Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Getting Organised

There has to be something wrong with me... yesterday I did housework, and not just any old flicking a brush about housework, no it was real proper on your hands and knees, polish and duster kind of housework! I also cleared out behind the sofa (you can't even see behind the sofa unless you walk up and have a look so goodness knows what inspired that) and organised the desk. Woohoo space!

I have a horrible feeling that I am in preparation for my return to the world of (out of the house) work . I even managed to get packed lunches made last night, not a last minute rush this morning then, and I'm having strange and unusual thoughts about organising childrens clothes the night before . It's quite satisfying seeing clear spaces I have to admit, not sure I'll be making a habit of it mind you.

Oh and to prove that no matter how organised you may be there will always be something that comes along to slow you down, eldest lad decided to mess up my nice clear kitchen this morning. He was making himself some cereal, I was getting Little Miss dressed and youngest boy was eating breakfast (my biggest girl of course has abandoned ship and is on her school trip ). I suddenly heard a loud "Oh no! Oh god, god no!" exclaimation coming from the kitchen. What's up I ask with no particular urgency for I am well aware of my sons drama queen tendencies, "I've dropped my rice crispies and sugar everywhere" he shouts "it's gone in the sugar!" So I am making my way to the kitchen telling him to clear it up then. What my lovely son had failed to impart, was the fact that there was also milk in the mix! So. I was greeted by the sight of rice crispies and milk and sugar cascading (I can do drama queen to you know) down the front of my cupboards and making a fairly impressive lake of milky cereal on the floor. I was struck by the fact that he had been shouting and carrying on alarming for a good two/three minutes before I arrived. Directly in front of him on the side was a big roll of kitchen towel... why had there been no attempt to stem the tide?

Nope, shouting and screaming is oviously the way to go, and do you know what? It bloomin' works doesn't it, cos mum will appear and immediately leap into action, whilst lad runs off and gets away with it!

'Cept he didn't entirely get away with it as I requested back the money he had in order to buy more sugar, well there have to be some consequences don't there?

Monday, 27 April 2009

Soggy Socks, Stress and Sulks

I'm smiling, I'm smiling! I am smiling before I go mad and murder small people. Well I have calmed down now but earlier... ooh twasn't pretty.

The day started with a torrential downpour, this brought to my attention that when there are the words "waterproof trousers" on your childs list of clothing for her trip away, maybe, just maybe you should buy them. This caused a dilemma for me, today was a driving lesson day, I had £20 in my purse and no more... waterproof trousers cost £10. Mmmm, oh dear, cancelled the lesson saying little one wasn't well (naughty but not entirely untrue... I am still watching for signs of the dreaded lurgy/chicken pox). I then braved yet more torrential rain and ventured out to the shop I went to on saturday (decided on saturday not to spend £10 as it seemed lovely and sunny) only to discover they had sold out. Aaargh, obviously every other mum ran out this morning and decided, yes we do need waterproof trousers. This meant the walk in the rain had to continue for a little longer as I traipsed,damply, into town to find waterproof bloomin' trousers (wish I had waterproof trousers, or even waterproof shoes, sans holes would have been good). I went to the Countryside Store (couldn't see much countryside on offer but plenty of multi-coloured wellies) and asked the lady if they had childrens trousers, of the waterproof variety. She pulled out every item on her rack and it was looking dodgy for a while there, but finally hoorah! So the mission was successful and I feel like a better mummy for providing the right equipment for my girl.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a slight haze as I was knackered, littlest girl however was not and no amount of "come and cuddle mummy" would entice her to sit still for five minutes.

When eldest boy came home he revealed to me that the cooking ingredients I had supplied last night, at the last minute, for chicken jambalaya (!) were not in fact needed until wednesday . So what happened to the ingredients, he had put them in the fridge obviously....alternatively he had carried fresh chicken, diced peppers (by mum), diced onion (by mum), rice, garlic, etc etc around in his back pack all day. All these ingredients that he had sprung on me last night, were wasted and now I have to supply more for wednesday. To top it off he had lost the pound coin I gave him yesterday, this is the first bit of money he has been entrusted with since the wallet escapade, and he hasn't exactly covered himself in glory with the "responsibility taking" today! I was so angry and when he declared he would go upstairs and find more money to go to the shops I informed him that this wasn't happening. Good lord, not only did the world end at this point, I was also told that he couldn't help it, it was an accident and how could I blame him. He went on to scream and shout at me and tell me that he was really "stressed" (ooh poor you) then he carried on with the hyperventilating stage of the performance and started to scream some more. Naturally I remained calm and quiet, and at no point did I threaten to slap him one if he talked to me like that . He let it be known that I was the most dreadful mother in the world, I let it be known he wasn't doing himself any would have escalated further except I had to go and fetch two small people from school, good job too.

I wasn't looking forward to coming back, but as running away wasn't on the cards, I did. We were met by a smiley slightly abashed boy, who told me almost before I got through the door, that he had remembered he had spent some of his pound today and infact hadn't lost it but had 80p left. I stood and stared at him, how could he forget this when WW2 had started? Didn't it jog his memory? Nope it didn't, but at least he was calm and sweet and a much nicer boy to come home to.

Little Miss on the other hand fell asleep on the way home (uh oh) and didn't wake until five o clock (uh oh) and was in a foul mood, looks like something may be brewing after all... see what happens when you say they're ill .

My biggest girl the organised one has double checked her list and ticked off all items needed, she is off tomorrow and a tad over-excited, at least she'll have dry legs .

Sunday, 26 April 2009

So Much Telly, So Little Time

I had intended an early night tonight, of course it had slipped my mind that I had an evening of viewing ahead. Supernatural, Fringe and I forgot Dexter on friday luckily it's repeated... tonight! So there we are midnight again I expect .

At one point today Other Half was about to paint radiators (for the plumbers to use) and it became apparent that something was amiss. Do you know how I guessed something was amiss? Well there were the usual subtle signs... door slamming, muttering, louder muttering accompanied by swearing and the grand finale of "blaming everyone else". Some things had gone missing. Other Half would not have moved said things so.... yep must be someone (me) elses fault. I took the usual umbridge at the assertion that I'd moved his stuff, and stomped off seething and generally mentally packing suitcases and wondering where the council would rehouse me and my four kidlets, how would I afford the driving lessons, well at least I'd have some income... you get the drift.

The general seething continued for a good fifteen minutes, all this time Other Half was still painting radiators in the garden. I went past him a couple of times in order to get clothes from the tumble dryer (and to show him how cross I was and give him a chance to apologise) but of course he was completely unaware of the seething/cross thing, and all he saw was me going to get stuff from the tumble dryer! In fact as soon as I had talked to him again and he had returned to normal reasonable type bloke, the seething and house packing stopped instantly, it is odd to feel so absolutely certain of your emotions one minute and just as certain of different ones five minutes later, most unsettling. Kind of like a roller coaster ride (which I also hate) how cliched of me .

