a band I used to see quite regularly, took one of my friends who came out the other week and she brought a work friend of hers. I also had one of my oldest friends from around here who came; now I was the oldest one out and about, and we had a very young girl with us. I hadn't realised that my pals work colleague wasn't even old enough to be out and about with us. I am afraid I watched in horror as this youngster got pretty plastered, I just felt so responsible for her! She of course was having a fabulous time and all I could do was stress at the nasty old leering men eyeing her up. It was also a bit strange in that I got kind of nostalgic watching this band and that is not necessarily a good thing, I really don't want to be living the life I was back then and I don't need to be out every night... but... it made me a tad restless. Suspect I need a bit of time off from the outing and aboutings!

I was reliably informed on saturday that young girly got home ok and was fine, but I had stressed most of friday night on and off .

We also had my northern relatives come for a visit yesterday, and it seems we may be wending our way northward at some point in august... eek manchester here we come , I think we may have to visit other more northern relatives if we do go, Lake District is lovely tho so I wouldn't mind a meander there if we can manage it.

I am still in a fuzzy headed frame of mind, see six beers and my weekend is wiped out, I hope I perk up soon there's loads needs doing!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Friday...In Case You Weren't Sure!

I am taking a few minutes out whilst littlest Miss watches Mr Tumble it gives me about ten minutes... There is a fatal flaw in my plan in as much as those boys are lurking at the minute. It seems that mum on computer = good opportunity to chat to mum. Sadly mum then tends to explode, lose concentration and generally carry on alarming!

Deep breaths... they've only been off since wednesday.

I am off out this evening (disgusting isn't it, that's three times this month!) and have to say I am looking forward to escaping the confines of the house. Little Miss has been a tad more demanding than usual, I haven't been able to move without a small personage attached to my legs/waist/clinging to my ankle. This morning she seems much more like her normal self, we have had a lot more bouncing and chatting and even some breakfast eating, yay .

My big girl is still at her friends house, I did try and give her a call last night but she wasn't answering, must have been busy eh? I am a little bit on the tired side (makes a nice change) as I ended up watching
Muriel's Wedding (again) it's not like I don't know the ending! However 1:10 am came and I was still watching, very silly.

Right my time is nearly up, Mr Tumble is covered in spaghetti at the mo (very amusing) and I think it's nearly all over. Got some food to prepare for later (cos I'm off out, did I say?) and some washing to do, not dry however cos the heavens have opened once more.

At some point I must fit in a bath, some hoovering and general tidying, mmmm we'll see what gets done by the end of the day .

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Look! Poor Baby...

Have you seen the state of this poor child?! At least we have seen some smiles this morning, yesterday was a most clingy and sad day. I will again be smothering her in lotions and potions, just hope all the nasty spots are out now and we can start the healing up bit .

Right I am off to clean and tidy the house, in the vain hopes I can start as I mean to go on this school hols....byeeeee for now!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A Day

first I would just like to say thanks for the kind words. You know how it is when it's so close to home all you want to do is wade right in there and sort it out! As was pointed out to me earlier today, I suspect my reaction also had a lot to do with my own childhood experiences (not so good) and less to do with how madam R was actually feeling.

Turns out my girl has a good head on her shoulders, she didn't run and try to make friends with her little pal today and in fact ignored all approaches (I'd have caved lol). I felt sad as I thought it was a shame this friendship that started in reception was done. However I respected my girls actions (didn't intervene) and she has arranged a sleepover at her other friends house tomorrow. Oh and surprise surprise, she received a sheepish and slightly creeping phonecall this evening. I hid in the hall, how grown up am I? Miss A was enquiring whether my girl was her friend "I don't know" came her reply... eek she doesn't beat around the bush my girl. A then went on to plead her case and I think R will be giving her a chance at some stage, but for now Miss A is on the backfoot as R has already got a social evening planned and is carrying on fine by herself thanks. I am proud my girl has stood her ground and is sure of her own opinions at the tender age of ten.

The majority of my day has been spent tending to a very uncomfortable and spotty little girl, the places these blinkin' spots are situated make my eye's water! One of the other mums at school brought us some calamine cream, much better than the lotion as it stays moist, seems to help, also piriton seems to be a slight comfort. I do hope all her spots have come out now cos her poor little face is almost completely covered, all under her eyes and the back of her neck, even her poor little nose . I can now see how lightly my lad got off the other week, he hardly seemed to notice at all. I think little miss M will have at least a couple more days of discomfort, it's just so hard to explain why I can't do much and what it is. I have been saying those naughty spots a lot today and we have been liberally applying cream, oh and acting on some good advice we tried the bicarbonate of soda bath, definitely seemed to help.

