Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Weekend

So far so good, I think I had sensory overload friday and yesterday evening I just kind of collapsed in a tired heap. The trip to the office was fine and as expected I am back to work in two weeks time, the 13th of May to be precise. Unfortunately they really need me to work a friday, so I am going to be working the end of the week which I really didn't want to . Nevermind wednesday, thursday, friday it is. It's only three days and not whole days either, just 9:30 - 2:30/3:30 so I can do school runs for two days and nursery will have the three youngest for me for one day.

It does look rather more factory like than when I left and ooh no talking, nope there is phone answering and that's it! The nature of the job has changed slightly too, there doesn't seem to be any room for actually being helpful to the public, more like answering phone and telling them you'll pass the message along. I personally don't see the point in this, why give people more room for frustration when they have to go through many and various people before they get an answer? Ah well I'm just going to work there, not my place to question the powers that be (they never listen anyway).

Yesterday I spent two hours with my daughters shopping for everything, and the kitchen sink, that is required for my eldest girls school trip this week, aaargh I am losing my little helper for four days. What am I going to do? More, that's what. She's going on an activity holiday but there is a disco on the last night, so we needed practical rolling around in mud clothes as well as dancing about with glittery nails clothes. It cost a bomb, I have two pounds twenty left in my purse. Eldest girl is happy anyway, that nail file was a necessity obviously.

Last night we watched a rather good dvd called
Taken it was both action packed and a good story, this catered for both camps... I didn't even mind the car chases .

Well tis sunday morning and all kids are up and bouncing, I think they need my attention, youngest lad is perusing the Argos catalogue and there is a list of things we're "getting" according to himself, I may need to squash this idea swiftly .

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  1. Did you get more sleep last night? Maybe the jitters are calming now that you conquered a day at the office.

    And back to work.... just in time to spend it on your kids :-)