Saturday, 28 March 2009

I May Have Won The Lottery!

I don't know cos I haven't checked, I think maybe I won't check for a while and then the glimmer can remain for a little longer.
First night of big lads adventure and I did sleep, woohoo. Of course I did fall asleep on the sofa and didn't get up to bed til after midnight, and then I had to get up to attend to the gecko at 7:30 (I have instructions you know, it's the largest amount of writing my boy has done in an age, including homework ).

The days plan is...not a lot, my organised saturday last week was obviously a freak of nature, and today I am reverting to my usual self. I will at some point get all the uniforms washed (don't know about dried tho) and cook some food. Oh and today is the day, biggest girls haircut day has arrived! I am taking before and after pictures, so I can weep at the loss of the lovely locks... sniff...

look, there it is, in case you'd forgotten .

She will still look gorgeous of course, and she's quite excited about the whole thing, I am not sulking (in front of her) honest... don't want to spoil her fun.

Today is also goodies day, I am thinking maybe some cakes today, I quite fancy a bit of baking. The sun seems to have found it's way out again too, maybe I'll even get out into that garden (probably not but who knows). Oh and all you people from the UK don't forget the clocks go forward an hour this evening/tomorrow morning... we lose a precious hour of the weekend....

must mean it's SUMMER!

Oh no silly me just April and some showers looming.

Off to have more tea and see if the girls want to come downstairs, tea first though .

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  1. We don't want it when we're little and then we grow up and wish so badly we had it. I'd give my sister's left leg to have my hair be that gorgeous.