Watching little Miss like a hawk for signs of the dreaded lurgy (chicken pox), nothing yet. She has crashed out about six-o-clock for the last two or three days, which is unsual. When I got her out of the bath this evening I thought I spotted a small spot (he he) (oh that's probably not funny) on her back, but nothing more. She was lively enough to play "boingy boingy" with me after her bath. Now it's not a complicated game, I shall explain the rules, first get one small personage (still of nappy wearing age) wrap them in a towel, at this point small person is fighting to get back into the bath.... shouting "baff baff" in your ear, take them and wrestle them onto your bed to start the drying process. Small person will at this point wriggle constantly to make the putting on of nappy almost impossible. You have to reassure small person that yes you will be playing "boingy boingy" as soon as nappy is on so please keep still! Nappy is finally velcroed up and then you can proceed to the fun stuff. Small person stands up and you grab them under the armpits and bounce them up and down on the mattress shouting... go on guess...boingy boingy boingy. This can continue for as long as small person requires (hours) or as long as your arms can stand it (seconds) lets hope it's good for bingo wings .

Biggest Girl has packed and unpacked and packed again for her school trip, I think we have the final suitcase combination sorted, she is just so organised that girl. I really, really have no idea where that comes from! The Boys have foregone the bath option this evening, both promising me that tomorrow would definitely be a bath night , and it will, despite their best efforts to avoid.

Off to watch the remainder of Fringe now and then my recording of Dexter (yay) after that I don't expect to be sleepy any time soon. Let's hope as soon as I get into this work routine I won't be so anxious, I have to get some sleep at some point, I think it's quite necessary.

The Weekend

So far so good, I think I had sensory overload friday and yesterday evening I just kind of collapsed in a tired heap. The trip to the office was fine and as expected I am back to work in two weeks time, the 13th of May to be precise. Unfortunately they really need me to work a friday, so I am going to be working the end of the week which I really didn't want to . Nevermind wednesday, thursday, friday it is. It's only three days and not whole days either, just 9:30 - 2:30/3:30 so I can do school runs for two days and nursery will have the three youngest for me for one day.

It does look rather more factory like than when I left and ooh no talking, nope there is phone answering and that's it! The nature of the job has changed slightly too, there doesn't seem to be any room for actually being helpful to the public, more like answering phone and telling them you'll pass the message along. I personally don't see the point in this, why give people more room for frustration when they have to go through many and various people before they get an answer? Ah well I'm just going to work there, not my place to question the powers that be (they never listen anyway).

Yesterday I spent two hours with my daughters shopping for everything, and the kitchen sink, that is required for my eldest girls school trip this week, aaargh I am losing my little helper for four days. What am I going to do? More, that's what. She's going on an activity holiday but there is a disco on the last night, so we needed practical rolling around in mud clothes as well as dancing about with glittery nails clothes. It cost a bomb, I have two pounds twenty left in my purse. Eldest girl is happy anyway, that nail file was a necessity obviously.

Last night we watched a rather good dvd called
Taken it was both action packed and a good story, this catered for both camps... I didn't even mind the car chases .

Well tis sunday morning and all kids are up and bouncing, I think they need my attention, youngest lad is perusing the Argos catalogue and there is a list of things we're "getting" according to himself, I may need to squash this idea swiftly .

Friday, 24 April 2009


I will be mostly stressing!

I awoke refreshed from my five and a half hours sleep (?!) and went in to the teenager who had expressed an interest in having a shower this morning (what's that all about?!) I was greeted with a one eyed glare from under the duvet and a firm "NO!" when I asked if he was getting up for his shower. Oh fab I could have had an extra twenty minutes in my bed. At least order was restored to the universe I suppose.

The girls were up and bouncing though, especially Little Miss who squealed "Out! Out!" when she saw me. We had the usual discussion coming down the stairs "Where Milk? Where daddy?" Followed by very loud calling for all her siblings. She likes to know what's going on you know .

Youngest lad needed definite crowbar action to get him out of his pit this morning, as did his big brother, this was followed by lots of growling and snarling along the lines of "GoawayI'mup leave me alone!" (and yes it all does run together like that). I finally was satisfied that both lads were not just going to turn around and climb back into their beds and came back down to get the girls their brekkie.

I suspect this lack of sleep and stressing thing is having a physical effect on me, I took a look in the mirror and saw a lovely little crop of teenage acne spots on my chin. Oh goody, at the grand old age of, well forty something ish I have got teenage skin... and not the good, elastic, youthful, glowing teenage skin either .

I'm not due to pop into my old office til after one so I have plenty of time to get myself all worked up and anxious. I haven't got an appointment either so I will be just wandering in and asking for new soon to be Boss Lady (hope she is there) and as I don't even know what she looks like there will be some dithering in the direction of where I think she should be.

I am so looking forward to this being done and dusted, I am going to pop out with a friend of mine this evening and then I can rant to my hearts content about many and various traumas, hope she's ready poor girl!
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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Outraged Of Hampshire

I didn't get much sleep last night, this was down to stressing about the various things I am stressing about right now. In my head I know this is pointless and counter-productive; over analysing and over thinking everything does not help me sort it out. However the Off function doesn't appear to be working in my head at the minute.

This is not why I am outraged though. I received another e-mail from the cat breeder (for full story click here
) she has yet again sidestepped any responsibility and is trying to tell me that she was not a commercial trader or dealer and as the sale was between a private individual and myself, Trading Standards do not apply. It is she says, a case of buyer beware. I cannot believe she is going down this path. She is trying to say they only bred cats in order to finance their hobby of showing and breeding cats! Now the law is a funny thing, and I am aware of this. I know things that may appear to be common sense are not necessarily correct from a legal standpoint (I used to be a trainee legal executive many moons ago) so I called the Trading Standards again, I just wanted a definition of a trader or dealer. I also wanted to be sure that there wasn't some sort of loophole concerning cat breeders if it was not the main source of income. I was told no, if she was selling kittens as a one off then she could be considered a private seller, but if not then she was bound by the trading standards. I have spent a lot of the afternoon collecting evidence to back up my side of the story. She is listed on many websites as a breeder of siamese, maine coone and burmese cats. Her own website although it states she has retired recently, does state she has retired from breeding and showing cats. I have printouts from a website dated 2000 that also mentions the fact they had been breeding cats for six years at that time. She also provided me with a breeders pedigree certificate and a lovely piece of paper congratulating me on being the proud owner of a "breeders name" cat (best not actually name and shame on here eh?) Aaaaaargh! I have now requested a small claims pack from the local county court, oh god I can't believe I'm going to have to take this woman to court! If she had made me a decent offer in the first place and admitted liability it would never have come to this, why does everything (OK not everything, maybe I'm exaggerating) become a battle?

To compound my stress, tomorrow is the day I go into the office and sort out start dates and working conditions. I may have mentioned this before but... I DON'T WANNA!!! I will go though and I will return to work and it will be alright, I know this, I just would rather not have to. Needs must, as someone once said.

Oh and I have been told today that the little girl that my friend looks after, my friend who looks after Little Miss for me, well this little girl came out in chicken pox today, hoorah that could be interesting timing. Second oh, today a neighbour came to tell me that Chaung, our only remaining cat, has become so aggressive and violent she had to take her cat to the vets recently after he had attacked it. Yay, I am in danger of "situations that need sorting" overload.

On a brighter note I have organised something a tad more productive today, I have phoned the plumbers to get more radiators fitted. Other Half has intended to do it himself for six months, there is no time.. he's always knackered and I want radiators by winter. We have a quote I find reasonable and I've made a tentative appointment for them to do it in the next few weeks. I suspect it might inspire Other Half to get on and attack the slightly less daunting jobs around the house. I could be wrong obviously but I am hopeful . See really I am an's just all these bad things keep happening and getting in the way of my sunny outlook.

Fingers crossed for more sleep tonight, but there's a strong possibility that won't happen until after I have been into the office .

