Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Stressing Myself

I've only gone and booked my driving theory test, oh I'm not best pleased about that! I don't do well under pressure . But, Dave did turn to me yesterday as I was driving badly round a roundabout and say "You've got your theory haven't you?" "No!" I squeaked back at him. "Should I go for that then?" "Oh yeah" says Dave "You're thereabouts aren't you?" OMG OMG OMG... so thirty quid has been spent and a test date is booked, I have over a month in which to panic and frantically read the highway code.

I suspect if I get the theory I might be upping to two lessons a week (deep breaths, think calm thoughts... don't panic Mr Mainwaring !!!) The thought that I might actually, in real life, be able to drive about unaided is quite petrifying.

Today is a sleepy day, I feel the need for some kip, it's not going to happen of course... little Miss is fairly lively and is insisting on being read to over and over, followed by a game of jumping on mum. I'm hoping Dora The Explorer will distract her momentarily and then I can make her lunch.

I have also booked eldest girlie in for a hair cut on saturday (Aaaaargh!) as she is fancying a shorter style. I am not overly impressed with this as she has the longest, loveliest hair.

However I swore as a youngster that I would never battle my children over hair, it grows back, dye grows out, and it's a very personal form of self expression, so shorter hair it is .

I am off to make a sandwich whilst littlest lady is engrossed with Dora...have a good day all .


  1. Good heavens above, look at that gorgeous hair!
    My girl is 3 and a half and her brother's hair is longer than hers (probably because she keeps cutting it herself!)
    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment, I really do appreciate it. x

  2. Her hair is beautiful! If it helps any, when my oldest was 5, she had the most beautiful long hair and like your girl, decided she wanted it short. We have a program here in the USA called "locks of love" where they will cut your hair (after it's a certain length) and donate it to make wigs for children with long term medical hair loss. We donated her hair and she was the proudesst little girl in the world on that day! I must add, it is a lot easier for her to take care of now.

  3. your daughters hair is beautiful don't let her get too much off. remember a thing of beauty is a joy forever. she's like rapunzel. fair play to you for looking after her hair so well. good luck with the driving theory. i know you'll do good