Monday, 16 March 2009

Why Do I Do It?

Yet another evening where I am sitting here way past my intended deadline. I need an early night, I was shattered this morning but had no opportunity to rest. I usually put little miss madam down for a nap about half oneish, but today was driving lesson day, so that was a no go also. I spent all morning dragging myself round the house getting bits and bobs done (poor bobs, hee hee I'm soooo tired that that amused me) yet now I am still here playing on the computer.... I could be in BED!!!

My driving lesson was interesting. By interesting, of course I mean nerve racking . Initially I thought old Dave the driving instructor had forgotten me again, but he turned up on the dot . Couldn't work out if I was pleased or not by the time he got there. I got into the car and sat... I was a blank for a minute, to begin with he'd faced the car in the opposite direction to usual (Evil man! How dare he re-arrange the car!) We finally set off and it was disastrous! I pulled out in front of quite a fast moving car and then I stopped! OMG my foot was on the brake, not the accelerator, I got going and there was no contact of vehicles phew. This did not set me up for a good lesson and there were a couple more wobbles, I felt like stopping the car and saying "take me home please" but didn't. I'm glad I didn't cos about twenty minutes in, I relaxed and then things started to come back to me, woo hoo. By the end of the hour I had calmed down, stopped panicking and felt like maybe, just maybe this stuff was sinking in. I was brave and when we got to the end of the lesson Dave said "Not bad after a three week break, you've just got to keep calm, don't get flustered." I then asked him how was I doing and he told me I was "progressing nicely" this has perked me up and strengthened my (slightly crumbling) resolve.

I have a long day tomorrow, there is a trip to the orthadontists for biggest girl. It's going to take all day though cos it's two buses (must look up timetables!!) there and back, at least an hour and a half when you take into account the time waiting for connections. Eldest daughter is happy she has a day off . Oh and I did mention to her something about going for lunch somewhere, so she's quite excited about a girlie day out.

Bed time.. it is definitely bedtime... night all .

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  1. come to dublin sometime & 3 kidsi1'll show you the garden my aunt had 13 kids. all grown up now.