Saturday, 4 April 2009


I have done something today, there is a product at the end of the day here 'tis

Cake.... yummy victoria sponge cake, with butter icing (vanilla) and strawberry jam. And the reason I know it's yummy? Who do you think had that slice out of it ?

Feel a bit ill now , and I'm going out with a couple of girl friends for something to eat later. One of them has a voucher for Pizza Express so we'll save some cash . I'm sure I'll feel hungry by the time we go out .

Have a good saturday evening all .


  1. Excellent! My children always love it when I bake. Good for you!! I am playing in the sun today while it lasts.

  2. oh you're a good baker, looks absolutely delicious.

  3. Ooh that is a lovely looking cake. All I managed to make today was a mess!! x

  4. Looks delicious! Did I miss the recipe in the post somewhere? ;)