Saturday, 18 April 2009


I've been a bit bad today, I went and had the haircut that I was going to cancel due to lack of funds. Still no funds but couldn't quite bring myself to cancel the hair appointment. I kind of justified it to myself by saying "well if I've got to go back to work I need to look presentable" how lame is that?

It's a good cut though and I like the colour so it's money well spent (?)

Shorter eh?

It's the end of the easter hols now, so all back to normal on monday, yay!!! I have already got uniforms ready (just so organised) except I forgot the festering PE kits , have to search for those tomorrow. I had intended to buy new lunch bags but somehow that hasn't materialised. I know for almost certain that there is homework eldest lad has not attempted, eldest girl on the other hand has done homework and sealed it in a nice presentation pack (well almost... she's put a lot of effort in anyway) the difference is just ridiculous.

I made two dinners today, which is actually an improvement on the norm, only two different meals! I made enchiladas and nachos (one meal) and steak and chips for Other Half, of course he looked at our food and said "Ooh that looks interesting I might have liked that" Yeah right, if I'd presented Other Half with mexican I suspect he'd have viewed it with great suspicion vis-a-vis onion, red pepper content! Little Miss was chomping away on nachos declaring "yummy!" every now and then, followed by "Crisps!!!" as she demanded more. Youngest boy took one look and in a very Tigger like fashion, after stating quite clearly "I like mexican, we're having mexican, it'll be the best mexican ever" all day, decided "I don't like that, that's not my favourite, I'll have chips" . Ah well he made an attempt at the nachos I suppose, the enchilada was one step too far for the little man.

I am still on chocolate overload, I promise not to bore you with the detail of my enormous chocolate hangover tomorrow , let's just say it'll be there.

I am avoiding my e-mail at the minute, I am expecting a nasty and possibly aggressive e-mail back from the cat breeder at some point. We have um, entered into discussions, she thinks I should have had the cat insured (I did) and then I wouldn't be out of pocket (I am). She is now asserting that if I had done this she would of course have immediately reimbursed me the excess of £55, strangely she hadn't mentioned this in her first e-mail response. Sadly I didn't carry on with the all singing all dancing insurance the kitten came with cos it was twice as expensive as the one I already had, so Coco went on my normal pet insurance. This covers accidental death but not death due to illness. I am now reminding her of her responsibilities as a seller and that whether she knew the cat was ill or not is not the issue. With the profit comes responsibilities, she still has profited and I have no cat! Trading Standards advised me to refuse her (generous) offer of £55 and ask for a full refund, she's not going to like it.

I am now off to try and find a missing episode of ER online, I seem to have missed sky plussing one, I'm not going to tell Other Half and hope he doesn't notice .


  1. lovely haircut, you deserve it! It's not as if you're wasting money at the casino, or anything.

  2. There's nothing like a good haircut to make you feel better. Don't feel guilty about it - I would say it was an absolute necessity (not because your hair looked bad mind, but just because you needed a treat)!!

    Ooh and thanks for reminding me about the PE kit!!

  3. Love the hair color! You look great.

    When I am off work, I am the opposite. I absolutely do not care what I look like.