Monday, 27 April 2009

Soggy Socks, Stress and Sulks

I'm smiling, I'm smiling! I am smiling before I go mad and murder small people. Well I have calmed down now but earlier... ooh twasn't pretty.

The day started with a torrential downpour, this brought to my attention that when there are the words "waterproof trousers" on your childs list of clothing for her trip away, maybe, just maybe you should buy them. This caused a dilemma for me, today was a driving lesson day, I had £20 in my purse and no more... waterproof trousers cost £10. Mmmm, oh dear, cancelled the lesson saying little one wasn't well (naughty but not entirely untrue... I am still watching for signs of the dreaded lurgy/chicken pox). I then braved yet more torrential rain and ventured out to the shop I went to on saturday (decided on saturday not to spend £10 as it seemed lovely and sunny) only to discover they had sold out. Aaargh, obviously every other mum ran out this morning and decided, yes we do need waterproof trousers. This meant the walk in the rain had to continue for a little longer as I traipsed,damply, into town to find waterproof bloomin' trousers (wish I had waterproof trousers, or even waterproof shoes, sans holes would have been good). I went to the Countryside Store (couldn't see much countryside on offer but plenty of multi-coloured wellies) and asked the lady if they had childrens trousers, of the waterproof variety. She pulled out every item on her rack and it was looking dodgy for a while there, but finally hoorah! So the mission was successful and I feel like a better mummy for providing the right equipment for my girl.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a slight haze as I was knackered, littlest girl however was not and no amount of "come and cuddle mummy" would entice her to sit still for five minutes.

When eldest boy came home he revealed to me that the cooking ingredients I had supplied last night, at the last minute, for chicken jambalaya (!) were not in fact needed until wednesday . So what happened to the ingredients, he had put them in the fridge obviously....alternatively he had carried fresh chicken, diced peppers (by mum), diced onion (by mum), rice, garlic, etc etc around in his back pack all day. All these ingredients that he had sprung on me last night, were wasted and now I have to supply more for wednesday. To top it off he had lost the pound coin I gave him yesterday, this is the first bit of money he has been entrusted with since the wallet escapade, and he hasn't exactly covered himself in glory with the "responsibility taking" today! I was so angry and when he declared he would go upstairs and find more money to go to the shops I informed him that this wasn't happening. Good lord, not only did the world end at this point, I was also told that he couldn't help it, it was an accident and how could I blame him. He went on to scream and shout at me and tell me that he was really "stressed" (ooh poor you) then he carried on with the hyperventilating stage of the performance and started to scream some more. Naturally I remained calm and quiet, and at no point did I threaten to slap him one if he talked to me like that . He let it be known that I was the most dreadful mother in the world, I let it be known he wasn't doing himself any would have escalated further except I had to go and fetch two small people from school, good job too.

I wasn't looking forward to coming back, but as running away wasn't on the cards, I did. We were met by a smiley slightly abashed boy, who told me almost before I got through the door, that he had remembered he had spent some of his pound today and infact hadn't lost it but had 80p left. I stood and stared at him, how could he forget this when WW2 had started? Didn't it jog his memory? Nope it didn't, but at least he was calm and sweet and a much nicer boy to come home to.

Little Miss on the other hand fell asleep on the way home (uh oh) and didn't wake until five o clock (uh oh) and was in a foul mood, looks like something may be brewing after all... see what happens when you say they're ill .

My biggest girl the organised one has double checked her list and ticked off all items needed, she is off tomorrow and a tad over-excited, at least she'll have dry legs .


  1. Glad you made it though. Boys around the world all sound the same. :) Hope it gets better.

  2. Good lord, woman, you are so much more patient than I am. had I a day like that, I'd have been shopping round to see which gypsy tribe would give me the best bargain on selling children.
    You are too good a mum.

  3. what a day you had, all's well that ends well. It never fails, whenever I send my kids off with waterproof wear, they never end up using it, but you can never be sure.

  4. Great mom! We do not own anything waterproof. It is just water and dries.

  5. And now the sun's coming back out she may not need them after all!!

    Ooh I hate it when little ones fall asleep in the car so close to bedtime. It ruins everything!!