Sunday, 26 July 2009

Weird One

sunday and no school run tomorrow (Woo hoo!) Other Halfs uniform is done and dusted (washed and dried in case there is any confusion) daughter number one is at her pals house for a sleepover (yes that pal, the one I was so concerned about ) and son number one has gone to the pictures to see the latest Harry Potter.

I had a strange evening on friday, we went to see a band I used to see quite regularly, took one of my friends who came out the other week and she brought a work friend of hers. I also had one of my oldest friends from around here who came; now I was the oldest one out and about, and we had a very young girl with us. I hadn't realised that my pals work colleague wasn't even old enough to be out and about with us. I am afraid I watched in horror as this youngster got pretty plastered, I just felt so responsible for her! She of course was having a fabulous time and all I could do was stress at the nasty old leering men eyeing her up. It was also a bit strange in that I got kind of nostalgic watching this band and that is not necessarily a good thing, I really don't want to be living the life I was back then and I don't need to be out every night... but... it made me a tad restless. Suspect I need a bit of time off from the outing and aboutings!

I was reliably informed on saturday that young girly got home ok and was fine, but I had stressed most of friday night on and off .

We also had my northern relatives come for a visit yesterday, and it seems we may be wending our way northward at some point in august... eek manchester here we come , I think we may have to visit other more northern relatives if we do go, Lake District is lovely tho so I wouldn't mind a meander there if we can manage it.

I am still in a fuzzy headed frame of mind, see six beers and my weekend is wiped out, I hope I perk up soon there's loads needs doing!


  1. Do you think you would have been so concerned about the young girl if you weren't a mum?

  2. Hi there Sandy Calico, in answer to your question probably not! The girl was only 4 years older than my eldest lad so it makes you see things differently I think :)