Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A Day

first I would just like to say thanks for the kind words. You know how it is when it's so close to home all you want to do is wade right in there and sort it out! As was pointed out to me earlier today, I suspect my reaction also had a lot to do with my own childhood experiences (not so good) and less to do with how madam R was actually feeling.

Turns out my girl has a good head on her shoulders, she didn't run and try to make friends with her little pal today and in fact ignored all approaches (I'd have caved lol). I felt sad as I thought it was a shame this friendship that started in reception was done. However I respected my girls actions (didn't intervene) and she has arranged a sleepover at her other friends house tomorrow. Oh and surprise surprise, she received a sheepish and slightly creeping phonecall this evening. I hid in the hall, how grown up am I? Miss A was enquiring whether my girl was her friend "I don't know" came her reply... eek she doesn't beat around the bush my girl. A then went on to plead her case and I think R will be giving her a chance at some stage, but for now Miss A is on the backfoot as R has already got a social evening planned and is carrying on fine by herself thanks. I am proud my girl has stood her ground and is sure of her own opinions at the tender age of ten.

The majority of my day has been spent tending to a very uncomfortable and spotty little girl, the places these blinkin' spots are situated make my eye's water! One of the other mums at school brought us some calamine cream, much better than the lotion as it stays moist, seems to help, also piriton seems to be a slight comfort. I do hope all her spots have come out now cos her poor little face is almost completely covered, all under her eyes and the back of her neck, even her poor little nose . I can now see how lightly my lad got off the other week, he hardly seemed to notice at all. I think little miss M will have at least a couple more days of discomfort, it's just so hard to explain why I can't do much and what it is. I have been saying those naughty spots a lot today and we have been liberally applying cream, oh and acting on some good advice we tried the bicarbonate of soda bath, definitely seemed to help.

She is having a kip now so lets hope she gets some relief whilst she's asleep.

I am shattered and I am soooo glad there is no school run tomorrow , just maybe there will be a lie in ... maybe not but at least no running up the road and back.

Fingers crossed little lady has a better day tomorrow