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I am extremely tired. I fell asleep on the chair about elevenish (almost went all Lord Of The Rings there and typed elvenish!) I went on up to bed at about five to midnight... I came back down the stairs at twenty seven minutes past... I CAN'T SLEEP! My brain has decided to wake up and in the meantime keep me up too!

I was all lovely and snoozey sitting not watching CSI somewhere or other, remaining cat (ahhh poor lonely boy) curled up on my knee. I should have just stayed where I was, at least I was getting some kip .

There seems to be an awful lot of activity going on in my head, none of it on purpose, I don't need to think about every ramification of dropping off and picking up kids when I return to work, I don't need to try and remember where to look on the work system for certain information, I absolutely positively don't need to stress about where am I going to fit in my driving lessons. I need however to get some sleep, and if this is the way things are going to go until friday I could be in big trouble..."Hello new mrs boss lady, see how ill and tired I look, don't you just want me on your section?" not a good look.

Nope must calm down; of course stressing about calming down isn't helping much either, must not worry about calming down... must sleep!


Keep Paddling..

I may be getting my influence from a Coronation Street scene today (Thanks Norris), but the point made was this, I may look all calm and serene on top but I'm like a little duck paddling away underneath. And I am! Paddling that is, actually not entirely sure I look that calm and serene but I am definitely paddling.

Lots got sorted yesterday, although I had an horrendous driving lesson, I suggested to good old Dave that I should probably go home but then he made me do a turn in the road, so I figured he wasn't letting me off. I was all over the show yesterday, wrong lane, going when I shouldn't have, stopping when I shouldn't have....ugh it can only get better.

I phoned up my place of work (as I am on a career break, I can call it that) to ask whether they could accomodate me with term time working. I actually spoke to the woman who is to be my boss (clue) and she was saying yes you can do term time and 16 hours a week and I was a bit flabberghasted actually. It all seemed organised and sorted and I didn't really have to do anything. I have to pop in on friday to discuss a start date and which of the school holidays I will be able to work if needed. OMG it's all getting a bit real now. I hope they bloomin' well retrain me cos it's been two years and I've forgotten everything.

So this morning I took Little Miss along to the nursery (and yes, no problem, they can have her and look after the others in the school hols... why is everyone being so helpful?) We arrived and she immediately shouted "Out" as she wanted to get out of her pushchair and play, she was off like a shot, excitedly playing with all the new stuff she hadn't seen before. I suspect she'll be fine without me, it'll be mum sobbing and clinging at the door, daughter will want to be free to run amok in her new domain (for it will be her domain).

I have also attacked the many and various piles of clean clothes, that were scattered around the house (no-one will put them away obviously) and allocated them to their correct drawers and cupboards. As a byproduct of this I then discovered surfaces I didn't know were there . I couldn't do any more washing cos there is no washing powder and no money.. arrrgh. Never mind, the nice Tesco man is coming tomorrow and I have hopefully ordered enough stuff to last a week this time, it's funny how when you're trying to be economical you end up not getting stuff you really do need!

Not sure how this going out to work thing is going to pan out, I somehow have to get things done (that I'm not getting done now) and be out of the house for three days. Oh well I am sure that everyone will pitch in and help eh? 'Scuse me I am just off to guffaw loudly at my own humorous remark .


Ah! Now what do I do, bear with me while I work this out. I have been tagged by Hit 40 on Sane Without Drugs. So here goes
8 things I am looking forward to...
  1. Friday... cos friday is payday and briefly there will be some money to spend.
  2. Ooh this isn't easy, um thursday nights telly, Bones, Greys Anatomy and ER all in one night.
  3. Going to see Take That in july (I know it's a long way off but I am excited already, a day away and a night in a hotel woo hoo)
  4. Earning some money of my own, sadly this involves going back to work.
  5. Getting a new kitten when we can afford one
  6. Biggest Girls birthday next month
  7. Being able to drive (goodness knows when that might be)
  8. Saturday cos that's when I eat whatever I like!

8 things I did yesterday...

  1. Had a really bad driving lesson
  2. Visited my friend and had a cup of tea (or two)
  3. Took the kids to school (school run Hit 40 lol)
  4. Sorted out returning to work after a two year break (yuk yuk yuk!)
  5. Sorted out sending baby girl to nursery (sob, sniffle)
  6. Talked to my best friend on the phone for about half an hour
  7. Made a really lazy dinner
  8. Fell asleep whilst watching the programme I was waiting for!!! Luckily it's recorded

8 things I wish I could do

  1. Fly! Not likely I know
  2. Drive
  3. Not go back to work
  4. Be rich and a lady who lunches
  5. Go to the gym
  6. Swim properly
  7. Go on holiday
  8. Go to the pictures and watch a girly film, no cartoon or animation.

8 shows I watch

  1. ER
  2. Greys Anatomy
  3. Bones (cor David Boreanaz)
  4. Dexter (back on friday yay!)
  5. QI (Stephen Fry is my hero.. brain the size of a planet that man)
  6. Fringe
  7. Heroes
  8. Ashes to Ashes (when I can stay awake)

8 people I tag....

Laura atAre We Nearly There Yet Mummy? ,Leann at Look! A Baby Wolf!, Tara at Sticky Fingers, Madre at 2 is my LIMIT...I just happen to have 3 , Maternal Tales from the South Coast, Lisa at I Didn't Get The Message, Christine's Blog and Karen at The Scoop

Ok ladies apologies if this is not your thing but join in if you like

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Don't Do It!

No matter how good an idea it sounds at the time, and no matter how much they promise you they'll be reasonable, and no matter that you need the practise....DO NOT PRACTISE DRIVING WITH YOUR OTHER HALF!

Just thought I'd mention it . Twas nothing major, there was no screaming, there was however talking through gritted teeth and Other Half seeming to forget that I'm only learning!!! The actual driving was fine, we went to the park, and as before it was a lot colder than I thought it was, still the kids enjoyed running about. Littlest Miss particularly enjoyed the meandering about the play area, with mum in tow, and pointing at all the flowers (I do mean all, each individual one). She decided to sit down and get really close to them at one point "floyers!" (that's what it sounds like to me ) she says as she pokes at them.

The slight shall we say tension, started on the way home, Other Half couldn't get the back door of the car open. This resulted in snarling and growling, closely followed by kicking (the car) I suspect this is a well known technical procedure amongst blokes and I, as a mere observer could not possibly understand how this could help. I did try and mention to Other Half that as I was about to drive us home I needed him to be calm, he glared at me, calmly. Ah well, it'll be ok I shall ignore him thinks I. As we set off I did come across a couple of inconsiderate drivers, one guy pulled out of a side road in front of me (I was driving along the main road) and I had to slow down quite swiftly, Other Half decided to gesture at the bloke..... fairly distracting, and as that bothers me when he's driving it bothered me even more when I was driving. Then there was a taxi driver with his back end sticking out into the road, apparantly this also warranted artistic hand gestures! Ok so whilst you are gesticulating wildly out of car windows how are you keeping an eye on me?

The thing that really did it though was my attempt at parking, it wasn't good. Instead of laughing it off and saying "nevermind dear" there was a lot of tutting and "what are you doing, I don't know what you did there!" going on. I ascertained that it wasn't actually dangerous, stopped got out and let him park up!

It calmed down quite swiftly, but the aftermath hung about for a while, why can't he just make the effort!!! Try and be calm for goodness sake, his head wouldn't explode if he just kept his temper for two minutes! (Although if it did that would be quite surprising, was going to say entertaining then felt mean ).

