Saturday, 14 March 2009


Personally, now I want James McAvoy, cor! Wanted was a great saturday night, relaxy, action packed entertainment film, and even I can see what's so great about old Angelina Jolie (no link needed there I'm sure).

Well that's finished the day off nicely for me, and considering I was teetering on the edge today, that is a good thing. I have managed to go for the whole day without murderating a small, or even medium sized, child. This is despite eldest lads attempts to nudge (nay shove) me over the edge. There was homework to be done, I had to mention this ooh, about ten- fifteen times, and even then a snail would have been disgusted at the speed it was done (I was anyway).

A bedroom floor was also meant to be cleared, but sadly it still looks like the scene of a small but effective comic/lego/socks explosion. Ah well there is always tomorrow. I have resorted to threats, this means threats have to be carried out if they are to carry any weight next time. Sooo, monday is BB day (black binliner) any item found on the boys floor, that should not live on the boys floor, will be binned!

Oh dear, I see problems. I am a wicked and cruel mother.

I have had a bit of a discussion with eldest lad this evening about the tooth fairy, and the rate of pay for teens who definitely have no illusions about tooth fairys existence. I think 50 pence is adequate remuneration for those who have had a bit of them drop off (of course only in relation to teeth, baby teeth cos anything else would be a tad more serious... and expensive... I think I'm tired there appears to be waffle all over my blog).

Another weekend half over, still washing to do, sunday dinner to cook and probably - should get some sleep right now.

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