Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Where's My Soap Gone?

And by that I mean soap opera... Corrie Norrie (Coronation Street to the uninitiated) gone and football in place.. boo hiss I need my escapist claptrap please. I've had a hard day and I want to watch someone else's dramas now (mmm, wonder if I can write script for a soap? I wouldn't have to make it up I don't think).

Oh and for a brief moment I thought that Desperate Housewives wasn't on , that's cos Grand Designs wasn't on see, oh how my life is ruled by the telly listings. All is back on an even keel now as I found my lost program and I have even managed to have some dinner, keep eating little and late at the moment, so I feel better now I've managed a proper meal.

I did ponder sending my letter in with the boy in the morning, but do you know what? I decided I'd take responsibility for them getting it, what with being the grown up and all. So when I've taken littlies to school I will run (well, no walk) round to big lads school and drop my letters into the office. That way I can ask if the headteacher could please receive it that day.

Got toddlers tomorrow, thank goodness, after spending all day waiting for my non-existent phonecall baby girl is ready to go and play. We had a couple of our toddler group friends visit and she was so sure we were going to the group to play that when they left she cried her head off . Littlest girl is getting so grown up, only ten days til she turns two . Her speech is so clear and she knows everybodys name, she gets excited when the others come out from school and squeals at them.

It is rather lovely .

Time to settle down now, ah but first have to turf eldest lad out of the living room and up to his bed! Then I will have to wait the obligatory half an hour whilst he fidgets about, getting water and reading books and generally jumping on and off his bunk bed (small but dense elephant springs to mind when you hear the noise (dense as in heavy set, not thick you understand )).

Go and get the kettle on, get rid of not so small child , watch my program...good plan .

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  1. You have time for tv too?? Crikey I don't. Not since I discovered blogging!!