Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Nothing To Report

seething down to a quiet simmer now. I have spoken to my boys head of year who sounded ever so slightly gob smacked at what I was saying. Now this wasn't until 2:40 and I had to run to pick up the others at 3 o clock. No one had told this man about the incident and no-one had rung me to discuss it either.

Now his head of year has made all the right noises and says I will be getting a call from the trip organiser tomorrow. He agreed that I should have been contacted and it should have been reported to the authorities. I'm afraid I did almost lose it at one point, but I managed to contain myself and just had to say "I'm sorry I am getting upset, I shall be leaving it with you and look forward to talking to someone tomorrow...." sniff gulp etc. I had put forward the point that I was so disappointed in the teachers reaction to the situation, and that they hadn't given me the option to come to the aid of my child.

I shall be putting it in writing after my call tomorrow and also I am tempted to say I need a meeting with the headteacher, we shall see how it goes.

In other news, my lad had to have today off, why I hear you ask? (Oh no are the voices starting again?) well, lets just say the lad hadn't um...been to the loo for the whole four days and was in extreme discomfort. We had to find medication to alleviate the situation, which it did, violently apparantly, eugh.

I have spent most of the day waiting (with clenched jaw) for this teacher to get back to me, so I haven't done a lot. This sort of thing can paralyse me, I can't concentrate on anything other than the thing I want to sort out. I still had to play singing with baby girl of course, followed by drawing, then a spot of lunch and she had a little snooze. I watched Dr Phil tell some people off and ask them "how's that working out for you?" hee hee I quite like him, although he is another person that knows everything isn't he?

Fairly shattered now, think it's time for a hot choccy and a withdrawal from the real world for the night... shame there's no Bones or Greys or ER for me tonight (ooh ooh, or those nice boys from Supernatural, oh god dirty old woman alert)... I do Have a Dead Like Me recorded though that might do the trick.

Monday, 30 March 2009

So Angry... I Wish To Tear Someones Head Off...

here's the deal, first let me say that my big lad did have a good time and thoroughly enjoyed Paris. Right, onto the cause of my wrath, tell me what you think.

I got a phone call from biggest lad at about quarter past five, he rang to say they were getting home earlier than we first thought, then "Oh yeah mum, I lost all my money on the way to Paris" WHAT?!!! He had lost his wallet on the shuttle to Paris, I couldn't speak to him properly as I was so cross with him, sadly it is typical my boy and not the first wallet he has ever lost. When he got home, he was dropped off by my friend, I thanked him and said to the boy "get indoors" What's wrong enquires my pal, so I told him what little I knew and went in to my lad. The full story started to unfold, biggest lad had lost his money at some point on the shuttle, he had told the teachers who had gone on about it being his responsibility they had looked in the places he thought he might have left his wallet and were basically saying it was tough and he'd lost it now. Ok, fine so £85 down the pan then. My question is, would it not have been prudent to then ring this childs parents? Do I not have the right to know my child has a problem and therefore possibly be able to offer a solution? Did they report the wallet missing? Nope, they said it was gone and he'd never get it back. Can we claim off their travel insurance? Wouldn't have thought so as you have to report any loss or theft within 24 hours of it happening. Did anyone offer my boy any money to borrow? Nope. So, they thought it was acceptable behaviour and a good solution to just ignore it and leave him to his own devices!

I am so angry, I should have been informed, I might have been able to arrange for him to borrow some money which I could then return today! My lad was away for four days with no cash and visiting Eurodisney for the day yesterday with no cash. The school had suggested an amount of 50 or 60 euros for the trip yet it's ok to leave him with nothing. Yes food and drink was provided, but when they were on trips he was unable to buy snacks or drinks, he couldn't get any souvenirs of his trip.

The main point for me is they ignored a thirteen year old lad in distress and said "tough" they didn't have the courtesy or common sense to let me know my boy had a trauma. Oh and to top it off when another lads wallet went missing with 100 euros in it they threatened to call off the visit to Disney unless it was returned, why did no-one care that my boys money had gone missing? It could have easily been picked up by a fellow pupil and kept (which is what had happened to this other lad)....

I am so angry I could rip someones head off, I shan't, I shall be very reasonable and be demanding answers. I hope I can hold it together, not sure I'll sleep. I know the boy was stupid and should have taken more care, but the way those teachers reacted was wicked...

Ok, off to seethe and stew for a bit, now where's that vodka?

Things To Do

Of course first stop is here though, I need my routine you know. Biggest girl had her hair up in a high ponytail today, she was so enjoying flicking her hair about! I was a bit concerned that her friends might not notice, luckily there was a lot of nine year old girl amazement and much oohing and ahhing at how much hair she'd had cut off. My girl was grinning from ear to ear, isn't it funny how much of a boost a haircut can give you, even under the age of ten?

