Saturday, 21 March 2009

An Early Start...

I am just so organised today! This has happened because instead of collapsing in a heap last night (more the norm I'm afraid) I started the endless round of washing that is usual of a weekend, got the dishwasher stacked and loaded and now I have a head start, yay!

Why don't I always do this?

I am hoping to get more done in the garden this weekend, I know Other Half is going to take the kids (bigguns) to the shops for Mothers Day gift purchasing purposes (it's alright he knows what I want (what I really really want... arrgh where did that come from?)) and of course I shall have to visit my own aged parents at some point.

It is another gorgeous sunny day, I can't help wondering what I'd be like if I lived in a country with more regular bouts of sunshine and good weather? I always seem to find more motivation and energy when the sun is out, goodness maybe I need to emigrate? Would I have to take everyone with me though, that's a good question.

I am off to hang out washing and ooh yeah get more washing in, but I must remember I am ahead of myself, yippee, maybe I wont have any washing or drying to do on that would be a miracle.

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  1. hi mum happy mothers day, eat deink and be merry xx