Thursday, 26 March 2009

Boy Not Settled...

Mum not settled either!!! Eeek I have my favourite programmes on the telly, it's friday tomorrow, I cannot settle! I seem to have taken up grinding my jaws together. It is a fun pass time which means I have almost constant aching in my jaw line. It's not just this evening either, I seem to keep waking up in the early hours of the morning, teeth clenched and worrying about... well nothing in particular and everything in general.

At least I have an excuse this evening, my boy is off to the continent tomorrow, without the aid of his mother , humph 'snot fair (not an amusement park for mucus, just my childish expression of a tantrum) stamp, strop and humph again.

I think contrary to what I may have said earlier I am going to miss the little blighter. Even though it will probably mean a friday and saturday evening of relative peace (eldest girl usually crashes out at a reasonable hour) and much less bickering and shouting (he doesn't 'arf shout a lot (where does he get that from)) I will wonder what he's up to, and I will stress...Look, there in the job description...Mum...must worry an inordinant amount of the time, long anti-social hours, no holidays.

I hear movement from the upstairs bedroom, a boy is definitely still wide awake! The bloomin' cat has just come in yowling his head off (a habit he has recently acquired) he feels the need to announce his arrival home.

It's little wonder I can't settle, I need chocolate, and booze, and then possibly more chocolate. Ah well that's what the weekend is for eh?

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  1. hi mum, isn't that funny i too was the mascara queen when i was younger. So your boy is going to Paris. I hope he has a great time. Do you have an aldi near you if so get 'seriously scrumptious caramel sensations'. they are so addictive. they are in a black box & are over e2. they are SO nice. as for the booze I Don't drink now [like most Irish I didn't know when to stop so I had to stop altogether!] but my choice was vodka and ginger ale. great affect,.