Thursday, 26 March 2009

Headless Chicken Dance Commence!

Oh blimey, I've done it again! I have waited until past the last minute to do something. Biggest lad is off to Paris tomorrow (nope not jealous, not one bit, it is a great opportunity for the boy to experience new things and go to Disney.... without me, grrrr). I have now got clothes drying (in the tumble dryer as the nice spring weather has deserted me ), I have to find the suitcase....I know it's in the girls room somewhere but little Miss is having a snooze, so I'll have to find it later (oh good even less time to prepare then!!!) I am not convinced that the boy has given me any socks to wash for the past two weeks, so that'll be interesting when I try and find enough undies to send him with.

Of course I am fairly certain he'll be returning with all of the undies/socks etc clean and unused in his bag.

I am also stressing about the amount of money I've got to send him with, it looks less and less each time I look at it . Ah well they are going to feed them so he should be fine. Wonder if I can sneak into his case somehow and have four days in Paris? Sigh, unlikely.

Luckily my friend from around the corner is taking both my lad and hers to the school in the morning, they have to be there at seven (eeek) and I didn't fancy an early morning march up to the school with everyone in tow. I shall think about him, but I don't think I'll worry too much (ha ha says the woman who will lie in bed on friday night worrying that her lad has wandered off from the group!) it's well organised and I am sure there are enough teachers per pupil to keep them in line.

Right I am going to brave the wind and the rain to check the progress of the tumble drying (sadly I have to venture through the garden into the garage ) and also I suspect tis time for a cuppa!

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