Thursday, 16 April 2009


My childrens timing is faultless. They have an inbuilt radar or detector or sat nav or something that tells them when mum is sitting on the sofa, watching her program that is really really sad or really really touching/romantic/heartwarming (can you guess where I'm going with this?) They will appear when there is literally two minutes 'til the end, I am sitting with salty tears flowing freely down my face, and they will interrupt! They interrupt my lovely emotional escape into the world of Aaaaawwwwww and it's for juice or to say "I have a pain" Or "I need the loo" I want to scream, and very often I do, and it involves the words well get a bloomin drink, I don't care and go to the loo if you need the loo.... but for the love of mm-mmm...GO AWAY!

You just can't enjoy a good cry with small people standing there looking at you with a look of intense curiosity on their faces.

I do so enjoy a good cry, one where you get to be all emotional and thank whoever you thank for the good in your life, health, kids (yeah I am thankful even though I may ever so slightly complain) that sort of thing. It restores a sense of calm to me on occasions where I'm not.

It was such a good program too .


  1. You need a DVR to prerecord everything to skip commercials or to pause!!

  2. Oh I know that feeling... and added to that is when you are speaking to someone on phone... and small people suddenly have Really Important Questions to ask. Dammit.