She is having a kip now so lets hope she gets some relief whilst she's asleep.

I am shattered and I am soooo glad there is no school run tomorrow , just maybe there will be a lie in ... maybe not but at least no running up the road and back.

Fingers crossed little lady has a better day tomorrow

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

What To Do?

I am having a slight trauma. Not my trauma, a dilemma being experienced by my poor oldest girl R. Now I don't know if I've managed to convey just what a kind hearted, giving and loyal child my girl is.... but she is. This doesn't seem to be working for her at the moment as her friend of the last five years appears to be ganging up on her with another little darlin'. It appears that my girls "friend" is playing with this other girl (we have had problems with this other girl a couple of years ago) and is quite happy for this child to tell R to go away and say her friend (let's just call her A) doesn't like her any more and doesn't want anything to do with her. It has now escalated to the point where A is telling my little girl she hates her and to leave her alone. There is more complication in as much as A's mum is very anti this other child as she was actually bullying A a couple of years ago and she was very unhappy at school.

So eldest girl has started to play with another little girl, this is also not acceptable apparantly and A is showing signs of jealousy and trying to put obstacles in the way of the new friendship. I suspect a lot of the problem lies with A wanting to be in with the "in" crowd and as R goes her own way and has her own mind I don't think she fits the bill.

Tonight was my girls school disco for the end of term, and A's grandma very kindly offered to take her and bring her back for us. Ah good, methinks, maybe it's all settling down. Nope R has returned in a sad and low mood as A ignored her all evening and was running around with the other girl and her posse. Now, tomorrow is the last day of term and my instinct is to go and rip A's head off her shoulders and to let her mother know she is in fact hanging about with this lovely little madam (her mother would then explode!) However my girlie is not up for this scenario, and I know it is inappropriate for me to take a ten year old to one side and have words .

So, any words of wisdom or advice gratefully accepted.

Normally over the school hols there would be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between our houses, but my girl doesn't want to invite her pal A over, and doesn't want to visit her's either...Mind you she is stressed as to how to put this cos she doesn't want to give these girls room to manouevre her into a worse position . I fell so sad for her, it's a hard lesson to learn that not everyone is as honourable as you'd wish. My daughter would never behave in this way and it makes me so cross that her good nature has been taken advantage of. I think her friend A thinks that she will act as a good safety net and that she can treat her anyway she wishes as R has always remained steadfast previously. I think R should just chalk it up to experience and stick with this other little girl who seems more genuine, but then it's not me who has to slink about the playground avoiding trouble is it? That was a good 27 years ago as I was recently reminded.

Fed up now, gonna listen to my boys (Take That in case you were wondering ) get a cup of hot choccy and try to unwind, whilst not picturing my hands round small childrens throats... I mean, whilst de-stressing from the evenings traumas .

Monday, 20 July 2009

Not Quite With It

not sure if it's the wind down to school hols or just being completely knackered... or having been taken over by the evil forces of facebook , but I haven't managed to visit here much at all in the past week! It's really not like me and I began to stress that I didn't know what was going on in my cyber-neighbourhood, which in turn made me feel guilty for not visiting my friends as much as I normally do, so just to say thanks to those who dropped by to make sure I hadn't actually dropped off the face of the earth .

I have been inordinately tired this past week, although that hasn't inspired me to get to bed at a reasonable hour, I am soooo looking forward to my lie-ins after wednesday. Speaking of which little Miss M seems to have some blistery spots sprouting behind her ears and on her tummy, so perhaps the chicken pox returneth eh? I suspect nursery will have her unless she has a bad tummy, in which case I will be missing my last day at work for six weeks, I hope I can get in even if it's only to get some leave for the inset days at the end of the hols (they must love me).

I had a very pleasant surprise last week, I received an e-mail via friends re-united and one of my bestest friends ever from secondary school had dropped me a line. I haven't seen this friend in nearly twenty (or maybe even slightly more) years. We exchanged a couple of "Hello! How are you!" e-mails and then I gave him my phone number. It was ridiculous how excited I was when he texted me and said he was going to ring. Phone rang and I immediately reverted to the age of twelve and was giggling and being silly for an hour and a half. The memories just came flooding back and we relived our escapades from young teenager-hood to young adulthood, this is the person I would hang around Soho with so that we could stalk Marc Almond and get his autograph. We used to go far and wide across london to various concerts (oh well yes mainly Soft Cell), we even went to Tunisia together when we were about 21ish. This was one person I bitterly regretted losing touch with and I was truly exstatic when he got in touch... we are in the process of making arrangements to meet up somewhere between Brighton and Portsmouth for some alcohol and a bucketload of nostalgia.