I am still adjusting to the loss of our hour and feeling a tad snoozy. Sadly there is much to do, youngest lad has a little friend coming to tea and I must, must, must clear the table and get all clothes put away (that seems to be a recurring theme in my life). Still it is lovely and sunny today, my big lad will be home this evening (back to normal levels of bickering then) and I have a driving lesson at lunchtime, so lots to get sorted.

I really, really need another cuppa this morning tho. I did watch a program the other day which revealed that tea drinkers can have better memories than coffee drinkers.. so that will be my new excuse (not that I need one ). Mind you they did say coffee improved reactions so maybe I need to take that up just before my driving lesson, it's a thought.

Right, I am going, got to move myself from this chair... it's never easy though .

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Night...

I am surviving without the eldest boy, haven't heard from him but as I couldn't top up his phone I'm not surprised . Looking forward to him coming home (shh don't tell him).

Goodness me that was a quick weekend. I have been rather adventurous today, first we put me on the car insurance, then I had to have a sit down because the price was mortifying! It had to be done at some point so we thought we'd bite the bullet today, just didn't realise it was a near enough £900 bullet (eeeek it's still scaring me now). This is for both of us with me as the named driver, it's not just for me, but blimey... it better go down when I pass my test .

So, as I had backed myself into a corner, and as we had spent so much money it seemed the time to take the car out for a drive. OMG me and Other Half and three of the kidlets in the car... and me driving... mmmm interesting. It didn't start fantastically, a mixture of winding country road, Other Halfs tone of distress and me not understanding he was saying "Get away from the curb!" made it all a bit stressful. We did make it to a park though and the kids got to have a run and a jump and a swing. Youngest lad and biggest girl loved this big rope thing, ooh what are they called (hang on going to google it) ok who'd have thought just putting the word swing into google would come up with such interesting results! Anyway its a big long rope with a swing seat hanging from it on a roller type thing, and you sit on the seat and fly along to the other end, I'm sure you know what I mean . The kids loved it, I was petrified as it looked like they might very well fly off at the other end , didn't stop them from going round and round. Zipline!!! That's the fella .

Baby girl was obsessed with the slide and getting her away from that proved difficult, all my kids are plotting to give me heart attacks and do daredevil stunts it seems.

Anyway, the drive home was much better, I didn't frighten Other Half, I didn't clip the curb and I didn't even park on the pavement when we got home, hooray. In fact I was inspired to go for another drive later on and took us all to Morrisons, all in all it wasn't too bad.

I have another lesson tomorrow, so we'll see if Dave (driving instructor) notices and whether it makes me better or worse.

Going to have a hot choccy now and try and unwind a little... sadly it is of course really early according to my body clock, just not according to the actual clock !

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Well Folks...

My gorgeous child has had her hair done....it took over an hour, phew, think the girl who did it was knackered afterwards! She (the hairdresser) was most trepidatious before she started, and kept saying "are you sure?" when indicating how much she was going to cut off

You ready?

Oh and the hairdresser straightened it as well, you can probably tell. I managed not to blub as they were cutting (just about) and I have to say it's beautiful. I was so impressed with the girl that I've booked myself in for a cut and colour the week after easter, but the cost of that is going to be something I may not wish to discuss .

Ah well 'tis done now and she still looks luverly ( as I knew she would) and looks like all my babies are growing up when I'm not looking .

Cousin It Auditions....

Hee hee, just a couple more before pics of my girl I wanted to share

What do you reckon? A winner for sure in my book.

I May Have Won The Lottery!

I don't know cos I haven't checked, I think maybe I won't check for a while and then the glimmer can remain for a little longer.
First night of big lads adventure and I did sleep, woohoo. Of course I did fall asleep on the sofa and didn't get up to bed til after midnight, and then I had to get up to attend to the gecko at 7:30 (I have instructions you know, it's the largest amount of writing my boy has done in an age, including homework ).

The days plan is...not a lot, my organised saturday last week was obviously a freak of nature, and today I am reverting to my usual self. I will at some point get all the uniforms washed (don't know about dried tho) and cook some food. Oh and today is the day, biggest girls haircut day has arrived! I am taking before and after pictures, so I can weep at the loss of the lovely locks... sniff...

look, there it is, in case you'd forgotten .

She will still look gorgeous of course, and she's quite excited about the whole thing, I am not sulking (in front of her) honest... don't want to spoil her fun.

Today is also goodies day, I am thinking maybe some cakes today, I quite fancy a bit of baking. The sun seems to have found it's way out again too, maybe I'll even get out into that garden (probably not but who knows). Oh and all you people from the UK don't forget the clocks go forward an hour this evening/tomorrow morning... we lose a precious hour of the weekend....

must mean it's SUMMER!

Oh no silly me just April and some showers looming.

Off to have more tea and see if the girls want to come downstairs, tea first though .

Friday, 27 March 2009


Teeth just about intact (see previous blog if confusion arising) child gone in friends car and already I have found something to obsess/worry about, my friend had a label on her boys suitcase....I haven't got a label on my boys suitcase. OMG I am a bad and remiss mother, he's going to lose all his clothes and have no clean pants to wear .

