Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday (the 13th)

Also Red Nose Day which means donation money, times three of course. Now, as I didn't have any money at all until today it was getting a little awkward organising the three biggest kidlets last night. Other Half also had no money and even trawling through the penny bucket brought no joy.

Luckily eldest boy had a pound which I could borrow, and then give back to him, to use as his contribution, this morning the plan was to rush to the Co-Op. get money from the hole in the wall and then change it up.

Of course this morning things didn't run smoothly, youngest boy had his red outfit ready (that's a first!), eldest girl suddenly decided that the clothes she had ready were no good and eldest boy is standing in his underwear with five minutes to go before leaving time saying "Have I got a red top?" Now this was the first I was aware he wanted to wear a red top and no he didn't have one! This caused a kerfuffle and he was racing around the house not getting dressed at an alarming pace. So, as well as my usual morning routine of getting lunchboxes packed, dressing littlest miss and possibly fitting in a cup of tea myself, I had to magically produce a red top for big lad! As it happens I did find one my brother had left here after a visit, but that's not the point.... why does everyone assume Mum can find anything with less than no notice? Because I always do I suppose.

After all the flapping about and constant shouting from me (the usual countdown... "we have No Minutes left before we have to leave") we did leave the house with just about enough time to go to the cashpoint. Ran up the road, this morning youngest boy decides that contrary to what he usually says, he does want to hold onto the buggy (cos running up the hill is tiring unless mum pulls you along) no wonder I'm shattered.

All kids are now in their respective schools and little Miss and I are sitting watching Little Robots with a cuppa and a slice of toast.

Thank goodness it's friday.

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