Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Baileys... WooHoo!

Cor, it's amazing what a little acofrolic beverage can do for you...ooh not that I'm recommending alcohol as a remedy for all that ails thee, but it's definitely given me a little boost this evening. Of course tomorrow morning will probably bring the arrival of ratty tired and vaguely dehydrated mum .

Other Half has a new toy this evening, we tried to watch a dvd at the weekend, the player was making some very strange noises. Reminiscent of my dads old hillman imp trying to get up a hill, it sounded extremely laboured anyway. The upshot is we now have a new shiny dvd player. So we also have Other Half fidgeting around pressing buttons and connecting wires, I was going to watch Grand Designs but it seems that
The Perfect Storm is on the menu (George Clooney though can't be bad!) I am taping (no I'm not I'm sky plussing) Desperate Housewives, possibly a really late night for me then... aided by Baileys, and who knows what munchies will emerge from the goodies cupboard later on .

I have lost a child for the evening, my favourite little helper has gone to her best buddies for the night, it's so lovely she has a best friend to stay with... I feel sorry for the lads when those two are a bit older, gorgeous girls. Wicked, but gorgeous.

Youngest boy had a little friend from up the road to visit today, they played in the garden after lunch and Little Miss wasn't going to be left out. My little helper was already gone by this stage, so I got myself a chair and sat in the garden. It was a nice change to just sit and watch them play. Baby Girl was pushing her buggy around and around, Youngest son and friend were playing on scooters and the sun was shining. Eldest Lad of course was busy elsewhere, it may have involved Zombies I'm not sure.

Strangely I have had no reply from the cat breeder today I suspect a quick foray into the sale of goods act by her and her hubby may be going on. I'll give her a day or two and see what happens, if it's nothing I'm going to have to ring Trading Standards again... why can't people just accept that I am right and give me my money back!!!

Other Half is going to the O2 tomorrow to watch one of his all time favourites... AC/DC (yuk!) so he's going to be out all day and part of the night... tee hee I am in control all day and evening then (not that I'm not usually you understand).

The call of the Baileys is strong this evening I am off to the fridge, night all.


  1. Is Highway to Hell an AC/DC song that he likes? AUGH!!! We are suppose to have sun this weekend. Ohio is on their 3rd gray rainy day.

  2. Mmmmm, Baileys! I'd take it over AC/DC anyday! Good luck with the refund, hope it all works out.