Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday Out And About

What a beautiful day today. We decided that we were going to take the kids to nearby Queen Elizabeth country park, more precisely I was going to drive us all there . In the end biggest lad decided he would prefer to visit his friends than come with us (ah well he is thirteen isn't he ) so it was just Other Half and the other three I was putting in jeopardy!

As it turns out it wasn't bad at all, and we got there in one piece and without causing any traffic problems .

The girls and youngest boy had a lovely time running about and climbing trees, little Miss was thoroughly enjoying the freedom to run wild. Of course she wasn't that keen on going back in the car, I had to manhandle a small screaming person back into her car seat . She had run herself ragged though as she fell fast asleep on the way home, the return journey was also un-eventful, yay!

There was the usual sunday dinner to be had (oh yeah and cooked of course). The one saving grace of today was I didn't have a mad panic to get four uniforms cleaned and dry, woo hoo, only the one (Other Halfs work clothes).

Really, really tired after our excursion but I am looking forward to sitting and watching Supernatural (lovely boys ) and Fringe (not bad looking bloke and good stories ) not having to leap up for the school run in the morning! I do have a driving lesson, but that's not until half twelve, so a looooong lay in for ME!!!!

Ah just off to make a cuppa tea and not eat anymore cake, no, no more cake for me.... well maybe a morsel.

Here are some pics for your enjoyment


  1. Aah - lovely pics. Little Miss very cute - I can just imagine the tantrum she threw getting back into the car!! Edie is JUST the same...

  2. Great park! I miss taking the kids to the park and the zoo. Just too old. We do music lessons. And, they help with yard work. My youngest might still go to the zoo if I ask nice. Blink and your kids will also be to old.

  3. yes, these precious days go by so fast, enjoy those kids. Lovely pictures.