Saturday, 11 April 2009

A Very Busy Birthday Day

I was awoken by the dulcet tones of my cat (and yes I do know it was him) fighting with (I suspect) my friends cat from round the corner. The yowing and cat snarling was eminating from up the road a bit... so right outside my friends house probably. When I found my glasses and looked at the clock it was 6:14! I wasn't quite sure what to do to stop the noise as it wasn't in our back garden, I decided on the "shaking the cat biscuits" out of the back door tactic.

It worked, but only in as much as the cat came home and started yowing in the house. I leapt out of bed and chased the cat down the stairs, in a calm and placid manner. It was then I heard a loud and cheerful squeal from the girls room, ah, awake then. I decided to ignore it for a while and went back to bed.

I remained in bed until 8ish and then I could hear all kids up and about, milling in anticipation of the days frivolities.

Little Miss was a little surprised at my first thing rendition of Happy Birthday To You, but after the first chorus she decided to join in... and has spent most of the day singing "Appy birday oo oooo" to herself.

The first present was opened and it was a hit, once I'd removed the obligatory 150 little pieces of twisty plastic stuff that holds it to the flimsy cardboard, that is. The doll (oh yeah the first pressy was a doll) had another pressy that went with it, a buggy. Baby girl thought this was great, and was ramming furniture and siblings with it for a large part of the day .

My parents came to visit at lunchtime, more pressys and of course choccy came with them. So all children catered for eh? I made ham sandwiches before I brought out the cake. Now when I lit the candle and brought out my lovingly crafted cake I was surprised at little ladys reaction. She stared at the candle & looked a little concerned, we sang at her and I moved in with the cake.... she looked more concerned and rapidly backed away from the flaming confection. Nope not happy about this thing being on fire ta! I decided I would blow out the candle for her and then the cake became much more interesting.

She has had a lovely day and performed beautifully for all visitors, it was obviously all too much as she crashed on her Dora bean bag chair about half past five!


  1. Happy B-day, Little Miss. A fitting end to an exciting day.

  2. Happy Birthday! I love it that Dora the Explorer is also a hit over there. You look a lot like me!! I am mostly British with a little German.

  3. Aaaaaah. Happy Birthday little Miss. You are totally adorable. How big and grown-up you are at 2!! Love the sleepy photo. x

  4. Happy Birthday to a little cutie! It was my son's bday yesterday also.

  5. She's a doll.. Soooo cute! Love the pics!