Sunday, 19 April 2009

Don't Do It!

No matter how good an idea it sounds at the time, and no matter how much they promise you they'll be reasonable, and no matter that you need the practise....DO NOT PRACTISE DRIVING WITH YOUR OTHER HALF!

Just thought I'd mention it . Twas nothing major, there was no screaming, there was however talking through gritted teeth and Other Half seeming to forget that I'm only learning!!! The actual driving was fine, we went to the park, and as before it was a lot colder than I thought it was, still the kids enjoyed running about. Littlest Miss particularly enjoyed the meandering about the play area, with mum in tow, and pointing at all the flowers (I do mean all, each individual one). She decided to sit down and get really close to them at one point "floyers!" (that's what it sounds like to me ) she says as she pokes at them.

The slight shall we say tension, started on the way home, Other Half couldn't get the back door of the car open. This resulted in snarling and growling, closely followed by kicking (the car) I suspect this is a well known technical procedure amongst blokes and I, as a mere observer could not possibly understand how this could help. I did try and mention to Other Half that as I was about to drive us home I needed him to be calm, he glared at me, calmly. Ah well, it'll be ok I shall ignore him thinks I. As we set off I did come across a couple of inconsiderate drivers, one guy pulled out of a side road in front of me (I was driving along the main road) and I had to slow down quite swiftly, Other Half decided to gesture at the bloke..... fairly distracting, and as that bothers me when he's driving it bothered me even more when I was driving. Then there was a taxi driver with his back end sticking out into the road, apparantly this also warranted artistic hand gestures! Ok so whilst you are gesticulating wildly out of car windows how are you keeping an eye on me?

The thing that really did it though was my attempt at parking, it wasn't good. Instead of laughing it off and saying "nevermind dear" there was a lot of tutting and "what are you doing, I don't know what you did there!" going on. I ascertained that it wasn't actually dangerous, stopped got out and let him park up!

It calmed down quite swiftly, but the aftermath hung about for a while, why can't he just make the effort!!! Try and be calm for goodness sake, his head wouldn't explode if he just kept his temper for two minutes! (Although if it did that would be quite surprising, was going to say entertaining then felt mean ).

I am up late again, I know what it is, there is a school run tomorrow and I'm a bit anxious about ringing up work. I must at least try and go to bed soon, after all it is now tomorrow and there is limited sleeping time available. I'll regret it when it comes to my driving lesson, at least Dave the driving instructor won't be tutting at me .


  1. It takes a very patient person to be able to give driving lessons!! There is NO WAY I would have ever been able to learn with my husband. It would have been hideous. Good job I could already drive when I met him or we could have had a very nasty falling out. It was my Dad who taught me originally. Much easier.

    BTW - I still forgot the PE kit even after your post reminded me yesterday. My mind is like a sieve :-((

  2. I didn't understand the sentence "there is a school run" I would guess that means that you have driving school? "ringing up work"?

    Do you work at a store that sells school stuff?

    I would also guess in a year of driving that you will also be gesturing. The other drivers can really get to you. Lately, I have been calmer.

  3. I followed you over from Midlife Musings....I hope you don't mind. WOW!! What a great blog you have going here.
    My Prince is from South London and we still have one kiddo there and one in Barry, Wales. The other two live in the States near us. I long for them every single day.
    I surely don't think that I could learn to drive with Prince......he has just gotten used to driving on the correct side of the road, lol.
    If you have a moment to waste, please visit me at my blog and do say hello.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. Careful... I tagged you again?? Check my blog