Friday, 20 March 2009

Friday Again

I am back!!! I returned unscathed from the room clearing after approximately two hours, not bad eh?

Not sure why but I don't feel particularly bouncy today. I did have a small spat with Other Half yesterday, but I contained my ire as I just knew a conversation at that point would lead to mass sulking and not eating his dinner, followed by OMG I've got to go to bed and you've started an argument, possibly with "this is an inappropriate time to discuss it" thrown in.

The cause of the spat?

I said I'd like to paint the hall. I received a furrowed brow look and an exasperated sigh. I enquired why this was so... "It doesn't matter" snaps back Other Half. Then he reveals that the hall is not ready for painting and needs filling etc. My heart sank, I had an inkling this would be the reaction. I did ask whether I could make the hall look any worse by painting it (it's got half stripped walls and tatty old plasterboard at the mo) no answer. I then pointed out he wouldn't be doing it any time soon, he acknowledged this was right (he's always soooo tired) then I had a moment of extreme reasonableness and stomped off muttering about how I would just live in a he-hem hole (excuse my expletives) forever then.

Now I would usually go on and on and on about this for an entire evening, but I came back into the living room to find Other Half with his head in his hands (Oh god I am just so unreasonable ) and I couldn't be bothered. I might just paint the bloomin' thing anyway.

Ah, I appear to have answered my own mystery, I am pee'd off with OH! Maybe it'll pass now that I've admitted it .

It is a lovely sunny day again. Little Miss and I are stuck in the house though, as we need to wait in for a parcel. Never mind there is at least four loads of washing to do (load one already on the go) and I might just clear the hall in preparation to really bug Other Half and paint it .

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