I will be extremely bad tempered tonight as I have had approximately five and a half hours sleep (not really sleep in my book, more lying still and thinking way too much??) I am sure the teachers will handle his lack of label, god it's making me feel ill! Why didn't I think of a label?

Deep breaths, focus on something else, they didn't tell us to label the bloomin' things. I am fairly certain the cases are going from child, into back of coach and then to accomodation.

Strangely all the other kids woke up at an ungodly hour, so already I am surrounded, this is not a bad thing (except for the constant talking at me). I have lots of other stuff to do today (apart from the stressing) and so I should be able to take my mind off my boy for some portion of the day. Biggest girlie fancies some new shoes as she has a disco at school this evening, and I could do with a wander around the shops anyway. Ooh look seven o clock, I don't usually see seven o clock from the living room, I am usually hiding under the duvet thinking "noooo, too early too early!"

Have a good friday all.... I am off to fester .

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Boy Not Settled...

Mum not settled either!!! Eeek I have my favourite programmes on the telly, it's friday tomorrow, I cannot settle! I seem to have taken up grinding my jaws together. It is a fun pass time which means I have almost constant aching in my jaw line. It's not just this evening either, I seem to keep waking up in the early hours of the morning, teeth clenched and worrying about... well nothing in particular and everything in general.

At least I have an excuse this evening, my boy is off to the continent tomorrow, without the aid of his mother , humph 'snot fair (not an amusement park for mucus, just my childish expression of a tantrum) stamp, strop and humph again.

I think contrary to what I may have said earlier I am going to miss the little blighter. Even though it will probably mean a friday and saturday evening of relative peace (eldest girl usually crashes out at a reasonable hour) and much less bickering and shouting (he doesn't 'arf shout a lot (where does he get that from)) I will wonder what he's up to, and I will stress...Look, there in the job description...Mum...must worry an inordinant amount of the time, long anti-social hours, no holidays.

I hear movement from the upstairs bedroom, a boy is definitely still wide awake! The bloomin' cat has just come in yowling his head off (a habit he has recently acquired) he feels the need to announce his arrival home.

It's little wonder I can't settle, I need chocolate, and booze, and then possibly more chocolate. Ah well that's what the weekend is for eh?

Headless Chicken Dance Commence!

Oh blimey, I've done it again! I have waited until past the last minute to do something. Biggest lad is off to Paris tomorrow (nope not jealous, not one bit, it is a great opportunity for the boy to experience new things and go to Disney.... without me, grrrr). I have now got clothes drying (in the tumble dryer as the nice spring weather has deserted me ), I have to find the suitcase....I know it's in the girls room somewhere but little Miss is having a snooze, so I'll have to find it later (oh good even less time to prepare then!!!) I am not convinced that the boy has given me any socks to wash for the past two weeks, so that'll be interesting when I try and find enough undies to send him with.

Of course I am fairly certain he'll be returning with all of the undies/socks etc clean and unused in his bag.

I am also stressing about the amount of money I've got to send him with, it looks less and less each time I look at it . Ah well they are going to feed them so he should be fine. Wonder if I can sneak into his case somehow and have four days in Paris? Sigh, unlikely.

Luckily my friend from around the corner is taking both my lad and hers to the school in the morning, they have to be there at seven (eeek) and I didn't fancy an early morning march up to the school with everyone in tow. I shall think about him, but I don't think I'll worry too much (ha ha says the woman who will lie in bed on friday night worrying that her lad has wandered off from the group!) it's well organised and I am sure there are enough teachers per pupil to keep them in line.

Right I am going to brave the wind and the rain to check the progress of the tumble drying (sadly I have to venture through the garden into the garage ) and also I suspect tis time for a cuppa!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Flaked Out

something very strange and unusual occurred last night... I got to bed by quarter to ten! It didn't seem to help much this morning cos although I'd had nearly nine and a half hours sleep, I felt shattered. Not bad now, school runs have been run and toddlers has been attended.

I went to youngest boys parents evening yesterday, his teacher was telling me what good progress he was making and how sociable he is (I've noticed that everybody is "my friend..." so and so with young man). Then she went on to how quiet he is (Eh??!) and how laid back and relaxed he is, never argues (Double Eh??!) and then on to how responsible he is, and if a job needs doing they'll ask my boy. Well, are you sure this is my child you're talking about? We then moved onto his ability to pester you to death until he's got what he wants... ahh yes now that's my boy . It's lovely to know he's doing so well, his reading ability is amazing, this is the child that went onto my ebay account at the age of about two and a half and purchased me a simpsons t-shirt (it was buy it now.. but still) and I had to e-mail the seller and apologise profusely .

I should be frantically rushing about getting eldest boys stuff ready. He's off to Paris with the school on friday, four days with one less child, that's going to be odd, quiet but odd.

