Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Nothing To Report

seething down to a quiet simmer now. I have spoken to my boys head of year who sounded ever so slightly gob smacked at what I was saying. Now this wasn't until 2:40 and I had to run to pick up the others at 3 o clock. No one had told this man about the incident and no-one had rung me to discuss it either.

Now his head of year has made all the right noises and says I will be getting a call from the trip organiser tomorrow. He agreed that I should have been contacted and it should have been reported to the authorities. I'm afraid I did almost lose it at one point, but I managed to contain myself and just had to say "I'm sorry I am getting upset, I shall be leaving it with you and look forward to talking to someone tomorrow...." sniff gulp etc. I had put forward the point that I was so disappointed in the teachers reaction to the situation, and that they hadn't given me the option to come to the aid of my child.

I shall be putting it in writing after my call tomorrow and also I am tempted to say I need a meeting with the headteacher, we shall see how it goes.

In other news, my lad had to have today off, why I hear you ask? (Oh no are the voices starting again?) well, lets just say the lad hadn't um...been to the loo for the whole four days and was in extreme discomfort. We had to find medication to alleviate the situation, which it did, violently apparantly, eugh.

I have spent most of the day waiting (with clenched jaw) for this teacher to get back to me, so I haven't done a lot. This sort of thing can paralyse me, I can't concentrate on anything other than the thing I want to sort out. I still had to play singing with baby girl of course, followed by drawing, then a spot of lunch and she had a little snooze. I watched Dr Phil tell some people off and ask them "how's that working out for you?" hee hee I quite like him, although he is another person that knows everything isn't he?

Fairly shattered now, think it's time for a hot choccy and a withdrawal from the real world for the night... shame there's no Bones or Greys or ER for me tonight (ooh ooh, or those nice boys from Supernatural, oh god dirty old woman alert)... I do Have a Dead Like Me recorded though that might do the trick.

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  1. You are way too funny! I hope they take care of the issue for you. It definitely was not handled properly.