Friday, 24 April 2009


I will be mostly stressing!

I awoke refreshed from my five and a half hours sleep (?!) and went in to the teenager who had expressed an interest in having a shower this morning (what's that all about?!) I was greeted with a one eyed glare from under the duvet and a firm "NO!" when I asked if he was getting up for his shower. Oh fab I could have had an extra twenty minutes in my bed. At least order was restored to the universe I suppose.

The girls were up and bouncing though, especially Little Miss who squealed "Out! Out!" when she saw me. We had the usual discussion coming down the stairs "Where Milk? Where daddy?" Followed by very loud calling for all her siblings. She likes to know what's going on you know .

Youngest lad needed definite crowbar action to get him out of his pit this morning, as did his big brother, this was followed by lots of growling and snarling along the lines of "GoawayI'mup leave me alone!" (and yes it all does run together like that). I finally was satisfied that both lads were not just going to turn around and climb back into their beds and came back down to get the girls their brekkie.

I suspect this lack of sleep and stressing thing is having a physical effect on me, I took a look in the mirror and saw a lovely little crop of teenage acne spots on my chin. Oh goody, at the grand old age of, well forty something ish I have got teenage skin... and not the good, elastic, youthful, glowing teenage skin either .

I'm not due to pop into my old office til after one so I have plenty of time to get myself all worked up and anxious. I haven't got an appointment either so I will be just wandering in and asking for new soon to be Boss Lady (hope she is there) and as I don't even know what she looks like there will be some dithering in the direction of where I think she should be.

I am so looking forward to this being done and dusted, I am going to pop out with a friend of mine this evening and then I can rant to my hearts content about many and various traumas, hope she's ready poor girl!
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  1. You're being far too prolific with your posts at the moment - I can't keep up! Have only just seen the tag from a few days ago ;-)

    Get some sleep. Hope office went well x