Monday, 23 March 2009

A Good Weekend

considering my mood on friday, the weekend was very pleasant. Other Half took three kids on an expedition to Asda and I got all my washing and drying done on saturday , OMG no washing to do on sunday!

We watched St Trinians on saturday night, not bad, well the kids enjoyed it anyway... I had some very cheap and as it turned out nasty white wine (almost instantaneous headache) and some peanuts, ooh and choccy so it was a bit of an overload to be honest . Nevermind it was the weekend after all.

Sunday I was awoken at the lovely hour of five am , poor littlest lad had a bad dream, something about the earth melting (over active imagination that lad). Then I was awoken at the not quite so way too early hour of eight, ah well no lie in for mummy! A daddy on the Other Hand remained oblivious until about half nine, mmm what was it about sunday? Oh yeah... mothers day.. that was it . I did do very well on the card front, seven in total... no hadn't sprouted three more kidlets in quick succession, just had a very industrious eldest daughter on the case. One shop bought card between the four of them and three handmade cards with my big girl in charge of youngest boy and her little sis, one handmade at school card from youngest boy and another card that baby girl and I made at toddlers. I also received these....

cool eh .

Today I had a bit of a driving lesson palaver, well more of a babysitting trauma to be precise, my friend who normally looks after baby girl for me had to have an emergency tooth extraction this morning. I had to find another friend to have little girl for me and she lives about a twenty minute walk from me, so quick run to friends house and then a quick run home, I was exhausted before I even got started. The lesson had a couple (well four that I counted) hairy moments but I think I am still going in the right direction progress wise. Although apparantly I tend to slow down on roundabouts, so I'm going to have to concentrate on that next time, bloomin' scary things.

Right, I am going to sit and watch my sky plussed Eastenders and Corrie norrie now, time to unwind.....

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