Friday, 24 July 2009

Friday...In Case You Weren't Sure!

I am taking a few minutes out whilst littlest Miss watches Mr Tumble it gives me about ten minutes... There is a fatal flaw in my plan in as much as those boys are lurking at the minute. It seems that mum on computer = good opportunity to chat to mum. Sadly mum then tends to explode, lose concentration and generally carry on alarming!

Deep breaths... they've only been off since wednesday.

I am off out this evening (disgusting isn't it, that's three times this month!) and have to say I am looking forward to escaping the confines of the house. Little Miss has been a tad more demanding than usual, I haven't been able to move without a small personage attached to my legs/waist/clinging to my ankle. This morning she seems much more like her normal self, we have had a lot more bouncing and chatting and even some breakfast eating, yay .

My big girl is still at her friends house, I did try and give her a call last night but she wasn't answering, must have been busy eh? I am a little bit on the tired side (makes a nice change) as I ended up watching
Muriel's Wedding (again) it's not like I don't know the ending! However 1:10 am came and I was still watching, very silly.

Right my time is nearly up, Mr Tumble is covered in spaghetti at the mo (very amusing) and I think it's nearly all over. Got some food to prepare for later (cos I'm off out, did I say?) and some washing to do, not dry however cos the heavens have opened once more.

At some point I must fit in a bath, some hoovering and general tidying, mmmm we'll see what gets done by the end of the day .