One more cuppa I think and then onward...charge!!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Stressing Myself

I've only gone and booked my driving theory test, oh I'm not best pleased about that! I don't do well under pressure . But, Dave did turn to me yesterday as I was driving badly round a roundabout and say "You've got your theory haven't you?" "No!" I squeaked back at him. "Should I go for that then?" "Oh yeah" says Dave "You're thereabouts aren't you?" OMG OMG OMG... so thirty quid has been spent and a test date is booked, I have over a month in which to panic and frantically read the highway code.

I suspect if I get the theory I might be upping to two lessons a week (deep breaths, think calm thoughts... don't panic Mr Mainwaring !!!) The thought that I might actually, in real life, be able to drive about unaided is quite petrifying.

Today is a sleepy day, I feel the need for some kip, it's not going to happen of course... little Miss is fairly lively and is insisting on being read to over and over, followed by a game of jumping on mum. I'm hoping Dora The Explorer will distract her momentarily and then I can make her lunch.

I have also booked eldest girlie in for a hair cut on saturday (Aaaaargh!) as she is fancying a shorter style. I am not overly impressed with this as she has the longest, loveliest hair.

However I swore as a youngster that I would never battle my children over hair, it grows back, dye grows out, and it's a very personal form of self expression, so shorter hair it is .

I am off to make a sandwich whilst littlest lady is engrossed with Dora...have a good day all .

Monday, 23 March 2009

A Good Weekend

considering my mood on friday, the weekend was very pleasant. Other Half took three kids on an expedition to Asda and I got all my washing and drying done on saturday , OMG no washing to do on sunday!

We watched St Trinians on saturday night, not bad, well the kids enjoyed it anyway... I had some very cheap and as it turned out nasty white wine (almost instantaneous headache) and some peanuts, ooh and choccy so it was a bit of an overload to be honest . Nevermind it was the weekend after all.

Sunday I was awoken at the lovely hour of five am , poor littlest lad had a bad dream, something about the earth melting (over active imagination that lad). Then I was awoken at the not quite so way too early hour of eight, ah well no lie in for mummy! A daddy on the Other Hand remained oblivious until about half nine, mmm what was it about sunday? Oh yeah... mothers day.. that was it . I did do very well on the card front, seven in total... no hadn't sprouted three more kidlets in quick succession, just had a very industrious eldest daughter on the case. One shop bought card between the four of them and three handmade cards with my big girl in charge of youngest boy and her little sis, one handmade at school card from youngest boy and another card that baby girl and I made at toddlers. I also received these....

cool eh .

Today I had a bit of a driving lesson palaver, well more of a babysitting trauma to be precise, my friend who normally looks after baby girl for me had to have an emergency tooth extraction this morning. I had to find another friend to have little girl for me and she lives about a twenty minute walk from me, so quick run to friends house and then a quick run home, I was exhausted before I even got started. The lesson had a couple (well four that I counted) hairy moments but I think I am still going in the right direction progress wise. Although apparantly I tend to slow down on roundabouts, so I'm going to have to concentrate on that next time, bloomin' scary things.

Right, I am going to sit and watch my sky plussed Eastenders and Corrie norrie now, time to unwind.....

Saturday, 21 March 2009

An Early Start...

I am just so organised today! This has happened because instead of collapsing in a heap last night (more the norm I'm afraid) I started the endless round of washing that is usual of a weekend, got the dishwasher stacked and loaded and now I have a head start, yay!

Why don't I always do this?

I am hoping to get more done in the garden this weekend, I know Other Half is going to take the kids (bigguns) to the shops for Mothers Day gift purchasing purposes (it's alright he knows what I want (what I really really want... arrgh where did that come from?)) and of course I shall have to visit my own aged parents at some point.

It is another gorgeous sunny day, I can't help wondering what I'd be like if I lived in a country with more regular bouts of sunshine and good weather? I always seem to find more motivation and energy when the sun is out, goodness maybe I need to emigrate? Would I have to take everyone with me though, that's a good question.

I am off to hang out washing and ooh yeah get more washing in, but I must remember I am ahead of myself, yippee, maybe I wont have any washing or drying to do on sunday....now that would be a miracle.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Friday Again

I am back!!! I returned unscathed from the room clearing after approximately two hours, not bad eh?

Not sure why but I don't feel particularly bouncy today. I did have a small spat with Other Half yesterday, but I contained my ire as I just knew a conversation at that point would lead to mass sulking and not eating his dinner, followed by OMG I've got to go to bed and you've started an argument, possibly with "this is an inappropriate time to discuss it" thrown in.

The cause of the spat?

I said I'd like to paint the hall. I received a furrowed brow look and an exasperated sigh. I enquired why this was so... "It doesn't matter" snaps back Other Half. Then he reveals that the hall is not ready for painting and needs filling etc. My heart sank, I had an inkling this would be the reaction. I did ask whether I could make the hall look any worse by painting it (it's got half stripped walls and tatty old plasterboard at the mo) no answer. I then pointed out he wouldn't be doing it any time soon, he acknowledged this was right (he's always soooo tired) then I had a moment of extreme reasonableness and stomped off muttering about how I would just live in a he-hem hole (excuse my expletives) forever then.

