Friday, 17 April 2009

It's Back!

Monday night, nine o clock (ooh bu**er clashes with Heroes ) the return of Ashes to Ashes and my favourite bad lad, copper, Gene genie is back... woo hoo. Wonder if my ever so slight obsession will resurface ?

Good possibility I'd say .

It's a sadness when the most exciting thing for the week is what's going to be on the telly, but there it is, my most exciting thing is set to be Ashes to Ashes.

I haven't eaten yet, actually a small lie there, I've eaten loads but none of it proper food. I think comfort eating is the term, no news from the old workplace yet, a shirty e-mail (yep I did mean to say shirty) from the cat breeder and no money on the horizon. I don't care this evening I am going to do what I want cos I am tired and narky... so there, stomp stomp etc you know the drill.

Have a good friday all, I am off to eat
Montezuma choccy, I can highly recommend it.


  1. I think after the week you've had a little bit of chocolate wouldn't go amiss!! Enjoy...

  2. I have not tried Ashes to Ashes. I will have to check it out.