Thursday, 16 April 2009

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True....

then, well you know the rest, the girl at the electric company got it wrong. The girl who told me we were £850 in credit was incorrect, boo hiss. I should have trusted my instincts cos my first reaction was "how much???" Sadly I did believe the nice girl and have sort of spent some of the money , that'll teach me... eggs and chickens and hatched is running through my mind for some reason .

I am going to have to cancel the haircut on saturday, and need to find a way to start paying off a certain credit card, sharpish!

Work still haven't called me back, I could ring them but to be honest I don't wanna!!! Ah well I expect I shall be more grown up next week and find out what the deal is.

Other Half is off wandering around the museums today, I have two boys and a baby girl at home, we are currently watching the Simpsons on our new (oops, spent money) dvd player.

For some reason a small cloud of gloom has descended upon me this morning I must shake it off, maybe doing the washing will help, Hah!!!


  1. sorry to hear the bad news... of course, it's so easy to spend money and so hard to get anything coming back. think of the good're healthy and have so much good company around you!

  2. Oh crikey. You poor poor thing. I have done the exact same thing before...easy to do. Don't blame yourself. Deep breaths again...

  3. I need to work on those darn credit cards too!!! Just got done paying bills. No fun