Sunday, 26 April 2009

So Much Telly, So Little Time

I had intended an early night tonight, of course it had slipped my mind that I had an evening of viewing ahead. Supernatural, Fringe and I forgot Dexter on friday luckily it's repeated... tonight! So there we are midnight again I expect .

At one point today Other Half was about to paint radiators (for the plumbers to use) and it became apparent that something was amiss. Do you know how I guessed something was amiss? Well there were the usual subtle signs... door slamming, muttering, louder muttering accompanied by swearing and the grand finale of "blaming everyone else". Some things had gone missing. Other Half would not have moved said things so.... yep must be someone (me) elses fault. I took the usual umbridge at the assertion that I'd moved his stuff, and stomped off seething and generally mentally packing suitcases and wondering where the council would rehouse me and my four kidlets, how would I afford the driving lessons, well at least I'd have some income... you get the drift.

The general seething continued for a good fifteen minutes, all this time Other Half was still painting radiators in the garden. I went past him a couple of times in order to get clothes from the tumble dryer (and to show him how cross I was and give him a chance to apologise) but of course he was completely unaware of the seething/cross thing, and all he saw was me going to get stuff from the tumble dryer! In fact as soon as I had talked to him again and he had returned to normal reasonable type bloke, the seething and house packing stopped instantly, it is odd to feel so absolutely certain of your emotions one minute and just as certain of different ones five minutes later, most unsettling. Kind of like a roller coaster ride (which I also hate) how cliched of me .

Watching little Miss like a hawk for signs of the dreaded lurgy (chicken pox), nothing yet. She has crashed out about six-o-clock for the last two or three days, which is unsual. When I got her out of the bath this evening I thought I spotted a small spot (he he) (oh that's probably not funny) on her back, but nothing more. She was lively enough to play "boingy boingy" with me after her bath. Now it's not a complicated game, I shall explain the rules, first get one small personage (still of nappy wearing age) wrap them in a towel, at this point small person is fighting to get back into the bath.... shouting "baff baff" in your ear, take them and wrestle them onto your bed to start the drying process. Small person will at this point wriggle constantly to make the putting on of nappy almost impossible. You have to reassure small person that yes you will be playing "boingy boingy" as soon as nappy is on so please keep still! Nappy is finally velcroed up and then you can proceed to the fun stuff. Small person stands up and you grab them under the armpits and bounce them up and down on the mattress shouting... go on guess...boingy boingy boingy. This can continue for as long as small person requires (hours) or as long as your arms can stand it (seconds) lets hope it's good for bingo wings .

Biggest Girl has packed and unpacked and packed again for her school trip, I think we have the final suitcase combination sorted, she is just so organised that girl. I really, really have no idea where that comes from! The Boys have foregone the bath option this evening, both promising me that tomorrow would definitely be a bath night , and it will, despite their best efforts to avoid.

Off to watch the remainder of Fringe now and then my recording of Dexter (yay) after that I don't expect to be sleepy any time soon. Let's hope as soon as I get into this work routine I won't be so anxious, I have to get some sleep at some point, I think it's quite necessary.


  1. Gosh I love Dexter!!! I root for him to kill

  2. good for Biggest Girl, it sure beats having to pack for her yourself!

  3. hi mum, i haven't spoke to you in a long time. i'm having a bit of a blog block at the moment.
    i am a telly addict so much so i had to get rid of sky and cable.

    i now only have 4 stations which are the irish ones. however they show all the english & american soaps & dramas. so i don't miss them

    what i do miss is afternoon tv. bargain hunt & carboot stuff. i love them.

    isn't susan boyle just so great. i hate the way some of the media is slagging her they're awful eejets.

    i have a lovely day to myself today kids in school husband gone to work, think i'll watch tv !!! d