Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Something in short supply around here at the moment. I find it interesting that throughout your life, your attitudes toward sleep change enormously, as a baby (well there's that phrase isn't there... sleeping like a..) first you lull your parents into a false sense of security.

First couple of days you sleep beautifully, contentedly and for much longer than anyone expects.

Then, after a week or so you show your true colours.. no sleep all day and up three times in the night. I found as toddlers mine were fantastic, sleeping til sevenish of a morning and an afternoon nap. As children get older they want to go to bed later and later, just one more drink mum, I need the loo mum, there's this goblin under my bed mum(?) My teenager can read til the small hours. However, try and wake him up in the morning and you are met by a large growling thing that just about resembles your child. I have tried to explain the process of more sleep at night would equal less sleep necessary in the morning, you know, when you have to get up and go somewhere!!!

I spend a lot of my evening herding children up to bed, after spending a lot of day desperate for some slumber myself.

Mind you, what do I do when they've all finally gone to sleep? Yep, that's right I sit up until the small hours watching rubbish on the television and unwinding from the days events.

Wonder why my teen doesn't listen to me?

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