Friday, 3 April 2009

Are We There Yet?

bedtime I mean, it's been a long haul today, and little girl didn't even have a sleep. Eldest was at school until half twelve today so I had to get up and kick him out the door, in a loving maternal fashion obviously .

Last night I made a rather disturbing discovery, the mortgage payment was due to go out today, and we didn't have enough! Oh good lord, where did all the money go? There is more money due in, but not until next thursday , we had to resort to getting money off the bloomin' barclaycard. This is not the route I want to go down, I am going to have to seriously look into somehow earning some money. It's got to be term time too, or else childcare costs would be exorbitant, and I'd really rather not go to work in order to just about pay for someone else to look after my kids. I want to look after my kids .

Oh well I won't dwell on it now, there is always the lottery eh ?

I got the call today... not the one to join a convent, the one from the school. A nice lady called Mrs B (well not but you know what I mean) called and explained she was the deputy head of something or other (afraid I completely blanked after she said her name and that she was from the school). She told me that she had just seen the letter today (why? I don't know her and didn't send her a letter!) and that she had investigated the matter, she then went on to say that all they could do as a school was hold their hands up and apologise, I should have been notified and they handled it very badly. Um, yep that was my view. She basically mirrored back everything I had said in my letter, agreeing with all my points, and again apologising. She then went on to say that they would now be reviewing the policy and making sure in the future that if a similar situation arose, parents would be notified. Hoorah. I did say that at least that was something, and to be honest it is what I wanted. You know if they had just phoned and said that in the first place, I wouldn't have got so cross.

We had a little natter about the lad and his general dizzyness, she again agreed with me that he's still very young though to be totally responsible. I did think of mentioning that his father at 43 isn't totally responsible, but thought better of it .

I spent quite a lot of this afternoon fighting sleep, and Little Miss decided to jump on me if my eyelids started to fall, it was a recipe for a fright I can tell you. She has been so funny today, there has been a lot of singing and dancing. There has been much sitting upon my knee and poking me in the eye "eye" says my girl, "yes, eye" says I with a squint (she puts her finger round my specs you know!) We sat and watched Something Special with Mr Tumble (they all loved Mr Tumble) and baby girl was gesturing with her hands every time she said Tumble, in the end biggest lad and I realised...she's signing! That isn't the only sign she uses either, sadly I don't know what they mean ! I'm going to have to watch more carefully.

In other news I think we may have meeces!!! Actually, I think Chaung (our blue burmese boy) has brought in one of his "pressies" and it has escaped his clutches and taken up residence under the fridge . I only know this as the cat has not left the kitchen much today, he is on guard by the fridge, and there's lots of tail twitching and wowwowowing (that is a cat noise in case you were wondering). I did try and have a look, but it's very dark under there... and to be honest I didn't fancy my face on the floor with a mouse rushing towards me I think there will have to be some form of capture and release, not sure how yet .

Definitely bedtime for me, nice milky hot chocolate first and as ever turf big lad out of the living room , oh and get off the computer!!!

I'm sure it can be done.


  1. My mother's cat used to bring in frogs from the riverbank and release them in the house. Sometimes he was overly enthusiastic and only brought in half of one.
    Those were considered worse.

  2. The cat will get the mice! Trust me. Have faith. I am glad the school called you to try to work it out. Hopefully it will go better.

  3. glad you ironed things out with the deputy head and this may help others in future, good for you!