Monday, 30 March 2009

Things To Do

Of course first stop is here though, I need my routine you know. Biggest girl had her hair up in a high ponytail today, she was so enjoying flicking her hair about! I was a bit concerned that her friends might not notice, luckily there was a lot of nine year old girl amazement and much oohing and ahhing at how much hair she'd had cut off. My girl was grinning from ear to ear, isn't it funny how much of a boost a haircut can give you, even under the age of ten?

I am still adjusting to the loss of our hour and feeling a tad snoozy. Sadly there is much to do, youngest lad has a little friend coming to tea and I must, must, must clear the table and get all clothes put away (that seems to be a recurring theme in my life). Still it is lovely and sunny today, my big lad will be home this evening (back to normal levels of bickering then) and I have a driving lesson at lunchtime, so lots to get sorted.

I really, really need another cuppa this morning tho. I did watch a program the other day which revealed that tea drinkers can have better memories than coffee drinkers.. so that will be my new excuse (not that I need one ). Mind you they did say coffee improved reactions so maybe I need to take that up just before my driving lesson, it's a thought.

Right, I am going, got to move myself from this chair... it's never easy though .

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