Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Keep Paddling..

I may be getting my influence from a Coronation Street scene today (Thanks Norris), but the point made was this, I may look all calm and serene on top but I'm like a little duck paddling away underneath. And I am! Paddling that is, actually not entirely sure I look that calm and serene but I am definitely paddling.

Lots got sorted yesterday, although I had an horrendous driving lesson, I suggested to good old Dave that I should probably go home but then he made me do a turn in the road, so I figured he wasn't letting me off. I was all over the show yesterday, wrong lane, going when I shouldn't have, stopping when I shouldn't have....ugh it can only get better.

I phoned up my place of work (as I am on a career break, I can call it that) to ask whether they could accomodate me with term time working. I actually spoke to the woman who is to be my boss (clue) and she was saying yes you can do term time and 16 hours a week and I was a bit flabberghasted actually. It all seemed organised and sorted and I didn't really have to do anything. I have to pop in on friday to discuss a start date and which of the school holidays I will be able to work if needed. OMG it's all getting a bit real now. I hope they bloomin' well retrain me cos it's been two years and I've forgotten everything.

So this morning I took Little Miss along to the nursery (and yes, no problem, they can have her and look after the others in the school hols... why is everyone being so helpful?) We arrived and she immediately shouted "Out" as she wanted to get out of her pushchair and play, she was off like a shot, excitedly playing with all the new stuff she hadn't seen before. I suspect she'll be fine without me, it'll be mum sobbing and clinging at the door, daughter will want to be free to run amok in her new domain (for it will be her domain).

I have also attacked the many and various piles of clean clothes, that were scattered around the house (no-one will put them away obviously) and allocated them to their correct drawers and cupboards. As a byproduct of this I then discovered surfaces I didn't know were there . I couldn't do any more washing cos there is no washing powder and no money.. arrrgh. Never mind, the nice Tesco man is coming tomorrow and I have hopefully ordered enough stuff to last a week this time, it's funny how when you're trying to be economical you end up not getting stuff you really do need!

Not sure how this going out to work thing is going to pan out, I somehow have to get things done (that I'm not getting done now) and be out of the house for three days. Oh well I am sure that everyone will pitch in and help eh? 'Scuse me I am just off to guffaw loudly at my own humorous remark .


  1. Well, am deeply impressed by the number of thing you manage to keep going with. Blimey.Am going to have a lie down.

  2. PS Am putting you on blog roll, too - so others can be equally impressed by your endeavours.