I am up late again, I know what it is, there is a school run tomorrow and I'm a bit anxious about ringing up work. I must at least try and go to bed soon, after all it is now tomorrow and there is limited sleeping time available. I'll regret it when it comes to my driving lesson, at least Dave the driving instructor won't be tutting at me .

Saturday, 18 April 2009


I've been a bit bad today, I went and had the haircut that I was going to cancel due to lack of funds. Still no funds but couldn't quite bring myself to cancel the hair appointment. I kind of justified it to myself by saying "well if I've got to go back to work I need to look presentable" how lame is that?

It's a good cut though and I like the colour so it's money well spent (?)

Shorter eh?

It's the end of the easter hols now, so all back to normal on monday, yay!!! I have already got uniforms ready (just so organised) except I forgot the festering PE kits , have to search for those tomorrow. I had intended to buy new lunch bags but somehow that hasn't materialised. I know for almost certain that there is homework eldest lad has not attempted, eldest girl on the other hand has done homework and sealed it in a nice presentation pack (well almost... she's put a lot of effort in anyway) the difference is just ridiculous.

I made two dinners today, which is actually an improvement on the norm, only two different meals! I made enchiladas and nachos (one meal) and steak and chips for Other Half, of course he looked at our food and said "Ooh that looks interesting I might have liked that" Yeah right, if I'd presented Other Half with mexican I suspect he'd have viewed it with great suspicion vis-a-vis onion, red pepper content! Little Miss was chomping away on nachos declaring "yummy!" every now and then, followed by "Crisps!!!" as she demanded more. Youngest boy took one look and in a very Tigger like fashion, after stating quite clearly "I like mexican, we're having mexican, it'll be the best mexican ever" all day, decided "I don't like that, that's not my favourite, I'll have chips" . Ah well he made an attempt at the nachos I suppose, the enchilada was one step too far for the little man.

I am still on chocolate overload, I promise not to bore you with the detail of my enormous chocolate hangover tomorrow , let's just say it'll be there.

I am avoiding my e-mail at the minute, I am expecting a nasty and possibly aggressive e-mail back from the cat breeder at some point. We have um, entered into discussions, she thinks I should have had the cat insured (I did) and then I wouldn't be out of pocket (I am). She is now asserting that if I had done this she would of course have immediately reimbursed me the excess of £55, strangely she hadn't mentioned this in her first e-mail response. Sadly I didn't carry on with the all singing all dancing insurance the kitten came with cos it was twice as expensive as the one I already had, so Coco went on my normal pet insurance. This covers accidental death but not death due to illness. I am now reminding her of her responsibilities as a seller and that whether she knew the cat was ill or not is not the issue. With the profit comes responsibilities, she still has profited and I have no cat! Trading Standards advised me to refuse her (generous) offer of £55 and ask for a full refund, she's not going to like it.

I am now off to try and find a missing episode of ER online, I seem to have missed sky plussing one, I'm not going to tell Other Half and hope he doesn't notice .

Friday, 17 April 2009

It's Back!

Monday night, nine o clock (ooh bu**er clashes with Heroes ) the return of Ashes to Ashes and my favourite bad lad, copper, Gene genie is back... woo hoo. Wonder if my ever so slight obsession will resurface ?

Good possibility I'd say .

It's a sadness when the most exciting thing for the week is what's going to be on the telly, but there it is, my most exciting thing is set to be Ashes to Ashes.

I haven't eaten yet, actually a small lie there, I've eaten loads but none of it proper food. I think comfort eating is the term, no news from the old workplace yet, a shirty e-mail (yep I did mean to say shirty) from the cat breeder and no money on the horizon. I don't care this evening I am going to do what I want cos I am tired and narky... so there, stomp stomp etc you know the drill.

Have a good friday all, I am off to eat
Montezuma choccy, I can highly recommend it.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


My childrens timing is faultless. They have an inbuilt radar or detector or sat nav or something that tells them when mum is sitting on the sofa, watching her program that is really really sad or really really touching/romantic/heartwarming (can you guess where I'm going with this?) They will appear when there is literally two minutes 'til the end, I am sitting with salty tears flowing freely down my face, and they will interrupt! They interrupt my lovely emotional escape into the world of Aaaaawwwwww and it's for juice or to say "I have a pain" Or "I need the loo" I want to scream, and very often I do, and it involves the words well get a bloomin drink, I don't care and go to the loo if you need the loo.... but for the love of mm-mmm...GO AWAY!

You just can't enjoy a good cry with small people standing there looking at you with a look of intense curiosity on their faces.

I do so enjoy a good cry, one where you get to be all emotional and thank whoever you thank for the good in your life, health, kids (yeah I am thankful even though I may ever so slightly complain) that sort of thing. It restores a sense of calm to me on occasions where I'm not.

It was such a good program too .

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True....

then, well you know the rest, the girl at the electric company got it wrong. The girl who told me we were £850 in credit was incorrect, boo hiss. I should have trusted my instincts cos my first reaction was "how much???" Sadly I did believe the nice girl and have sort of spent some of the money , that'll teach me... eggs and chickens and hatched is running through my mind for some reason .

I am going to have to cancel the haircut on saturday, and need to find a way to start paying off a certain credit card, sharpish!

Work still haven't called me back, I could ring them but to be honest I don't wanna!!! Ah well I expect I shall be more grown up next week and find out what the deal is.

Other Half is off wandering around the museums today, I have two boys and a baby girl at home, we are currently watching the Simpsons on our new (oops, spent money) dvd player.

For some reason a small cloud of gloom has descended upon me this morning I must shake it off, maybe doing the washing will help, Hah!!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Baileys... WooHoo!

Cor, it's amazing what a little acofrolic beverage can do for you...ooh not that I'm recommending alcohol as a remedy for all that ails thee, but it's definitely given me a little boost this evening. Of course tomorrow morning will probably bring the arrival of ratty tired and vaguely dehydrated mum .

Other Half has a new toy this evening, we tried to watch a dvd at the weekend, the player was making some very strange noises. Reminiscent of my dads old hillman imp trying to get up a hill, it sounded extremely laboured anyway. The upshot is we now have a new shiny dvd player. So we also have Other Half fidgeting around pressing buttons and connecting wires, I was going to watch Grand Designs but it seems that
The Perfect Storm is on the menu (George Clooney though can't be bad!) I am taping (no I'm not I'm sky plussing) Desperate Housewives, possibly a really late night for me then... aided by Baileys, and who knows what munchies will emerge from the goodies cupboard later on .

I have lost a child for the evening, my favourite little helper has gone to her best buddies for the night, it's so lovely she has a best friend to stay with... I feel sorry for the lads when those two are a bit older, gorgeous girls. Wicked, but gorgeous.

Youngest boy had a little friend from up the road to visit today, they played in the garden after lunch and Little Miss wasn't going to be left out. My little helper was already gone by this stage, so I got myself a chair and sat in the garden. It was a nice change to just sit and watch them play. Baby Girl was pushing her buggy around and around, Youngest son and friend were playing on scooters and the sun was shining. Eldest Lad of course was busy elsewhere, it may have involved Zombies I'm not sure.

Strangely I have had no reply from the cat breeder today I suspect a quick foray into the sale of goods act by her and her hubby may be going on. I'll give her a day or two and see what happens, if it's nothing I'm going to have to ring Trading Standards again... why can't people just accept that I am right and give me my money back!!!