I am now pondering the delights of which household task shall I perform first? Washing in off the line? Washing out onto the line? Washing folded and put away in drawers? Hmmmm, it's a toughie... I suspect washing in from the garden first, that's if Little Miss Clingy lets me get on, she's not 100% cos I can't walk far without having her attached to my ankle at the minute!

Ooh and here is a piccy I got done at the school fair.... all my lot together....

Good innit?

Right I'm getting off here before I decide to check out blinkin' facebook again !

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Home Alone

Me and my girl have managed to turf everyone else out of the house today... to say I am relieved could be classed as an understatement, last week provided just a glimpse of what the summer hols could bring I suppose.

Youngest boy is still a little scabby from his brush with the dreaded pox (chicken that is) and this morning he was most distressed to still see scabs. I think he thought as he was going to school the spots would have disappeared completely, he burst into tears and said "I don't feel a little well... I think I need to stay at home" I reassured him in a calm and Mary Poppins way ("You're going!! Don't be silly!") that he was fine. I couldn't bear another day stuck indoors with hyperactive youngster.

It is driving day again, and after last weeks fiasco I ran to the chemists this morning and purchased some
Bach rescue remedy, I am hoping it has the desired effect and calms me a little. I obviously don't do well under pressure and the fact that I've now booked the dreaded test has pushed me over the edge I think. Last week was horrendous and I was almost dangerous! I am determined not to let my nerves get the better of me today, I need a good lesson or I can see me cancelling the test date and putting it off, which I'd rather not do as it would be lovely to have at least some of the summer holiday as a independently mobile mum .

I shall report back as to the calming/non-calming effects of the remedy, I am hoping my cynicism about these things doesn't spoil it.

I am pretty much wiped out and should probably try a catnap before my lesson. Yesterday I was full of energy and cleaned the kitchen, this then inspired me to cook something, properly. I decided a home made pizza would be a good compromise, something the kids would enjoy and healthier than a shop bought one. I was rather pleased with the results... here have a look...

.. impressed aren't you? Well as I say I was, but guess what? Children looked suspiciously at my offering, poked it about a bit, prodded the cheese, looked at the sauce (also home made... two pounds of bloomin' tomatoes!!!) and offered various comments. Something along the lines of "I don't think I like this" "I'm not sure this tastes nice" and my personal favourite "I don't want it, I don't want it!" Of course all this was before even a morsel had passed their lips .

I don't know why I bother sometimes.... At least I thought it tasted nice and to be fair the girls gave it a good shot, just those fusspot boys who had to be force fed mums "treat".

The reason I am wiped out though is because I have a new addiction which must be stamped out immediately. Blinkin' facebook and a game called Bejewelled Blitz, two and half hours I was sat there saying just one more game. The games only last a minute each, that's way too many games in a row. I am not going near that again for a couple of days, half twelve was a bad bedtime for me and I have work tomorrow; fairly certain my supervisor wouldn't see that as a good excuse for inattentiveness at my desk (translate as forehead on keyboard with slight drool escaping from the corner of my mouth).

Right off to see if a cuppa and a catnap will provide me with more energy!!
Ooh ooh did you see I managed to creat my blog roll at last? That at least was one productive thing I managed before being sucked into the facebook vortex!

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Evening! I am....

up really late? A bit tired? A little tipsy?
Ah yes that's the one! Here we go yet more slightly squiffy blogging! Please watch out for deliferate mistakes.

Had an evening out with my pals, we went for a meal and then onto a local drinks emporium. I appear to have drunk quite a lot of alcohol and yet still be upright and vaguely and alert (never knew what those lerts looked like before). Oh dear definitely a bit lively, I am listening to my
boys on the headphones, which could get interesting when I attempt to dance about whilst attached.

Had a lovely meal of salmon and ceaser salad, I ordered chips which was totally unnecessary! I drank wine (eeeek bad idea bad idea, but twas rose and not red so I appear to be fine) and then we rounded the evening off with a bit of dancing about.

