Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Getting Organised

There has to be something wrong with me... yesterday I did housework, and not just any old flicking a brush about housework, no it was real proper on your hands and knees, polish and duster kind of housework! I also cleared out behind the sofa (you can't even see behind the sofa unless you walk up and have a look so goodness knows what inspired that) and organised the desk. Woohoo space!

I have a horrible feeling that I am in preparation for my return to the world of (out of the house) work . I even managed to get packed lunches made last night, not a last minute rush this morning then, and I'm having strange and unusual thoughts about organising childrens clothes the night before . It's quite satisfying seeing clear spaces I have to admit, not sure I'll be making a habit of it mind you.

Oh and to prove that no matter how organised you may be there will always be something that comes along to slow you down, eldest lad decided to mess up my nice clear kitchen this morning. He was making himself some cereal, I was getting Little Miss dressed and youngest boy was eating breakfast (my biggest girl of course has abandoned ship and is on her school trip ). I suddenly heard a loud "Oh no! Oh god, god no!" exclaimation coming from the kitchen. What's up I ask with no particular urgency for I am well aware of my sons drama queen tendencies, "I've dropped my rice crispies and sugar everywhere" he shouts "it's gone in the sugar!" So I am making my way to the kitchen telling him to clear it up then. What my lovely son had failed to impart, was the fact that there was also milk in the mix! So. I was greeted by the sight of rice crispies and milk and sugar cascading (I can do drama queen to you know) down the front of my cupboards and making a fairly impressive lake of milky cereal on the floor. I was struck by the fact that he had been shouting and carrying on alarming for a good two/three minutes before I arrived. Directly in front of him on the side was a big roll of kitchen towel... why had there been no attempt to stem the tide?

Nope, shouting and screaming is oviously the way to go, and do you know what? It bloomin' works doesn't it, cos mum will appear and immediately leap into action, whilst lad runs off and gets away with it!

'Cept he didn't entirely get away with it as I requested back the money he had in order to buy more sugar, well there have to be some consequences don't there?


  1. Oh no!!! Poor you. What a disaster. And wet sugar makes for a very sticky surface...

    Best get cleaning again hey?!!


  2. I can relate to this. I actually think I'm developing a rice crispie phobia, so often do I come down in the morning and find them EVERYWHERE!

  3. boys will be boys? Mine spilled coke into the cutlery drawer did need a good cleaning anyway! It was an accident and I was more mad that I was forced to clean!

  4. Nice way to start the morning!

    Nesting? Cleaning? Hope your not pregnant!!

  5. Maternal Tales.. yep more cleaning for me, I might even get good at it at this rate lol
    Reasons to be Cheerful I know exactly what you mean nasty little crunchy poppy things, not nice underfoot
    Christine..I think you beat me; coke in the cutlery drawer sounds sticky and messy :(
    Hit 40 NO I'M NOT!!! I think four is enough :)

  6. Sounds as chaotic in your house as it does in mine! Hope your girl's ok when she comes home and not too tired and niggly - you may be pulling your hair out by then!