Other Half is going to the O2 tomorrow to watch one of his all time favourites... AC/DC (yuk!) so he's going to be out all day and part of the night... tee hee I am in control all day and evening then (not that I'm not usually you understand).

The call of the Baileys is strong this evening I am off to the fridge, night all.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Destined To Be Stressed

Ok I give in, I am obviously just meant to be constantly stressed! There have been a number of sources today, some of it revolves around waiting for things (ooh my favourite) and some of it revolves around someone not agreeing with me!!! They are of course wrong .

I decided to call the Trading Standards office today regarding the kitten. It seems we do have some comeback, and I was advised that I could approach the breeder and quote the sale of goods act at them. Poor Coco was not of "saleable" quality (ahhh poor boy) and I can request a partial refund (either that or a like for like exchange or a repair, mmm partial refund it is).

I also had a driving lesson today and my mum and dad where coming over to sit with the kids for me. Except I got a call at ten past eleven with my mum saying "I'm just taking my tablets..." Aaaargh... "You've only got about half an hour you know" replies I. OMG they got the time wrong! They thought it was half past twelve, not twelve . I spent the next fifty minutes on tenterhooks, well forty minutes cos Dave the driving instructor is always early. It ended up with me entrusting the littlies into the care of Big Brother, not my first choice but I knew the parents were on their way, still stress levels were high. Not the best start to a lesson .

Actually the lesson went fairly well and Dave informs me I'm getting better, hooray!

When I got home baby girl was pleased to see me, I got a lovely greeting "Mum, mum, mum" and arms raised to be picked up (aaaaah so sweet). The boys were being fed mini smarties and liquorice (cos of course we need more sugar after the weekend!) and eldest daughter was playing next door. So no-one was dead or injured and the house wasn't on fire.

Later on I decided to e-mail the breeder we'd bought Coco from and explain what had happened. I made it clear I wasn't out to blame anybody but would appreciate it if they could refund us some of the purchase price as the cat was ill from birth. Well the reply was not to my liking! She basically said it's not our fault, the cat was healthy when he was sold (unlikely as the condition is from birth) and she refuted the fact we had bought a siamese (!!!!) and went on to say we should have kept him insured (he was, it doesn't cover this sort of death sadly, only accidental death). I was a tad aggrieved, and have emailed her back bringing to her attention that the issue isn't whether they knew he was ill, but whether he was Of "saleable" quality... he didn't last four months... he wasn't! They have responsibilities as the seller!

So now I am waiting for a shirty reply and I will be contacting trading standards again I'm sure.

Ooh I am MOODY now, off to see what I can self medicate with... mmm, still lots of choccy about, maybe that'll do .

Sunday, 12 April 2009


I was going to write a blog about how much chocolate four small people can consume in one day (and that's with mum saying "no more!" every now and then). Sadly I have been overtaken by events and now feel just a little flat.

I came out into my hallway this evening to see poor Coco (our newest siamese boy) collapsed on the floor, stretched flat out and breathing hard. I went to pick him up and his head fell back, Oh god he's dead, was the first thing that came to mind. Not quite, he revived a little with some talking and stroking but he would not, could not, move. So a journey to the emergency vets, and on arrival I was a little surprised to see Coco still alive in the basket. The vet looked at him and I could see immediately that he wasn't hopeful. He chatted a little about what he thought might be wrong with the cat, and unlike the vet I saw in february, he didn't think Coco was suffering from some sort of dwarfism, but a condition that meant his body was not purifying his blood as it travelled around his system, something with the word shunt in it, can't remember exactly. He decided to keep him in tonight and get him on fluids to see if he improved, they were taking bloods also, he said he'd give me a call later on this evening.

Sadly he called me about nine o clock and said that the cat was very poorly and didn't have long left, I asked if it would be better to have him put down now rather than let him linger. They dont want to push you in one direction or another though do they? However the vet did think it would be kinder all round to end it tonight, so I made the decision and now we are yet again a one cat household.

Other Half is busy being angry that we spent so much on a cat that has died after only four months. I will approach the breeder but I don't think we'll get much joy moneywise there. So, I am sad the cat is dead, I am sad I had to make the decision and I'm sad that I have to contend with Other Halfs ire.

It's a funny time of year for me this easter period, three years ago on Good Friday I lost a baby (well, pregnancy), and two years ago on the 11th April I was blessed with a baby, it's a time of mixed emotions and things like this weigh heavy at the best of times.

So I am indeed a miserable so and so this evening, but the kids are fine (they didn't seem to bond with little Coco for some reason) and they have much chocolate to consume and tomorrow is still a holiday, silver linings, they are about if you look .

Saturday, 11 April 2009

A Very Busy Birthday Day

I was awoken by the dulcet tones of my cat (and yes I do know it was him) fighting with (I suspect) my friends cat from round the corner. The yowing and cat snarling was eminating from up the road a bit... so right outside my friends house probably. When I found my glasses and looked at the clock it was 6:14! I wasn't quite sure what to do to stop the noise as it wasn't in our back garden, I decided on the "shaking the cat biscuits" out of the back door tactic.

It worked, but only in as much as the cat came home and started yowing in the house. I leapt out of bed and chased the cat down the stairs, in a calm and placid manner. It was then I heard a loud and cheerful squeal from the girls room, ah, awake then. I decided to ignore it for a while and went back to bed.

I remained in bed until 8ish and then I could hear all kids up and about, milling in anticipation of the days frivolities.

Little Miss was a little surprised at my first thing rendition of Happy Birthday To You, but after the first chorus she decided to join in... and has spent most of the day singing "Appy birday oo oooo" to herself.

The first present was opened and it was a hit, once I'd removed the obligatory 150 little pieces of twisty plastic stuff that holds it to the flimsy cardboard, that is. The doll (oh yeah the first pressy was a doll) had another pressy that went with it, a buggy. Baby girl thought this was great, and was ramming furniture and siblings with it for a large part of the day .

My parents came to visit at lunchtime, more pressys and of course choccy came with them. So all children catered for eh? I made ham sandwiches before I brought out the cake. Now when I lit the candle and brought out my lovingly crafted cake I was surprised at little ladys reaction. She stared at the candle & looked a little concerned, we sang at her and I moved in with the cake.... she looked more concerned and rapidly backed away from the flaming confection. Nope not happy about this thing being on fire ta! I decided I would blow out the candle for her and then the cake became much more interesting.

She has had a lovely day and performed beautifully for all visitors, it was obviously all too much as she crashed on her Dora bean bag chair about half past five!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Trip To The Shops

with all four of the little darlings, and we walked the mile to the shops (well some of us got pushed in the pushchair ). Today was money day, yay!!! Money in the bank... that is until the shopping expedition of course. I had a list and I wasn't going to deviate from it, oh and I was going to read it for a change and not just take it as purse ornament. This decided I thought I may actually come home with stuff I need.

I had to run the gauntlett of McDonalds (no we're not having McDonalds) the bakers (no we're not getting anything from there, yes I know it smells nice) and various sweet shops (no it is Not a sweety day!!!) so I was sweetness and light personified before we'd even stepped into the required shops.

First stop Wilkinsons, I let the kids choose one egg for easter each, that took quite a long time. So long in fact the assistant kept throwing me pitying looks and saying things like "well it is a very important decision". We also managed to get some of the more practical items I had required.