Sadly we did have a member of our party who turned out to be a little aggressive whilst drunk, we tried to run away but she found us . She was being really lairy with the poor little waiter lad and when I looked stressed at her she got confrontational... nice! Never mind we managed to ignore her and still had a good night, could have been a bit longer though . Oh well I am drinking a cuppa tea (what else) and will try and get some sleep soon, I shall report on the state of the head tomorrow...... nighty nightttttt

Oh and here is photographic evidence of being up and about and not curled round a loo....

Oh and just to say none of the lovely ladies in these pics are the lairy one!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Still Ever So Slightly Obsessed...

I have not landed properly from my weekends outing and abouting, I still ever so slightly fancy running off with various members of Take That, not all at once you understand, I am just keeping my options open... for when I get the call... you know, sigh... mad as a hatstand I know.

I am also off out this saturday night, it is a joint birthday outing with a friend who is a mere strippling of 24... soon to be 25 (only a couple of years between us ). We are going to eat food and then drink booze, it's a good plan, not too rigid and enough scope for elaboration later on in the evening if we so desire.

I have one sick bunny again this week,youngest lad has most definitely got chickenpox, lots of luverly blistery spots all over the poor little man. This of course means that little Miss M is probably due to get them, as the chickenpox I thought she had when I first returned to work quite probably wasn't . Littlest man seems to be coping ok at the moment, but I'm trying to remember if there is a really itchy point when the spots crust over, I suspect there might be. Ah well we have piriton and calamine lotion, just have to stock up on the old bicarb of soda as I have been told it's great to stick in the bath.

My eldest lad is finally recovered from his bout of tonsillitis, although this evening we have had a "headache" appear when I mentioned homework! It did disappear when I mentioned his friends party on saturday which if he was ill (or grounded through lack of homework) he wouldn't be able to attend.

All kids are in bed asleep and I may very well have to head that way soon myself. I'm not sure. thinking about it, that I would suit a rock and roll groupie lifestyle anymore... I have trouble staying up late two nights in a row, not very alluring is it? A snoring half asleep groupie probably wouldn't attract the right sort of attention

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Going On Tour

I'm sorry but there's nothing else for it, I have to leave home and run away to join The Circus (do you see what I've done there? Take Thats' tour and album, huh, d'you get it?).

First I will say I had a fantastic night, I was not sick, I did not pass out, I danced about a lot and I stayed up way past my bedtime. Oh and I didn't even have a hangover this morning!

The weekend was looking a little dodgey for a mo' there, as I said eldest boy was looking extremely ill and I wasn't sure I could go off gallivanting and leave him. Luckily he had improved sufficiently that I felt ok to go. My friend picked me up at about half eleven saturday morning, we had our supplies of food and water and enough munchies to keep us going when fuelled with alcohol. I had made my choice of what to wear and I stuck with it (most unusual and decisive of me....) we were definitely prepared.

The journey there was going well but sadly instead of following our instincts, we followed the sat nav, and after programming in "fastest route" it took us a good three hours to get to the hotel. Oh and I really should have made that toilet stop before we set off. Still we forgot all that as soon as we reached the hotel and realised that yes, that was Wembley Stadium directly behind it, result! My fears that all the parking at the hotel would be taken, were unfounded and we wandered on up to the reception desk. Uh oh a queue, never mind it was clearing at a good rate. Sadly when we got to the front a nice polish receptionist lady apologetically let me know that the room wasn't quite ready yet. We were directed to the bar and given a free drink while we waited approximately fifteen, twenty minutes. Ok, not incredibly impressed but we went and waited. When we re-approached the desk the same nice polish receptionist looked stressed as she revealled that nope the room still wasn't ready. Off we toddled muttering about how we wanted to go and get ourselves sorted. Not too stressed at this point but as we wandered back after another twenty minutes I was starting to get annoyed. It was a total of two hours before this room was ready, I was irked in the extreme and did something not in my nature at all, I asked for compensation.. in the form of free overnight parking. I think I should have asked for more as the manager gave in far too easily!

Still we got to the room sorted ourselves out, resisted the call of alcohol until I had eaten aforementioned food supply, then make up (before a drink, always do make up before a drink!) and then a little tipple and we were off.