Now I would usually go on and on and on about this for an entire evening, but I came back into the living room to find Other Half with his head in his hands (Oh god I am just so unreasonable ) and I couldn't be bothered. I might just paint the bloomin' thing anyway.

Ah, I appear to have answered my own mystery, I am pee'd off with OH! Maybe it'll pass now that I've admitted it .

It is a lovely sunny day again. Little Miss and I are stuck in the house though, as we need to wait in for a parcel. Never mind there is at least four loads of washing to do (load one already on the go) and I might just clear the hall in preparation to really bug Other Half and paint it .

Thursday, 19 March 2009

I'm Going In...

... just a quickie... today is the day, I am fulfilling my part of the bargain and venturing into the room that is inhabited by gecko, boys and various bits of rubbish and toys. I have to do it before the weekend arrives and yet more rubbish joins the pile.

I have had my second night of decent sleep (another eight hours !) little miss and I went to toddlers this morning, so madam is down for a nap, there is no excuse... today is the day.

Bye all,

I may be some time .

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

And The Winner Is...

There appears to be a competition running in our house, it has been long running and no matter how hard I endeavour not to compete, I always seem to get caught up in it. I noticed late last night that we seemed to be (yet again) in the last leg of it, but ignored and carried on. This morning as I was trying to wedge some crumbs into the corner of the rubbish bin I gave in. Yay, I win again. My prize?

I get to empty the kitchen bin... again, and again and again!

All the other people in the house seem to have the knack of precariously balancing rubbish onto the smallest and most impossible of spaces. The tea bags are now stuck to the lid, the binliner is stretching at the seams. It's a close run thing as to whether the rubbish will get from my bin, to the outside wheelie bin, within the confines of the ever more transparent bag . Lucky, lucky me .

Ah well, it's no use stressing (until next time that is).

Had a really lovely day yesterday, our girlie day out to the orthodontist was brilliant. Not as strange as it might first sound cos we had to go to Southsea and it was a beautiful sunny day. We went and had a look at the sea "water!" shouts littlest lady, very observant my girl. Watched some ferries (or fairies as they used to be known in our house) going to and fro. We even had time for a picnic on the common in the sunshine . Baby girl ran about un-encumbered by mummy and I think eldest girl just enjoyed some attention for a change, without the aid of boys butting in continuously. It was so peaceful and quiet I almost wished we still lived in the area, there is so much to do when you've got littleuns, just walking by the sea is an adventure.

Of course last night I paid for my outing and fell asleep on the sofa about tennish, I tried to get some enthusiasm and stay awake a little longer but nope, all that fresh air had done it's job! So, I actually managed an early night last night, almost eight hours of sleep!

Goodness gracious, I won't know what to do with myself this evening (bet I stay up 'til something stupid o clock now) .

Monday, 16 March 2009

Why Do I Do It?

Yet another evening where I am sitting here way past my intended deadline. I need an early night, I was shattered this morning but had no opportunity to rest. I usually put little miss madam down for a nap about half oneish, but today was driving lesson day, so that was a no go also. I spent all morning dragging myself round the house getting bits and bobs done (poor bobs, hee hee I'm soooo tired that that amused me) yet now I am still here playing on the computer.... I could be in BED!!!

My driving lesson was interesting. By interesting, of course I mean nerve racking . Initially I thought old Dave the driving instructor had forgotten me again, but he turned up on the dot . Couldn't work out if I was pleased or not by the time he got there. I got into the car and sat... I was a blank for a minute, to begin with he'd faced the car in the opposite direction to usual (Evil man! How dare he re-arrange the car!) We finally set off and it was disastrous! I pulled out in front of quite a fast moving car and then I stopped! OMG my foot was on the brake, not the accelerator, I got going and there was no contact of vehicles phew. This did not set me up for a good lesson and there were a couple more wobbles, I felt like stopping the car and saying "take me home please" but didn't. I'm glad I didn't cos about twenty minutes in, I relaxed and then things started to come back to me, woo hoo. By the end of the hour I had calmed down, stopped panicking and felt like maybe, just maybe this stuff was sinking in. I was brave and when we got to the end of the lesson Dave said "Not bad after a three week break, you've just got to keep calm, don't get flustered." I then asked him how was I doing and he told me I was "progressing nicely" this has perked me up and strengthened my (slightly crumbling) resolve.

I have a long day tomorrow, there is a trip to the orthadontists for biggest girl. It's going to take all day though cos it's two buses (must look up timetables!!) there and back, at least an hour and a half when you take into account the time waiting for connections. Eldest daughter is happy she has a day off . Oh and I did mention to her something about going for lunch somewhere, so she's quite excited about a girlie day out.

