Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Late Again

Having a small money crisis, yet again, and such a good time of day to start dwelling on the subject. I have spent the last hour checking (as best I can) how much better off we would be if I returned to work. Although if you ask me (and you'd wish you hadn't) full time mum is the hardest job I've ever encountered.

I have been on relevant government websites, attempting to use various calculators, desperately using my limited mathematical capabilities and.. it's just not working out right. Well. maybe it is but it looks wrong to me. Having checked, re-checked, turned it upside down and checked again; it would appear that if I returned to work for sixteen hours a week, put my children into childcare for however long required (at least twenty hours factoring in travel time) travelled on unreliable and expensive buses (catching my drift now?) I would actually be -£9 per month better off.

Oh no that's right, I'd get £9 per month less than we're getting right now. My head hurts, all I wanted was to be able to provide a bit more for the kids, seems it's not actually possible at this moment.

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