It took literally 30 seconds to get there woo hoo, the location of this hotel is perfect for concert going. I have to say at this point I have very fond memories of the "old" Wembley stadium and was curious about how this new look stadium would be, not particularly impressed I'm afraid, we were herded through our gate. You weren't allowed to deviate from your course at any point, no mixing and mingling around the outside of the pitch anymore, we had to go up about four or five escalators and I was starting to worry about exactly how high up we were going to be sitting. When we finally reached our level I did notice a ton of toilet facilities and loads of food and drink stands. I was also surprised to see that at this gig you could, if you so wished, purchase fish and chips (with or without mushy peas), pizza, popcorn and aero bubbles choccy... I'm sorry I didn't realise I was going to the pictures! How weird, I had visions of people standing there with their edibles and watching Take That in full flow, not my idea of what happens at a concert. Of course there was also alcohol, I neatly avoided wine and went straight to smirnoff ice, not ideal but I couldn't face bloating out with a hundred and one lagers.

Our seats were pretty good, a nice overall view and not too high, I wasn't actually in the clouds which is a good thing.

The start of the show was very impressive, almost theatrical, the clowns and acrobats were fabulous and interesting, the music was haunting and the whole thing was an impressive spectacle. When Take That actually appeared from within a cluster of balloons, the crowd (as they say) went wild! It was non-stop action from start to finish, as someone who was never a fan back in the day (I thought they were a bunch of posey lads with not a lot of talent sorry boys) I was wowed. The music was great, the sound was impressive, the lads look amazing (blimey I must be the future
Mrs Owen!!!) I was totally blown away, and I'm not afraid to admit that I may have got a little emotional, before beer number four, honest not alcohol induced.

Sigh, the downside of course is that it is now over, I am even more gutted at missing the previous concert through my self induced coma! I now need to go and follow the boys in a stalkerish manner around the country, oh blimey I hope this obsession fades soon, I suspect Other Half will get slightly aggravated with me mooning about the place .

Talking of which (Other Half that is, not me mooning about the place) I just have to say he coped magnificently, things got done, kids got fed, I got updates (unprompted) as to the health status of my lad, kids got put to bed on time, breakfast was made this morning and he even got eldest girl and youngest boy to judo!!! There were no panicky phone calls, or cross phone calls declaring I hadn't given him enough information, all in all it was more of a success than I could have imagined.

Mmmm, wander when I can make my next outing?

Got to work tomorrow, booo, so I will get off now and try and get some kip .

Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Long Night!

I am so tired as I have been woken up twice last night, once at three and again at six (so technically this morning). First time youngest lad was having a bad dream and I had to shepherd him back to bed, second time poor eldest boy was having bad stomach pains, I was beginning to think I needed to call out the emergency doctor! Luckily some medicine seemed to sort out the problem, I think it might have had something to do with his only food in the last three days, a late night sandwich of ham and brown sauce . He also seems to be having a reaction to the antibiotics and is experiencing a slightly blotchy rash, this appeared about half eleven last night so I was seen rushing about doing ye old glass test! Thankfully he seemed perky enough and as I say even felt hungry.

Off on my jaunt today, barring sick children disasters, so will be back with pics and gushing over
"the lads" I'm sure. Will be back to bore you all shortly I'm sure, have a great weekend all.

Friday, 3 July 2009

You Really Know You're A Mum When.... spend your birthday for the most part at work, worrying about eldest son home with tonsillitis (home diagnosis), then pick up little hot and bothered people from childcare provider, decide to take son number one to the doctors (bearing in mind extremes of heat) have to wait an hour in a hot stuffy room with about 30 other sick people one screaming toddler (mine) one fidgety bored and hot five year old (also mine) one slightly preteen ten year old (yep allll mine) and then into the doctors who asks what's wrong. I fixed him with a piercing glare as last time he misdiagnosed said eldest boy, and said "I think he's got tonsillitis" doctor duly checks and says "what a clever mummy" and we get prescription for antibiotics. Phew, then we go to the chemist to get the meddy, then we go to the Co-op to get ice-cream. Little Miss M was fairly beside herself by this time and I was considering infanticide as a viable option for peace and quiet (it was VERY hot!!!! Forgive me). I then came home to cook tea an hour later than I would have liked, Other Half was home, but of course all children still had to direct queries, requests and general crying in my direction.......I was seen stomping about muttering "Happy Birthday to Me" quite a lot that evening.

But today I have a day off and I am going to the shops, in order to search out concert going clothing . Of course it would help if I knew what the weather was going to be doing, I am just praying it won't be as hot as the last few days, I don't want to collapse in a heap at this concert.

First I shall rush about a bit and get some washing and dishwashing done, in preparation for the weekend (mustn't leave Other Half with four kids and the washing) then I shall await the arrival of my pal, poor thing drove all the way from scotland yesterday, I suspect she'll be a bit tired.

Maybe time for a cuppa, got to get my priorities right .