Bed time.. it is definitely bedtime... night all .

Sunday, 15 March 2009

A Grand Day Out

...sorry Mr Park, I just like the title. We didn't have an outing as such today, but we have spent a lot of it outside, in the real world. The weather here was far too enticing to stay indoors, the sun was up the sky was blue (oh blimey I'm going all Siouxsie and the Banshees again!) and I felt inspired for the first time in ages to "get things done" so I thought I'd better take advantage of the mood and do.

First, I managed a feat of such amazingness, I can barely believe it myself... I prepared the sunday dinner before eleven o clock this morning. I never manage that, it usually takes all day . Spurred on by this success I got two loads of washing done and dried by a reasonable time, and this means I am not running back and forth to the tumble dryer (in the garage) in the middle of the night.... uniforms are clean and dry, yay!

We did get the kids out to the park, littlest miss had me running after her, steering her out of the way of guided missiles (swings) and helping her not hit the floor when stepping off climbing frames. Small children have no fear do they, gravity and other laws of physics have no meaning for them yet. The other three did a very good job of wearing themselves out running around like lunatics, I think we all benefited from the fresh air and sunshine .

I have had one small change of plan today, the boys floor is still looking fairly disastrous, the lads are definitely out of the same egg (almost ) and did good drama queen acts both simultaneously and seperately. Youngest boy, however made an attempt to tidy, not a good attempt but the effort was there. Teenager was a harder nut to crack, in the end I was so worn out I thought I'd see if there was another way. I came up with a cunning plan (no turnips involved... sorry Baldrick(do I watch too much telly ?)). I called the boy down the stairs and put forward my proposal, it was this.. I hate (hate, hate, hate) cleaning up after the dog in the garden. I wanted to get into the garden today and do some major tidying of brambles, weeds etc so baby girl and I could play outside. I put it to my boy, that if he would clear the garden of all "you know what" I would give him a pass on the floor this time. He accepted this deal a lot swifter than I imagined, so we both got something out of it.

Although now I have the task of locating the boys floor under all the stuff tomorrow. Hope I don't get too many lego related injuries, I've got a driving lesson at half one.

After our early dinner (and pud, I even made pud aren't you impressed?) I got out into the garden and attacked the plantlife that had taken over. We had a very over-ambitious bramble taking over one side and even encroaching onto the patio. The wisteria seems to have taken up residence on my windchimes, how on earth it reached there I dont quite understand, all very day of the triffids (now that's a book as well as a film... I do read you know). So I hacked away and swept, and hacked away some more, shovelled leaves and debris up and into a bin and in the space of two hours I had most of my garden back. The kids loved it, littlest girl was running about playing with her big sister and they were all chatting to next doors little girl over the fence, culminating in three girls singing "row row row your boat" (the crocodile version, more fun to scream) over and over again until it was dark.

Then we set fire to stuff, hah! Good fun and a fitting end to a productive day, I did have to restrain smallest lad from enthusiastically throwing himself into the fire (as his aim with the bits of garden rubbish wasn't too good) but that's all part of the fun isn't it.

I'm shattered now, and I seem to be eating many many maltesers, I shall stop soon and get to my bed... just a little smug today .

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Personally, now I want James McAvoy, cor! Wanted was a great saturday night, relaxy, action packed entertainment film, and even I can see what's so great about old Angelina Jolie (no link needed there I'm sure).

Well that's finished the day off nicely for me, and considering I was teetering on the edge today, that is a good thing. I have managed to go for the whole day without murderating a small, or even medium sized, child. This is despite eldest lads attempts to nudge (nay shove) me over the edge. There was homework to be done, I had to mention this ooh, about ten- fifteen times, and even then a snail would have been disgusted at the speed it was done (I was anyway).

A bedroom floor was also meant to be cleared, but sadly it still looks like the scene of a small but effective comic/lego/socks explosion. Ah well there is always tomorrow. I have resorted to threats, this means threats have to be carried out if they are to carry any weight next time. Sooo, monday is BB day (black binliner) any item found on the boys floor, that should not live on the boys floor, will be binned!

Oh dear, I see problems. I am a wicked and cruel mother.

I have had a bit of a discussion with eldest lad this evening about the tooth fairy, and the rate of pay for teens who definitely have no illusions about tooth fairys existence. I think 50 pence is adequate remuneration for those who have had a bit of them drop off (of course only in relation to teeth, baby teeth cos anything else would be a tad more serious... and expensive... I think I'm tired there appears to be waffle all over my blog).

Another weekend half over, still washing to do, sunday dinner to cook and probably - should get some sleep right now.

Saturday Hoorah

Except I am a little, how shall I put it, tetchy! The teenager kept me awake until goodness knows when (still seems strange saying that, I cannot possibly have a teenager... I AM a teenager but who's that strange old lady staring at me from the mirror?) the lad wanted to watch Comic Relief. I think he had ambitions to stay up until 3 in the morning, my eyelids had different ideas, and as the boy didn't want to stay up alone we went to bed at oneish.