Next on the list, cards, two birthdays to sort eldest daughters little best buddy has her birthday the day after baby girl. Then on to find a certain type of kids mouthwash that people seem to think they really must have, couldn't find it sadly.

Finally we went to Argos (with it's laminated book of dreams thanks
Bill) to pick up the little girl pressies I had reserved yesterday. A small dolls buggy and a baby doll, these things weigh a lot more than you'd imagine for the journey home on a bus (I wasn't walking back too).

It was a fairly uneventful outing and I didn't have to raise my voice much at all what a pleasant change (I'm still knackered though).

The atmosphere changed as soon as I got into the living room, now I'm not sure but I may have mentioned Other Halfs obsession, sorry interest, in technology in general and his bleepin' speakers specifically. Suffice to say they are very very important in Other Halfs life (I do sometimes wonder which would come first out of a burning building... small child, mmmm, speakers, oooh difficult). I happened to notice that out of the front of one of the sacred objects, there appeared to be some sort of cloth foam packaging type stuff spewing forth. OMG the world will end at precisely the moment I tell him! I then recalled the cat had been hanging about in the vicinity of this speaker earlier and it all clicked into place, small mousey type person has obviously moved house and is now living in a speaker.

After some umming and ahhing, a quick consultation with a friend, and several pleas to the god of all reasonable things (you know, to try and get some sort of reasonable reaction from OH instead of small thermo nuclear explosion) I phoned him up. All aquiver I revealed that we did have a problem, it involved needing a mouse trap and ... his speakers . I removed phone from my ear and waited, he did start a small explosive remark and then said "Which speaker?" I told him it was the one he'd left on the floor which he was going to wall mount again.... "Oh no that's ok, I can replace that one easy enough" AAAAAARRGGH, all that pre-emptive stress for nothing. What am I going to do with all the spare adrenalin now?

Had to call back my friend to reveal the unexpected reaction, she laughed her head off as befitted the situation, and now tis time for a cuppa... ooh and a nappy change possibly (wrinkling nose as little girl wanders past) you do know I mean baby girl don't you?

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Stair Diving

a sport that I'm sure we've all indulged in at some point in our lives, today baby girl made her first attempt and I'm telling you we're talking olympic standard here!

We were visiting friends today and she was determined to be upstairs with everyone else. Now I wasn't too concerned about the ascent part of the journey, but the descent definitely troubled me. Luckily eldest girl was with us and I asked her if she could please keep an eye on her sister and not let her come down the stairs unaccompanied. I know, I know she's only nine it's not her responsibility... Anyway, the kids were upstairs playing and having a snack, youngest boy shouts down to me "I've finished!!!" I called up to him to bring the plate down, carefully. In the next instant I heard a very theatrical bump bump bump clattering down the stairs. I leapt up with a vision of a boy and plate, sliding down the stairs on his bottom. What I was met with was a little girl with a stricken face white as a sheet, feet up the stairs head on the floor! My friend let out a very non-mummy expletive and I dived at my baby girl, who was now doing the not crying crying (you know the one, where they can't get enough breath to actually make any noise) closely followed by the siren wailing crying (reaching a crescendo, tailing off and building up again). She wouldn't let me look at her, just kept clinging onto me burying her face in my neck.

Eventually she calmed herself down and I could see blood coming from her mouth, "Noooo, not teeth throught the lip" sprang to mind, as it always does with me. Nope just a small split I think, we were so lucky! A very shaken girl and mum and big sis, cos I'm afraid my next reaction after sorting Little Miss out was to turn on poor biggest girl and hiss at her "I told you to keep an eye on her!" My poor girl looked devestated and tried to explain herself to me, sadly I was so shaken I wasn't a nice mummy and just kept on about how she should have stood in front of her. I realise it was my own guilt and I did end up by saying it was just an accident and no-ones fault. I also asked that no-one let baby girl make the upstairs trip at home now as she wasn't quite ready, and if she did get up just to call me to help her down. We have wooden stairs and it could have been so much worse at home, no carpet, wooden stairs concrete floors.. makes me shudder.

Thank goodness I think I managed to cheer big girl up and she spent a lot of time helping me in the kitchen when we got home, not the most fun you wouldn't think but I suspect it made her feel more important and grown up.

Which leads me on to my next well as helping me clean surfaces and tidy up the kitchen work surface, big girl has decided that whilst the dishwasher is out of commision (until tuesday £75 to repair ) she is going to be the washer upper. I kept saying no it's ok, don't worry about it, but the girl is absolutely determined. I ended up feeling like I was depriving her if I didn't let her wash and dry up!

I was relating this story to Other Half "ahh" he said "she's getting so grown up, I suppose she just wants to do more womanly things" Womanly Things!!!! Oh you mean like housework says I through extremely gritted teeth, because of course men are incapable of such things, their skin might fall off if it touches hot dishwater eh? He could tell I wasn't best pleased by his, um, innocent remark! When I turned on him and said "Don't you dare say that to her" he just looked startled and nodded his head.

I had calmed by the time he went off to bed, so there will be no smacking him around the head whilst he's asleep .

There's money due in tomorrow so I shall be buying little Miss her birthday pressy (last minute again) and also there is probably some chocolate to be purchased , but where to go now, there's no Woolies anymore... Oh well I'm sure I'll find some somewhere, and it'll be nice just to be out and about with some cash in my purse for a change .

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Enthusiasm Waning

The enthusiasm to go back to the world of work that is...not like I was that enthusiastic anyway. I ended up staying wide awake until the antisocial hour of about half past late (quarter to two to you )with a rather disturbing sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. The conversation in my head went something like this "I don't want to leave my baby girl, I don't want to leave my baby girl, I don't want...." on and on and on. None of my usual well thought out and considered arguments were working on myself last night. I just felt ill at the idea of leaving my baby in the hands of others.

The truth is I know she would be fine, it is only three days out of the week and not full days either. She would get to go somewhere and play all day, she loves to meet people and socialise, I don't want to leave my baby (oops it keeps creeping back in).

This is all academic at the moment so I shall travel down that well known river (you know de nile!!!) and ignore all disturbing thoughts for now.

If only I could find a way to stay home and bring money in, oh and have you looked at those homeworking sites? Not one thing I've looked at strikes me as genuine.

I am off to wash plates now, by hand, not in a dishwasher, oh gloom oh woe is me... all this and my dishwasher is broken, snifff.

Head's about to fall off through lack of sleep now. Just going to look at childcare in the local area (me, I can look after them, pay me) cos I have said I don't necessarily need half terms (lie, but it might get me back in there) and although eldest lad is a teenager, when it comes to leaving him unattended what you have to remember is... he's a teenager.

Going to find my kettle and cup and construct something useful (cuppa tea ).

Monday, 6 April 2009

Everything At Once...

It has been a very odd day, a real "mixed bag" so to speak. I shall start at the beginning .

I decided this morning to ring my old office and at least make an enquiry about returning to work. I got through to someone who took my name and said she'd get the appropriate person to call me back. Ah well, thinks I, that'll be a week or so then. I then decided to call our electricity supplier to see if we could change our direct debit payment, since we have gone to gas heating and water I was hoping for a reduction, the nice lady called Sally said would it be ok if she rang me straight back as it was a bit complicated. Yep, no probs.

