Monday, 30 March 2009

So Angry... I Wish To Tear Someones Head Off...

here's the deal, first let me say that my big lad did have a good time and thoroughly enjoyed Paris. Right, onto the cause of my wrath, tell me what you think.

I got a phone call from biggest lad at about quarter past five, he rang to say they were getting home earlier than we first thought, then "Oh yeah mum, I lost all my money on the way to Paris" WHAT?!!! He had lost his wallet on the shuttle to Paris, I couldn't speak to him properly as I was so cross with him, sadly it is typical my boy and not the first wallet he has ever lost. When he got home, he was dropped off by my friend, I thanked him and said to the boy "get indoors" What's wrong enquires my pal, so I told him what little I knew and went in to my lad. The full story started to unfold, biggest lad had lost his money at some point on the shuttle, he had told the teachers who had gone on about it being his responsibility they had looked in the places he thought he might have left his wallet and were basically saying it was tough and he'd lost it now. Ok, fine so £85 down the pan then. My question is, would it not have been prudent to then ring this childs parents? Do I not have the right to know my child has a problem and therefore possibly be able to offer a solution? Did they report the wallet missing? Nope, they said it was gone and he'd never get it back. Can we claim off their travel insurance? Wouldn't have thought so as you have to report any loss or theft within 24 hours of it happening. Did anyone offer my boy any money to borrow? Nope. So, they thought it was acceptable behaviour and a good solution to just ignore it and leave him to his own devices!

I am so angry, I should have been informed, I might have been able to arrange for him to borrow some money which I could then return today! My lad was away for four days with no cash and visiting Eurodisney for the day yesterday with no cash. The school had suggested an amount of 50 or 60 euros for the trip yet it's ok to leave him with nothing. Yes food and drink was provided, but when they were on trips he was unable to buy snacks or drinks, he couldn't get any souvenirs of his trip.

The main point for me is they ignored a thirteen year old lad in distress and said "tough" they didn't have the courtesy or common sense to let me know my boy had a trauma. Oh and to top it off when another lads wallet went missing with 100 euros in it they threatened to call off the visit to Disney unless it was returned, why did no-one care that my boys money had gone missing? It could have easily been picked up by a fellow pupil and kept (which is what had happened to this other lad)....

I am so angry I could rip someones head off, I shan't, I shall be very reasonable and be demanding answers. I hope I can hold it together, not sure I'll sleep. I know the boy was stupid and should have taken more care, but the way those teachers reacted was wicked...

Ok, off to seethe and stew for a bit, now where's that vodka?


  1. so sorry to hear about this. It's a young age to travel and there should have been closer supervision. Wonder if the wallet was stolen by someone in the group? Too bad he didn't have his cell phone to call you himself.

  2. Hi yes I agree, I think the money should have been handed to the teachers. I did send him with his phone but sadly we couldn't top up his credit as I'd sent him with all our spare cash! To ensure he had enough to spend if he needed it :(

  3. I think the teachers should have shown a LOT more responsibility, since in the absence of parents they are liable. At the very least you should have been contacted, or they should have arranged for your son to contact you. It's a hard lesson and maybe one he had to learn, I guess, but factor in that a Paris trip without any spending money, at his age, was just cruel negligence on the teachers' part.
    I'd probably skip the teachers and go straight to the principal on this one... but I'm a hothead. :)

  4. Oh how annoying for you (and him). Definitely the teachers should have reported the wallet missing and then you could have claimed it back against the insurance. It wasn't his fault. He is only 13...I'm more than 20 years older and I still lose things all the time!!!

    Deep breaths x

  5. Grrrr. Teachers should definitely have done more. Agree with Maternal Tales. And lent him some money... surely?