Friday, 27 March 2009


Teeth just about intact (see previous blog if confusion arising) child gone in friends car and already I have found something to obsess/worry about, my friend had a label on her boys suitcase....I haven't got a label on my boys suitcase. OMG I am a bad and remiss mother, he's going to lose all his clothes and have no clean pants to wear .

I will be extremely bad tempered tonight as I have had approximately five and a half hours sleep (not really sleep in my book, more lying still and thinking way too much??) I am sure the teachers will handle his lack of label, god it's making me feel ill! Why didn't I think of a label?

Deep breaths, focus on something else, they didn't tell us to label the bloomin' things. I am fairly certain the cases are going from child, into back of coach and then to accomodation.

Strangely all the other kids woke up at an ungodly hour, so already I am surrounded, this is not a bad thing (except for the constant talking at me). I have lots of other stuff to do today (apart from the stressing) and so I should be able to take my mind off my boy for some portion of the day. Biggest girlie fancies some new shoes as she has a disco at school this evening, and I could do with a wander around the shops anyway. Ooh look seven o clock, I don't usually see seven o clock from the living room, I am usually hiding under the duvet thinking "noooo, too early too early!"

Have a good friday all.... I am off to fester .


  1. The crack of dawn often looks not just cracked, but broken in little itchy pieces that get in your undies and aggravate you all day.
    I hope your day and undies remain broken-dawn free. :)
    Gawd, woman, I am worn out just reading about your busy-ness.

  2. You're beginning to make ME worry about your boy! He'll be fine, label or no label! Take care of yourself while he's gone.. remember, chocolate solves everything - even worrying!