I carried on getting myself and the kids ready, youngest boy had a date with a little girl up the road , there was to be painting and lunch (aaaah). The girls were off to my friends house whilst I had my driving lesson. Now that bloomin' phone rang about seven times... out of that seven times NO phone calls were for me! I was rather hoping to speak to the nice electricity lady before I went out but it wasn't to be.

We dropped young man off at his friends house, he was all dressed up in his Spiderman trousers and a blue t-shirt, hee hee cute. The friends mum was quiet happy to keep hold of little man for me whilst I was pootling about in the car (yeah right, stresssssed) so that was handy. Then on to my friends house, luckily there was time for a cuppa, or two (my friend has the same attitude to tea drinking as myself.... you can never have enough tea). Baby girl was very boisterous today and did not want to behave herself, she kept trying to go upstairs in my friends house, shouted no at all the other girls when they did something she didn't like and was a general bossy boots! Dave the driving instructor turned up and off we set, I do feel it went better today, not so panicky and at least I didn't appear to be on the wrong side of the road too often (nah not at all actually, yay an improvement). On the way back at the end of the lesson my phone rang... I just knew it was eldest lad (he had gone out with his friends) and even though I had said "I am going on a driving lesson" he rang and rang and rang! Got to learn how to change the number of times it rings before voicemail kicks in. It wasn't anything urgent either as when he did get through he was asking if he could stay out!!!! Had I called him and said "Come home" ? No I hadn't!

When I finally got back home I had messages on the answerphone, blimey they had both called me back, most odd. I phoned nice Sally from the electric company...we are £845 in credit (pardon?!!?) which is to be credited back to our account within the next five working days and now we have had our payment reduced from £110 a month to £50. I'm still slightly taken aback, but she reassured me it was correct, she'd double checked before she rang me (nice lady ). I thanked her for all her help and skipped around the kitchen a bit, got off the phone before I skipped of course. Next I called the lady from my office and declared that yes I do want to come back to work (lie) for 16 hours a week, and I want term time too. She didn't seem too sure about the term time aspect, but I did push the point that I have four kids ranging from 2 to 13 and childcare for that many isn't easy. We'll see, all I can do is wait now. Kind of excited about the idea, but also sad to be abandoning my baby girl for three days a week . I suspect she'll be fine mind you, independent young lady that she is.

This evening has been a little different, the kids have driven me batty(er) and all been sent to bed early (oh yeah that worked, how many times can three kids come downstairs to say "nite nite" without being strangled?) I went to put the dishwasher on and the power button has broken there is no way to turn the thing on!!! Oh well another call to Currys tomorrow then, gosh I wonder how helpful they're going to be ?

Finally, I have had it confirmed that small mouse person is still in residence, whilst I was muttering various expletives by the defunct dishwasher this evening, I heard him scrabbling about behind the (one and only in place) plinth. Aaargh, he cannot live in my kitchen!! Gonna get a humane trap when some money comes in (within five working days woo hoo ) and evict the little so and so.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday Out And About

What a beautiful day today. We decided that we were going to take the kids to nearby Queen Elizabeth country park, more precisely I was going to drive us all there . In the end biggest lad decided he would prefer to visit his friends than come with us (ah well he is thirteen isn't he ) so it was just Other Half and the other three I was putting in jeopardy!

As it turns out it wasn't bad at all, and we got there in one piece and without causing any traffic problems .

The girls and youngest boy had a lovely time running about and climbing trees, little Miss was thoroughly enjoying the freedom to run wild. Of course she wasn't that keen on going back in the car, I had to manhandle a small screaming person back into her car seat . She had run herself ragged though as she fell fast asleep on the way home, the return journey was also un-eventful, yay!

There was the usual sunday dinner to be had (oh yeah and cooked of course). The one saving grace of today was I didn't have a mad panic to get four uniforms cleaned and dry, woo hoo, only the one (Other Halfs work clothes).

Really, really tired after our excursion but I am looking forward to sitting and watching Supernatural (lovely boys ) and Fringe (not bad looking bloke and good stories ) not having to leap up for the school run in the morning! I do have a driving lesson, but that's not until half twelve, so a looooong lay in for ME!!!!

Ah just off to make a cuppa tea and not eat anymore cake, no, no more cake for me.... well maybe a morsel.

Here are some pics for your enjoyment

Saturday, 4 April 2009


I have done something today, there is a product at the end of the day here 'tis

Cake.... yummy victoria sponge cake, with butter icing (vanilla) and strawberry jam. And the reason I know it's yummy? Who do you think had that slice out of it ?

Feel a bit ill now , and I'm going out with a couple of girl friends for something to eat later. One of them has a voucher for Pizza Express so we'll save some cash . I'm sure I'll feel hungry by the time we go out .

Have a good saturday evening all .

Friday, 3 April 2009

Are We There Yet?

bedtime I mean, it's been a long haul today, and little girl didn't even have a sleep. Eldest was at school until half twelve today so I had to get up and kick him out the door, in a loving maternal fashion obviously .

Last night I made a rather disturbing discovery, the mortgage payment was due to go out today, and we didn't have enough! Oh good lord, where did all the money go? There is more money due in, but not until next thursday , we had to resort to getting money off the bloomin' barclaycard. This is not the route I want to go down, I am going to have to seriously look into somehow earning some money. It's got to be term time too, or else childcare costs would be exorbitant, and I'd really rather not go to work in order to just about pay for someone else to look after my kids. I want to look after my kids .

Oh well I won't dwell on it now, there is always the lottery eh ?

I got the call today... not the one to join a convent, the one from the school. A nice lady called Mrs B (well not but you know what I mean) called and explained she was the deputy head of something or other (afraid I completely blanked after she said her name and that she was from the school). She told me that she had just seen the letter today (why? I don't know her and didn't send her a letter!) and that she had investigated the matter, she then went on to say that all they could do as a school was hold their hands up and apologise, I should have been notified and they handled it very badly. Um, yep that was my view. She basically mirrored back everything I had said in my letter, agreeing with all my points, and again apologising. She then went on to say that they would now be reviewing the policy and making sure in the future that if a similar situation arose, parents would be notified. Hoorah. I did say that at least that was something, and to be honest it is what I wanted. You know if they had just phoned and said that in the first place, I wouldn't have got so cross.

We had a little natter about the lad and his general dizzyness, she again agreed with me that he's still very young though to be totally responsible. I did think of mentioning that his father at 43 isn't totally responsible, but thought better of it .

I spent quite a lot of this afternoon fighting sleep, and Little Miss decided to jump on me if my eyelids started to fall, it was a recipe for a fright I can tell you. She has been so funny today, there has been a lot of singing and dancing. There has been much sitting upon my knee and poking me in the eye "eye" says my girl, "yes, eye" says I with a squint (she puts her finger round my specs you know!) We sat and watched Something Special with Mr Tumble (they all loved Mr Tumble) and baby girl was gesturing with her hands every time she said Tumble, in the end biggest lad and I realised...she's signing! That isn't the only sign she uses either, sadly I don't know what they mean ! I'm going to have to watch more carefully.

In other news I think we may have meeces!!! Actually, I think Chaung (our blue burmese boy) has brought in one of his "pressies" and it has escaped his clutches and taken up residence under the fridge . I only know this as the cat has not left the kitchen much today, he is on guard by the fridge, and there's lots of tail twitching and wowwowowing (that is a cat noise in case you were wondering). I did try and have a look, but it's very dark under there... and to be honest I didn't fancy my face on the floor with a mouse rushing towards me I think there will have to be some form of capture and release, not sure how yet .