This morning youngest boy decides he needs to tell me something urgently through the door at 7am . I went and explained (in my most reasonable and un-hissy tones) that I would like it if he could please just GO AWAY and leave me alone for a few more minutes. Oh and the urgent thing was that he needed to change his pyjama top, which he'd already done, in the night . See, urgent!

Ten or so minutes later I could hear little angel baby girl, squealing loudly from her cot, this was obviously not a morning for a lie-in (what's one of those again?) I tried to ignore for just a few more minutes, but I was beginning to think the pitch of the squealing might be upsetting all dogs within a five mile radius (very high pitched and very loud).

So, I am up and have been since earlier than I want to think about.

Other half? Oh he's in bed, asleep, lying down, cosy, humph I see a pattern here! To top it all off I appear to have a rather large mount vesuvius type, erruption on my chin (that's that teenage acne see) and I'm moody and I want chocolate and....oh hang on maybe there's something else going on here (again!!!)

I am off to the kettle, tea is called for and then I suspect some washing/drying/washing up. That's my day planned then. I hope this mood improves or there may be some small explosions somewhere in hampshire and it might involve ME.

Friday, 13 March 2009

How To Make Friends And Influence People?

Being new to this site I was wondering how you tell if anyone is visiting you? I would like to make some new friends but I'm also not sure how the best way to go about that is?

So if anyone is passing by my neck of the woods (blog wise) please feel free to drop in and have a chat :)

Friday (the 13th)

Also Red Nose Day which means donation money, times three of course. Now, as I didn't have any money at all until today it was getting a little awkward organising the three biggest kidlets last night. Other Half also had no money and even trawling through the penny bucket brought no joy.

Luckily eldest boy had a pound which I could borrow, and then give back to him, to use as his contribution, this morning the plan was to rush to the Co-Op. get money from the hole in the wall and then change it up.

Of course this morning things didn't run smoothly, youngest boy had his red outfit ready (that's a first!), eldest girl suddenly decided that the clothes she had ready were no good and eldest boy is standing in his underwear with five minutes to go before leaving time saying "Have I got a red top?" Now this was the first I was aware he wanted to wear a red top and no he didn't have one! This caused a kerfuffle and he was racing around the house not getting dressed at an alarming pace. So, as well as my usual morning routine of getting lunchboxes packed, dressing littlest miss and possibly fitting in a cup of tea myself, I had to magically produce a red top for big lad! As it happens I did find one my brother had left here after a visit, but that's not the point.... why does everyone assume Mum can find anything with less than no notice? Because I always do I suppose.

After all the flapping about and constant shouting from me (the usual countdown... "we have No Minutes left before we have to leave") we did leave the house with just about enough time to go to the cashpoint. Ran up the road, this morning youngest boy decides that contrary to what he usually says, he does want to hold onto the buggy (cos running up the hill is tiring unless mum pulls you along) no wonder I'm shattered.

All kids are now in their respective schools and little Miss and I are sitting watching Little Robots with a cuppa and a slice of toast.

Thank goodness it's friday.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Ok, so my eldest has just (last week) entered the glorious realm of teendom. I haven't been looking forward to this since the lad turned five and I could see what I might be in for. He has always had an um, enquiring mind. Translation... he is never satisfied until you have talked yourself hoarse when he wants an answer. More to the point, until you have given him the answer he wants.

I am drifting from my point, a bad habit of mine I'm afraid.

Anyway the point I am meandering ever so slowly towards, is this, the boy does not enjoy baths, showers, any form of contact with clean soapy water. Tonight I could stand it no more and ordered him up to the bathroom. I suggested a shower. He declared he'd prefer a bath, fine by me a bath it is.

Half an hour after the initial conversation I discover him standing in his room staring at his gecko (not a euphemism, he's got a gecko). "Did you have your bath?" I ask, fully aware by the bone dry hair and no towels on the bathroom floor, that he hadn't. "Ooh, I forgot" standard fare when the boy is avoiding doing something. "Well you better hurry up it's getting late" a confused stare follows "Oh. What now?" My patience (what there is of it) is flying out of the window at this point "BATH NOW!" much muttering and shuffling ensues.

Ten minutes later my dear darling boy shouts down, "I've forgotten how to run a bath". Hmmm, he's not going easily is he? I try and restrain the sarcasm but that's not easy for me. "Why don't you try and turn the tap?" suggests I . "Muuuuum, don't you have to mix the water up?" Eh? Just turn on the tap and fill up the bath!!! This goes on for much much longer than I can type for, or you could be bothered to read I'm sure, but the upshot was he managed to avoid contact with hot soapy water for approximately an hour and ten more minutes, wound me up to the point where I thought my head would actually rotate 360 degrees and almost (only almost) wore me down to the point where he nearly got his own way.