Definitely bedtime for me, nice milky hot chocolate first and as ever turf big lad out of the living room , oh and get off the computer!!!

I'm sure it can be done.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Easter Holidays

Ahhhhh, the school run is over for a couple of weeks, yay. I am sure I have been excited at this prospect before and I am equally sure that two days in I am narked, impatient and a little ratty. Nevermind, for now I am pleased!

I took my missive to the school this morning, guess what? No, you won't guess, no-one called. What a shock! I am still being ignored, although I have taken the view that now I have written a letter to the head (teacher, not disembodied body parts....or big giant head from Third Rock... so funny...oops I'm meandering again) and hand delivered it to staff at the reception, things may become more formal. So I'm not exactly expecting a call now, maybe a letter of acknowledgement, we shall see as term is over tomorrow (big lad can walk himself of course).

I decided as we had enforced staying at home yesterday I had better attend toddlers. It was good fun, Little Miss was off and running as usual, she is definitely quite impressed with the little pushchairs and baby dollys (mental note for birthday pressy). I managed to get her hair up in a tiny pony tail this morning, very cute. She also had a pink smock top and jeans on, goodness me she looked quite presentable. Until of course she wandered about lifting her top up to reveal the very drawn on, and inky, vest top underneath . Oops mummy thought it didn't matter as no-one would see it, shows what she knows eh?

As usual at snack time they asked if it was anyones birthday, as this was the last toddlers for two weeks they said anyones birthday within that time, so me and baby girl had to go and stand at the front whilst people sung Happy Birthday at us...Not my favourite thing, young lady was unphased of course, oh and she got a little pressy so that was good . She also really enjoyed the nursery rhymes and songs at the end, she is so funny to watch, she'll copy all the actions, swing her hips and wiggle her shoulders, such a mover (gets that from me I suspect ). It was fun.

I have attacked the house today, more specifically parts of the house that were covered with stuff, clothes, boxes, toys, papers, all attacked, and in some cases even sorted properly! I examined my dyson which appears to be wanting to retire, I think I've managed to save it for just a little longer, so the carpet is vaguely crumb free, for now anyway. Oh blimey, I just remembered I've left my washing out oh I don't do bringing in washing at past midnight, it can stay there.

There are more housework plans afoot for tomorrow, the girls room, does need my attention. eldest girl is quite keen to help so I best get to it while there is a bit of enthusiasm. Ah well I am sure it is my bedtime, so I am going to make an attempt to back away from the computer (and the telly...Angel Heart is on, not sure I've ever watched it ).

Going now, honest, see I've gone.....

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Where's My Soap Gone?

And by that I mean soap opera... Corrie Norrie (Coronation Street to the uninitiated) gone and football in place.. boo hiss I need my escapist claptrap please. I've had a hard day and I want to watch someone else's dramas now (mmm, wonder if I can write script for a soap? I wouldn't have to make it up I don't think).

Oh and for a brief moment I thought that Desperate Housewives wasn't on , that's cos Grand Designs wasn't on see, oh how my life is ruled by the telly listings. All is back on an even keel now as I found my lost program and I have even managed to have some dinner, keep eating little and late at the moment, so I feel better now I've managed a proper meal.

I did ponder sending my letter in with the boy in the morning, but do you know what? I decided I'd take responsibility for them getting it, what with being the grown up and all. So when I've taken littlies to school I will run (well, no walk) round to big lads school and drop my letters into the office. That way I can ask if the headteacher could please receive it that day.

Got toddlers tomorrow, thank goodness, after spending all day waiting for my non-existent phonecall baby girl is ready to go and play. We had a couple of our toddler group friends visit and she was so sure we were going to the group to play that when they left she cried her head off . Littlest girl is getting so grown up, only ten days til she turns two . Her speech is so clear and she knows everybodys name, she gets excited when the others come out from school and squeals at them.

It is rather lovely .

Time to settle down now, ah but first have to turf eldest lad out of the living room and up to his bed! Then I will have to wait the obligatory half an hour whilst he fidgets about, getting water and reading books and generally jumping on and off his bunk bed (small but dense elephant springs to mind when you hear the noise (dense as in heavy set, not thick you understand )).

Go and get the kettle on, get rid of not so small child , watch my program...good plan .

No News Yet

don't feel as though they're taking me very seriously at this school! I have had no contact except that which I have instigated, I have requested a meeting... which I am expected to organise . Who are these people, I can see how my poor boy must have felt. Of course the longer they ignore me, the more irate I am getting yep that's about the right colour (imagine very red and angry face).

I have written a letter

take a look and see what you think, hopefully I have conveyed my displeasure but not sounded like a rabid dog (although I am leaning more towards the rabid dog feeling at the mo)

Karen W
Parent of K*** *******


Dear Mr R********,

I am writing regarding an incident that occurred whilst my son, K*** ******, was on the year 8 school trip to Paris leaving Friday last and returning Monday.

On the outward journey my son discovered that his wallet with all his money (£25 in English money and 60 euro’s) was missing. He reported this loss to the accompanying teachers and as far as I can tell, although they helped him search through his bag and belongings, they conveyed to him that it was his responsibility and “tough”.

I am very disturbed by what I see as the lack of care and consideration for my child. He is a thirteen year old boy, in the care of adults, and his distress seems to not only to have been ignored but forgotten. I was very disappointed that at no point was I notified of my sons’ problem. I was not therefore given the opportunity to come to the aid of my child. I would have liked the chance to arrange for someone to possibly lend him money which I could have taken immediately to the school on Monday for their return. We are not particularly well off and this trip was a chance for my son to go and enjoy an experience we are unlikely to be able to have as a family.

It also came to my attention that when another child’s money went missing it was treated as a different situation altogether and the child’s money was recovered and returned. I would like to point out that although it is likely K*** misplaced his money it is by no means a certainty and he could have had his wallet stolen. As far as I am aware there has been no report of the loss/possible theft to any authorities, this of course means we have no recourse via insurance etc to recoup the money. As I have said we are not particularly well off and do not take the loss of £85 lightly.

To me the reaction of the adults on the trip verges on cruelty, my son was of course fed and watered, but there was a suggested amount of money for the trip and if this was unnecessary why suggest they take money? Of course the answer is, it was necessary to have pocket money and I was not allowed the privilege of deciding whether my son should be helped out or not, I couldn’t even arrange for him to have £20 or so for the day they spent at Disneyland Paris.

Thankfully K*** is not a child that particularly dwells on things and managed to gain enjoyment from the trip, another child however may have had a completely different experience. As it is I feel he did experience some stress and discomfort as he was ill yesterday after they returned with stomach pains.

I am not a parent who constantly takes their child’s side indifferent to what circumstances may be. I am aware that it was his responsibility to a certain extent, and he has been reprimanded for not being careful enough. However at the end of the day this is still a thirteen year old child we are talking about. He was not sent to Paris alone but in the company and care of adults, whom I trusted to look after him should problems arise. I see this as a fairly major problem and I am still astounded that I had no contact, and probably still wouldn’t have but for the fact that I contacted Mr. B****** yesterday.

I would like clarification of what the procedure for these situations is, and reassurance that this quality of care is not typical when the children are away on trips.

Yours sincerely

K**** ******
Cc Mr B******
Cc Miss D*******

I don't like to stir up trouble and if these people had reacted to me sooner I may not even have written a letter.

Ah well best get on and do other things while I wait for the phone not to ring!!!