Not silly these teens are they?

Another day

... and for some inexplicable reason I am tired... can't for the life of me think why . I have dwelt on the subject of working for minus pennies, fretted for a while, and then decided that actually when Baby Girl goes to nursery and has a funded place I would make some money! Sooo, patience (the virtue I'm not very good at) is called for methinks .

Meanwhile I shall concentrate on getting mobile, as long as my instructor can remember when I've booked a lesson (another story), and enjoy my time with baby girl.

I seem to have started something with Baby Girl now, yesterday I decided to show her the potty (just to get used to it being around) and as she has started pointing at her pants and saying "wet!" it seemed like an idea. So, potty in the living room "NO!" exclaims little girl when I suggest sitting on it. Oooh look says me, Winnie The Pooh on here. Mmmm thinks Girly, maybe I'll investigate. She's pointing at the pics on the potty, "Pooh Bear" she smiles at me. "Do you want to sit down baby?" "NO!" ah ok then shall we put your nappy back on then? "NO" Oh, we may have a problem (houston). I decided to try another tack, let's get a book and you sit on the potty and we can read won't that be fine? Little girl gives me one of her best I'll think about it, but it's my decision sideways looks and trys it out. Now, no weeing was achieved but we did have a bit of sitting and I was pleased with that. There was a minor tussle to get a nappy back on for bedtime and much distraction (and bribery "look let's read Polar Bear Polar Bear again") was needed.

This morning little girl has marched up to me and said "Off!" indicating nappy, ok no probs. I took off the nappy suggested she sit on potty, which she did for a milisecond. Then as it's time to go to school I attempted to put a nappy back on... oh dear.... "NO! NO! NO!" small naked girl running off around the table and behind the sofa. Oh goody. I went and found some pull-ups and tried those, they seem to have met with approval, I don't for one minute think she's going to try and go to the potty yet though.

Ah, as I type she is putting her tea set in and out of the potty... ho hum .

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Late Again

Having a small money crisis, yet again, and such a good time of day to start dwelling on the subject. I have spent the last hour checking (as best I can) how much better off we would be if I returned to work. Although if you ask me (and you'd wish you hadn't) full time mum is the hardest job I've ever encountered.

I have been on relevant government websites, attempting to use various calculators, desperately using my limited mathematical capabilities and.. it's just not working out right. Well. maybe it is but it looks wrong to me. Having checked, re-checked, turned it upside down and checked again; it would appear that if I returned to work for sixteen hours a week, put my children into childcare for however long required (at least twenty hours factoring in travel time) travelled on unreliable and expensive buses (catching my drift now?) I would actually be -£9 per month better off.

Oh no that's right, I'd get £9 per month less than we're getting right now. My head hurts, all I wanted was to be able to provide a bit more for the kids, seems it's not actually possible at this moment.


Something in short supply around here at the moment. I find it interesting that throughout your life, your attitudes toward sleep change enormously, as a baby (well there's that phrase isn't there... sleeping like a..) first you lull your parents into a false sense of security.

First couple of days you sleep beautifully, contentedly and for much longer than anyone expects.

Then, after a week or so you show your true colours.. no sleep all day and up three times in the night. I found as toddlers mine were fantastic, sleeping til sevenish of a morning and an afternoon nap. As children get older they want to go to bed later and later, just one more drink mum, I need the loo mum, there's this goblin under my bed mum(?) My teenager can read til the small hours. However, try and wake him up in the morning and you are met by a large growling thing that just about resembles your child. I have tried to explain the process of more sleep at night would equal less sleep necessary in the morning, you know, when you have to get up and go somewhere!!!

I spend a lot of my evening herding children up to bed, after spending a lot of day desperate for some slumber myself.

Mind you, what do I do when they've all finally gone to sleep? Yep, that's right I sit up until the small hours watching rubbish on the television and unwinding from the days events.

Wonder why my teen doesn't listen to me?

The First Post

First a little about me I suppose, a sort of "how do you do". I am a mum (as implied by my title no doubt) and I have four children, two of each flavour - ranging in age from thirteen (eeek!) down to almost, but not quite, two. I was never the maternal type and the change that overcame me when I had my firstborn, was startling to all. I turned from a squeamish what do you do with those (regarding kids) type person, into a ah yes this is my baby I know everything type person.

Of course that's not strictly true is it, because no matter how many you have, children always have the capacity to surprise, frustrate and amaze you. Just as you feel you've got one thing sussed they find something else to throw at you.

I love being a mum, not too keen on the pay mind you, and if I was younger and had more room I could see me going on and on. Luckily for Other Half, time and space have placed limits on my procreative tendencies. I am sure I shall be moaning about Other Half shortly, there is usually something that gets on my nerves, and I do so like to share my annoyance (not with him obviously).

I have one little poorly pup at the moment, so I best get on and attend to herself, cuddles are needed (not that I mind... it just doesn't get the housework done does it?)